What Is Aglet in Terraria? & How Do You Get It?

What is Aglet in Terraria and how do you get it

Terraria is one of the most famous sandbox action adventures out there. Its 2D procedurally generated world has near unlimited potential when it comes to exploration, building, and crafting. With such a potentially enormous world, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what you can and cannot do. And most importantly, it’s not easy to keep track of the plethora of items that you will run into while playing this game. Fans often have a lot of questions, and one of those questions that keeps popping up is what exactly is Aglet in Terraria? How do you get it?

Aglet is a type of accessory that can boost your movement speed by 5 %. It can be looted from chests. Besides boosting your movement speed, it can be used to craft Lightning Boots. It is relatively easy to find in chests, Wooden Crates, and Pearlwood Crates, depending on your luck.

Besides boosting your movement speed, aglet has other functions too. And what if you’ve turned every stone and still can’t get your hands on one? Don’t worry, we’ve put together this guide so we can analyze the issues in more detail. So stay with us!

Aglet – everything you need to know

We have already mentioned before that Aglet is an accessory. When looted it takes the form of a cap that can be found on the tip of your shoelaces. Aglet is not a rare item, it belongs to the white tier where the majority of Terraria’s items are. When sold, it’s worth 50 coins. It can also be used as a crafting material. Aglet can be combined with another accessory, Anklet of the Wind, for an even greater speed boost. Just because you can’t equip two Aglets, it doesn’t mean that you can’t combine them with other accessories.

How do you get Aglet in Terraria?

It’s simple. You get it from exploring. To be more precise you get it from looting chests. It has the same drop rate on classic, expert, and master modes. It can spawn in common Chests, Pearlwood crates, and Wooden Crates. Your biggest chances of running into an Aglet are in normal Chests, there it has an 8.33 % spawn rate. Crates have identical spawn rates, it sits around 0.44 %, which means 1 item in 225 loots will be Aglet (in an average of course). Pretty good chances if you’re lucky!


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If you’re having trouble finding Aglet in a surface-level chest, I would recommend taking up fishing or creating a bigger world. Since small worlds have a smaller chance of just about anything spawning. Metal Detector and Spelunker Potion can help too. They can appear in caves close to the surface too so make sure to check in those as well.

Can you make Aglet in Terraria?

No, it can’t be crafted. But it can be used for crafting. More specifically you can use aglet to make Lightning Boots, another type of accessory that enhances your movement speed among other things.
The Boots are created at Tinkerer’s Workshop. You’re going to have to combine Aglet, Specter Boots, and an Anklet of the Wind.
The results are going to be Lightning Boots that give you an 8 % boost to your speed and give you the ability to fly and run fast.

Why can’t I find Aglet in Terraria?

It comes down to your luck. Sometimes you can find plenty of Aglets to the point of being annoyed by them. And some other times you’re not going to be able to find a single one if your life depends on it not matte the size of your worlds. Some players have theorized that developers reduced their spawn rate. It’s not true. It’s quite opposite. Aglet was introduced in version 1.0.5 on desktops, in version developers added it to Wooden Crates, and in version Aglet was added to Pearlwood Crates. If anything, developers diversified their spawn rates.

So if you’re having a hard time finding Aglet, it’s not due to a bug or anything, it’s just your luck. Try exploring surface chests of the newly spawned world, or simply fishing it’s just a matter of time before the aglet spawns. Search, fish, and loot wooden chests!


The most important thing to remember is that aglet is not a rare item by any means. It’s a common find in chests and crates. It’s very useful for the early game, and it has its purpose in the late game where it can be used to craft Lightning Boots. And while it can’t be crafted in the Vanilla version of the game, it can be crafted as a part of the Calamity mod for Terraria. And that’s pretty much it. You know all there is to know about Aglet. Everything that remains now is to find one!