How Do You Lock Items in Terraria?

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When you’re playing a game as complex as Terraria, before venturing on an adventure you need to think about many details, one of which is inventory and the way it works. With its complex crafting and exploration system, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of items—some items you might want to keep on you at all times. Inventory lock allows you exactly that. But how does it work? How do you lock items in Terraria so you don’t accidentally misplace them?

You can lock your items by pressing the alt key + a left click on your mouse. Your Hotbar can also be locked by clicking on a small padlock icon to the left.

We’ve answered your main question but there’s a lot more to inventory management in Terraria! Keep reading to find out!

Inventory sections in Terraria

I have a nasty habit of keeping absolutely everything I find when I play games. I’m always telling myself “I’m going to need it later”. But I never do, and I end up with 7 stacks of mud. If you’re anything like me, your inventory is a nightmare. Luckily, most games divide the inventory into sections and Terraria is one of them.

Inventory is divided into several sections

Inventory in terraria
  • Main inventory that holds 40 slots
  • Hotbar holds 10 slots
  • Coin inventory – holds up to 4 types of coin
  • Ammo inventory – holds up to 4 types of ammo
  • Armor – can hold up to 3 armor pieces reserved for the head, torso, and legs
  • Vanity items – reserved for items that change your appearance
  • Accessories – 6 slots are available, it doesn’t matter in which slot you assign an accessory
  • There are also various dye slots, but it’s pretty straightforward what they’re for.

Your slots are filled with items, in most cases stacks of items. Building materials such as blocks can be stacked up to 999 times. Potions depending on the kind can stack to either 50 or 75. Once you hit that maximum stack number, if you pick up another item of the same type it will take another slot in your inventory.

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Expanding your inventory in Terraria

There are several ways through which you can expand your inventory. Mainly through the use of Piggy Bank, Safe, Void Storage, and Defender’s Forge.

Piggy Bank

A good and cheap investment early on. You can buy Piggy Bank from a merchant for a single gold coin. It holds 40 slots and must be placed on a surface two blocks wide and 1 block high to function. Piggy bank is such a great inventory expansion since it can be carried with you while it’s full.
But there’s a catch if you’re thinking about filling your main inventory with Piggy Banks. Forget about it. No matter how many Piggy Banks you purchase and place around the world (or your inventory), it will always hold the same items that you’ve placed in the first Piggy Bank. If you die while having a piggy bank on you, your items will not be lost.


Safe is the next step in your inventory expansion. It functions near identical to Piggy Bank except it’s not as cheap and you need to kill Skeletron before you can get it. Safe costs 20 gold coins, and unlike Piggy Bank can be placed on blocks. It does not require a flat surface. Just like Piggy Bank, it can hold 40 items. Additionally, it can be accessed via money through.

Defender’s Forge

Not a Forge, but a portable vault! Defender’s Forge allows you to expand your inventory space by 40 more slots. It can be obtained from Tavernkeep for 75 defender medals. It can be placed on 3×4 blocks and carried with you at all times. Just like safe and Piggy Bank, it protects your items in moments of a premature unplanned death.

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Void Vault

Just like with the above-mentioned vaults, Void Vault can be utilized to expand your inventory by 40 more slots. It functions a bit differently than alternatives. Once your inventory is filled, items will automatically move to Void Vault. It’s placable on 3×3 blocks and can be accessed by Void Bag. Unlike the other bags, Void Vault needs to be crafted. You’re going to need access to either Demon or Crimson Altar. If you’re crafting Void Vault at Demon Altar prepare 15 bones, 8 Jungle Spores, and 15 Shadow Scales. Crafting at Crimson Altar is pretty much the same, with one difference being that you will need 15 Tissue Samples instead of Shadow Scales.

By utilizing the above-mentioned furniture you can expand your inventory by 160 slots. Doesn’t sound too shabby. I mean it’s still not enough for me and my pack rat habits, but as long as you have a general idea of what you want to keep and what to throw away you will be fine.

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