Terraria: Here’s How To Lock Items

Terrarira how to lock inventory

Terraria’s inventory system can be a bit overwhelming if you’re new to the game. It has many sections and at first, a lot of players simply are not aware of how to manage and utilize it properly. One thing most players are annoyed by is accidentally misplacing things assigned to your Hotbar. So, if you want to learn how to properly use your inventory in Terraria and how to lock your items, this guide is a great place to start!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can lock your items in Terraria by clicking on a small padlock icon positioned to the left right next to your Hotbar.
  • Alternatively, you can lock items by pressing the alt key + a left click. 

How many inventory slots are there in Terraria?

There are 40 primary inventory spaces in Terraria. But if you count all other spaces reserved for specific types of items, that number goes up by quite a bit. Most of the items you pick up can also be stacked, building materials stack up to 999 most of the time while potions are limited to 50 or 75 per slot. There is also one slot assigned to “trash.” You can place almost anything in this lost, and that gives you one more inventory slot. Your base inventory space can also be expanded by various items such as Piggy Bank, Safe, and Defender’s Forge. There’s plenty of room for everything as long as you manage it wisely. 

Inventory slots in Terraria
Inventory slots in Terraria

What button opens inventory in Terraria? 

In the Desktop version of Terraria inventory is opened by pressing the escape button, on the PlayStation controller it’s opened by pressing a triangle, on Xbox, it’s opened by the Y button, and on Switch and WiiU it’s opened by pressing the X button. Remember, these keys won’t work if you’ve assigned them to something else. 


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What are the inventory sections in Terraria? 

Your inventory in Terraria will be divided into specific sections for you to organize your items more efficiently. Your primary inventory is also the biggest section. It holds 40 slots (50 if you count the Hotbar + 1 if you count the trash, so 51 slots altogether. Every item you pick up will be automatically placed in this inventory. You can use the “sort inventory” function to sort items, but we recommend you try to organize your inventory yourself as often as you can. 

Main section
Main inventory section

The main inventory section is followed by “coin and ammo.” Both coin section and ammo section hold up to 4 items of their respective types. And it’s pretty self-explanatory what they hold and what you can put in them. 

Coins and ammo
Coins & ammo

Next up, we have various armor, vanity armor, dye, and pet slots. Although numerous, these slots are like coin and armor slots, limited only to one type of item they can hold. 

Other slots
Slots dedicated to vanity, armor, dyes, and other items

How do you lock your Hotbar in Terraria? 

To lock your Hotbar, simply click on a padlock icon located to the left of the Hotbar or press the alt key + a left click. Locking your Terraria Hotbar is useful since it prevents accidentally misplacing items with clicks. The function is limited, though, since it can only stop misplacement that happens due to misclicks. All interactions with the Hotbar that happen due to scrolling or pressing numbers will still happen and cannot be avoided. 

terarira inventory locked
Clicking padlock icon will lock your inventory no matter the platform you’re playing on

How to expand inventory in Terraria? 

You can expand your inventory by using a piggy bank, safe, Defender’s Forge, and Void Volt. Early in the game, a piggy bank is a great and cheap investment since it can be bought from a merchant for a single piece of gold. You can carry a piggy bank while it’s full, but if you’re thinking about filling two piggy banks with different items and placing them in your inventory, it won’t work. The inventory of all piggy banks is shared, and no matter how many of them you have, you will always have only 40 slots at your disposal. 

Piggy Bank and other mentioned items that expand your inventory only do so by adding 40 slots. Some storage, like a piggy bank, can also protect your items if you die unexpectedly while exploring the world of Terraria. 

And that’s pretty much it; we’ve covered how Inventory functions in Terraria and explained all the important sections. Remember, locking your items won’t do much except protect them from misclicks. If you want to organize your inventory efficiently, you can use the auto-sort button. Last but not least, don’t forget about other storage alternatives that can expand the number of items you can hold. 

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