How Fast Is Marvel’s Speed Demon? Compared with Quicksilver & The Flash

How Fast Is Marvels Speed Demon Compared With Quicksilver The Flash

One of the characters that are yet to receive the same kind of attention as all of the other Marvel characters is Speed Demon, who is a Spider-Man villain in the comics and is sometimes an anti-hero associated with the Thunderbolts. Nevertheless, as the name suggests, he is a very fast character that could run at incredible speeds. But just how fast is Marvel’s Speed Demon, and how does he compare with Quicksilver and DC’s The Flash?

Speed Demon can run at speeds faster than the speed of sound as he can run across water and straight up walls. However, Quicksilver has been able to run at speeds of Mach 10, which is much faster than sound. Meanwhile, the Flash is a lot faster because he can run faster than time itself.

There have been a lot of speedsters in the history of comic books, but Speed Demon doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention as all of the others, quite possibly due to the fact that he isn’t as fast. Nevertheless, let’s look at how fast Speed Demon is and how he stands up to the other speedsters, such as Quicksilver and the Flash.

How Fast Is Speed Demon?

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While we are yet to see Speed Demon in the MCU or even in Sony’s Spider-Man, it is possible that we will see him in the future because he has been allied with groups like the Sinister Six and the Thunderbolts. And while we are getting a Thunderbolts movie in the future, the Sinister Six movie is still questionable due to the poor reception of the Morbius movie.

Whatever the case may be, Speed Demon is the resident speedster of both the Sinister Six and the Thunderbolts. Of course, he has seen his fair share of quarrels with Spider-Man in the comics because, after all, he is a villain and is sometimes an anti-hero. But, as his name suggests, he is a fast character that has a superpower that is predicated on his ability to run really fast. So, just how fast is Speed Demon?

There has never been a clear number in relation to how fast Speed Demon is, but we have seen him running so fast in the comics that he could basically run on water and even run up vertical walls. All these feats could only be done by someone who is running extremely fast. Of course, Speed Demon’s speed has given Spider-Man problems in the past because, as quick as Spidey is when it comes to reacting to his enemies, he struggles to react fast enough to Speed Demon’s speed.


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Speed Demon is said to be able to run at speeds faster than sound, and that places him somewhere above Mach 1 in terms of his speed. Of course, that is incredibly fast because of the fact that Mach 1 is basically 767.27 miles per hour, and there are only a few vehicles in the world that can reach that speed. In fact, the fastest jet today is capable of flying at speeds more than five times the speed of sound. But Speed Demon can reach speeds that exceed Mach 1 whenever he is running.

There were also times when Speed Demon was so fast that he could basically look like a blur whenever he was moving. As such, there is no arguing against the fact that Speed Demon is incredibly fast.

Speed Demon vs. Quicksilver: Who Is Faster?


While Speed Demon is an incredibly fast Marvel character, one other Marvel character that has been getting more attention is Quicksilver, who is sometimes an X-Men character and sometimes an Avenger. And there’s a good reason why Quicksilver is more popular than Speed Demon, as he is faster.

That’s right. Quicksilver’s speed feats are more impressive than Speed Demon’s because, at his maximum, he was able to reach running speeds of Mach 10, which is ten times the speed of sound and is somewhere close to 7672.7 miles per hour. 

As such, while we haven’t seen Speed Demon’s max speed, the only thing we know is that he is faster than the speed of sound. But Quicksilver can run at speeds ten times the speed of sound, and that is incredibly impressive when it comes to speedsters in the Marvel universe.

That is probably the reason why Quicksilver has been getting more attention and has seen his fair share of movie adaptations compared to Speed Demon, as he is the faster speedster between the two.

Speed Demon vs. The Flash: Who Is Faster?

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While both Speed Demon and Quicksilver are notable speedsters in their own right, arguably the most popular and most well-known fictional speedster in history is the Flash, who comes from the DC universe. So, how does Speed Demon compare to the Flash’s speed?

Well, for starters, the first thing we can say is that Speed Demon doesn’t compare to the Flash at all. That’s because the Flash is on an entirely different level in terms of how fast he is, as he can run faster than Superman can fly, and that is saying a lot because Superman can fly so fast that he can move from one city to another in a heartbeat.


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The Flash is so fast that he can easily reach the speed of light and is said to be able to clear out the entire population of Tokyo in just 30 seconds. He can even leave a room and return without anyone noticing that he actually moved.

But the biggest reason why the Flash is a lot faster than Speed Demon is the fact that he is capable of running faster than time itself. This is why the Flash can basically time travel, as he is fast enough to outrun the speed of time.

In that regard, Speed Demon is fast but he is merely an ant going up against a cheetah when you compare the two in terms of how fast they are. As such, the Flash is still a lot faster than Speed Demon and even all of the speedsters of the Marvel universe.