Terraria: What Is Aglet & How Do You Get It – Fast?

What is Aglet in Terraria and how do you get it

When you’re exploring a world as large as Terraria’s you need all the help you can get. Luckily, Terraria has lots of accessories available to help you in your endeavors. The group of accessories dedicated to enhancing your movement speed is especially important. One of the first items you should acquire from this group of accessories is aglet. It should be relatively easy to find, and if you’re still walking around with base speed without it, obviously, you’re looking in the wrong places. Let’s see how to get aglet fast in Terraria.

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  • The fastest way to get aglet is to loot surface-level normal chests; the spawn rate for aglet when it comes to looting normal chests is the highest, sitting around 8.33 %.
  • An alternative fast way of acquiring aglet is to take up fishing and even creating a bigger world since all items spawn less in small worlds.

Aglet is a common item that eludes you when you need it

Aglet is a common item classified as an accessory, depicted as the cap on the end of a shoelace. It’s a pretty accurate depiction since it’s supposed to make you move faster. Aglet gives you a 5% increased movement speed. If you already have an Anklet of the Wind equipped, it’s even more important to find an aglet since it can be equipped alongside an Anklet of the Wind. Since two accessories of the same type cannot be equipped at the same time, the aglet and anklet combo works very well.

Aglet terraria tooltip

When it comes to Aglet’s rarity, it’s in the white tier, meaning it’s not rare at all. If you find one and decide to sell it, you’re going to get 50 silver.


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Can Aglet be crafted?

No, Aglet can’t be crafted.

No, aglet cannot be crafted but it is used as one of the ingredients for crafting. In this case, if you combine 1x Aglet with 1x Specter Boots and 1x Anklet of the Wind at a Tinkerer’s Workshop, you will create Lightning Boots. Powerful movement-speed-increasing boots with the same effects as Spectre Boots but with an 8% increased movement speed. That’s pretty much the only recipe that aglet can be used in, but it’s a powerful one.

Where to find Aglet?

Aglet can normally be looted from three types of containers on the surface level, chests, wooden crates, and pearlwood crates. The chest has the highest drop rate when it comes to aglet, standing at 8.33 %, with wooden crates and pearlwood crates having identical drop rates that stand around 0.44%. If you’re using the tModLoader version of Terraria, drop rates are increased to 9.09% for the chest.
The drop rate for aglet is the same on all difficulties.

How to get Aglet fast?

Your best bet to get aglet fast is to explore the surface level, where you will find a common chest. It’s the best strategy since surface-level chests are the easiest to come across, and they have the biggest drop rate for aglet, standing at 8.33 %. You might try fishing for wooden crates & pearlwood crates, but the chances of aglet dropping are not as good as exploring surface-level chests. We’ve already mentioned that the drop rate for crates is 0.44 % which means that 1 in 225 items will be aglet compared to 1 in 12 for common chests. Luck is a huge factor as well, so there isn’t really any proven fast way of farming them.

If you’re really having trouble when it comes to getting aglet, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bug of anything, it just means that luck is not on your side even if math is. Besides, if you’re playing in a small world, chances are, everything will be more difficult to acquire in comparison to larger worlds.

Other great movement speed accessories

Besides aglet, there are loads of other accessories dedicated to increasing your movement speed, like the anklet of the wind, which we already mentioned. There are also several types of boots that can increase your movement speed: Amphibian Boots, Dunerider Boots, Flurry Boots, Hermes Boots, Lightning Boots, and Sailfish Boots. Although boots are powerful, objectively, you’re more likely to acquire aglet before any of those boots when you’re first starting out.

And that would be all, remember aglet is not a rare item and it shouldn’t be difficult to find. The fastest way to get aglet is to loot a surface-level chest, as they are most likely to drop it. If you’re having trouble with the chests, try your luck with fishing, as it can drop from crates as well. Aglet is your first step toward moving faster, as it can be used as a crafting recipe for crafting Lightning Boots.

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