Who Is Estee in Terraria and What Does She Do?

Estee Terraria

Back in 2011, when Terraria first got released it was a huge game. It even made it onto the list of best-selling games. Its sandbox features and near-limitless creative possibilities allowed for some pretty unique gameplay and various playstyles. For a game that revolves around a procedurally generated world, it can get pretty lonely out there. That’s why pets were introduced. Some of them can be your loyal companions and followers, and some of them are even useful! One of those pets is Estee. Naturally, fans have a lot of questions among them, what does Estee do in Terraria? Is it worth the hefty price? 

Estee is a pet in Terraria introduced in version It can be summoned by using the Celestial Wand that can be bought from the Traveling Merchant. Except for following you around, it doesn’t do much else. 

Now that you know who Estee is, you’re probably wondering how to summon it, and, is it useful? Keep reading to get all the details!

What is a Celestial Wand? 

Celestial Wand is a pet summoning item acquired by the Traveling Merchant. It has a pretty hefty price of 1 platinum coin, so if cosmetic vanity items are really not your thing you might give a wide berth to this one. Its resale value is much much lower, standing at 20 gold coins. The rarity of the item itself stands in the pink tier which makes it a medium-rare item. The Wand itself does not deal any damage. It has one purpose only.

Once equipped Celestial Wand is used to Summon Estee the pet. 

What does Estee do in Terraria? 

It pretty much just follows you around. It takes on a form of a star and emits a light beam trail as it follows you. It does not deal any damage, and will not light up blocks as it follows you. It is a vanity pet. 

It was inspired by Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy and takes form after the power stars from the same franchise. If you’re a fan of the Super Mario Galaxy, this pet might be worth it for you. If you manage to equip Reflective Obsidian Dye in the spot reserved for pets, Estee will take on the form of collected stars. 


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Is Estee Worth the coins? 

It depends on what you’re after. If you’re after a Super Mario Galaxy-inspired pet. Yes, sure. It’s an expensive item but most vanity items in games generally are. It is also a reasonably rare pet, it means that the celestial wand can be acquired by Traveling Merchant only. If you are expecting it to be useful in any way try your luck elsewhere. It is just a normal pet, and despite being a star, it does not emit any light and does not light up any blocks. If you’re on a budget, I recommend skipping this one. 

Are there any useful light pets in Terraria? 

Yes, some of them do emit light and grant various bonuses.

  • Crimson Heart pet is a light source.
  • Shadow Orb acquired by breaking Shadow Orbs, emits light and is capable of traveling through blocks. 
  • Magic Lantern, sold by a Skeleton Merchant, not only is a source of light but can display nearby ore too. 
  • Creeper Egg dropped by an Ogre, is a light source difficult to leave behind or forgot about. 
  • Fairy Bell summons a fairy, similar to Estee, but the fairy does give light. Light can take on random colors (pink, light green, or light blue)
  • Wisp in a Bottle summons a Wisp that follows the player around like Creeper Egg and Shadow Orb. It can go through walls. 
  • True Eye of Cthulhu, summoned by a suspicious-looking Tentacle is the best source of light in the game. It also has ore detecting and enemy detecting abilities. It’s also the hardest light pet to come by considering it drops from Moon Lord on expert mode. 

Most of those pets I’ve mentioned are much cheaper than Estee and actually have a purpose beyond looking cool and just following you around. Some are more difficult to acquire and cannot be bought but are worth it. Light emitted from a pet can range from 65 % to 120 %. 

So there you have it. Now that you’ve learned what Estee is and what exactly is its purpose, you can make an informed decision. If you value vanity items go for it, it’s not that rare of a pet but it is pricy. If you’re looking for a useful pet that will help you while you’re exploring the world by giving you light and detecting stuff, Estee is not it. Ideally, you should aim for True Eye of Cthulhu if you are up for a challenge since it’s the best light pet in the vanilla game.