How Did Wolverine Let Down his Reality? Here’s a Possible Analysis

Wolverine reality

A new trailer for ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ dropped, giving us a clearer picture of Wolverine and the movie’s plot. It seems Deadpool is crucial for his universe’s survival and needs to bring in the X-Man, Wolverine, to assist him.

However, the TVA mentioned in the trailer that this version of Wolverine didn’t manage to save his universe. So, what events could have led to such a dire outcome?

First, let’s examine some rumors. CanWeGetSomeToast, a well-known leaker, stated that Wolverine will learn how he died while attempting to save X-23 (portrayed by Dafne Keen, rumored to appear in the movie).

This means that the Wolverine we’re seeing is a younger version, not the older one we saw in ‘Logan’. For this Wolverine, that future where he aged never happened.

We also notice how Wolverine is ostracized, indicating something happened in his reality to make people dislike and distrust him. However, whatever occurred wasn’t catastrophic enough to cause the end of their timeline.

Wolverine is shown kneeling near graves, likely those of the X-Men. So, what could have led to this? Cassandra Nova.

Cassandra was Xavier’s twin in the womb. Recognized as the “Mummudrai” by the Shi’ar, an opposing spirit to Professor Charles Xavier, she manifested physically due to Xavier’s genetic potential. However, Xavier sensed her malevolence and attempted to kill her with his psychic powers, resulting in a miscarriage for their mother. Cassandra survived, spent years in a sewer, and plotted revenge. Over time, she executed genocides on mutants, causing widespread death and suffering.

It’s probable that Wolverine is blamed for Cassandra’s escape and inability to be detained, contributing to his perception as a failure. Cassandra also did something to his claws, leaving a lasting reminder of his involvement.

What exactly led to Wolverine’s failure could vary, from avoiding confrontation to not acting when needed or failing to make a crucial sacrifice for his reality.

We’ll find out more when the movie comes out. Have any thoughts to share? Comment below!

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