How Many Episodes of Demon Slayer Are There?

How Many Episodes of Demon Slayer Are There?

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In this article, we will let you know how many episodes of Demon Slayer are there, and write them all down for you, including the movie. As the anime series progresses, we will be updating this article and adding more Demon Slayer episodes.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba currently has 26 episodes, one movie (Mugen Train) and the second season is on the way. The whole anime is adapted from the manga that sports seven chapters.

You also have for you the whole Demon Slayer order of watching so you can check it out.

Every episodes of Demon Slayer

No.Title DirectorOriginal air dateEnglish air date
Transcription: “Zankoku”
Haruo SotozakiApril 6, 2019October 13, 2019
2“Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki”
Transcription: “Iku-shu Urokodaki Sakonji”
Haruo SotozakiApril 13, 2019October 20, 2019
3“Sabito and Makomo”
Transcription: “Sabito to Makomo”
Shinya ShimomuraApril 20, 2019October 27, 2019
4“Final Selection”
Transcription: “Saishū Sembetsu”
Shinya ShimomuraApril 27, 2019November 3, 2019
5“My Own Steel”
Transcription: “Onore no Hagane”
Takashi SuharaMay 4, 2019November 10, 2019
6“Swordsman Accompanying a Demon”
Transcription: “Oni wo Tsureta Kenshi”
Junichi MinanoMay 11, 2019November 17, 2019
7“Muzan Kibutsuji”
Transcription: “Kibutsuji Muzan”
Takahiro Majima
Masashi Takeuchi
May 18, 2019November 24, 2019
8“The Smell of Enchanting Blood”
Transcription: “Genwaku no Chi no Kaori”
Hideki HosokawaMay 25, 2019[c]December 8, 2019
9“Temari Demon and Arrow Demon”
Transcription: “Temari Oni to Yajirushi Oni”
Shinya ShimomuraJune 1, 2019December 15, 2019
10“Together Forever”
Transcription: “Zutto Issho-ni iru”
Yūki ItōJune 8, 2019January 5, 2020
11“Tsuzumi Mansion”
Transcription: “Tsuzumi Oyashiki”
Shūji MiyaharaJune 15, 2019January 12, 2020
12“The Boar Bares its Fangs, Zenitsu Sleeps”
Transcription: “Inoshishi wa Kiba wo Muki, Zenitsu wa Nemuru”
Susumu TakeuchiJune 22, 2019January 19, 2020
13“Something More Important Than Life”
Transcription: “Inochi Yori Daiji-na mono”
Yūsuke ShibataJune 29, 2019January 26, 2020
14“The House with the Wisteria Family Crest”
Transcription: “Fuji no Hana no Kamon no Ie”
Haruo Sotozaki
Shūji Miyahara
July 6, 2019February 2, 2020
15“Mount Natagumo”
Transcription: “Natagumo-zan”
Yūki Itō
Shinsuke Gomi
July 13, 2019February 9, 2020
16“Letting Someone Else Go First”
Transcription: “Jibun dewa nai Dareka wo Mae e”
Ken TakahashiJuly 20, 2019February 16, 2020
17“You Must Master a Single Thing”
Transcription: “Hitotsu no Koto Kiwame ke”
Shūji Miyahara
Takuya Nonaka
July 27, 2019February 23, 2020
18“A Forged Bond”
Transcription: “Nisemono no Kizuna”
Akihiko UdaAugust 3, 2019March 1, 2020
Transcription: “Hinokami”
Toshiyuki ShiraiAugust 10, 2019March 8, 2020
20“Pretend Family”
Transcription: “Yose Atsume no Kazoku”
Takashi SuharaAugust 17, 2019March 15, 2020
21“Against Corps Rules”
Transcription: “Tairitsu Ihan”
Takuya NonakaAugust 24, 2019March 22, 2020
22“Master of the Mansion”
Transcription: “Oyakata-sama”
Yūki ItōAugust 31, 2019March 29, 2020
23“Hashira Meeting”
Transcription: “Chūgō Kaigi”
Ken TakahashiSeptember 7, 2019April 5, 2020
24“Rehabilitation Training”
Transcription: “Kinō Kaifuku Kunren”
Shūji Miyahara
Akihiko Uda
September 14, 2019[d]April 19, 2020
25“Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri”
Transcription: “Tsuguko Tsuyuri Kanao”
Shinya ShimomuraSeptember 21, 2019April 26, 2020
26“New Mission”
Transcription: “Aratanaru Nimmu”
Haruo Sotozaki
Yūichi Terao
September 28, 2019May 3, 2020

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train

The animated fantasy film broke all records in Japan and removed “Spirited Away”, which had been there for almost 20 years, from the first place of the most successful films.

In the series of the same name, the family is attacked by demons, after whose attack only two members of the family survive: Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko, who unfortunately begins to turn into a demon. Tanjiro then decides to become a demon slayer to avenge his family and find a cure for his sister. This film is a sequel to the hit animated series that gained additional (global) popularity when it began airing on Netflix as well.

It premiered on October 16, 2020, in Japan and was directed by Haruo Sotozaki from a screenplay officially credited to the Ufotable company.

Demon Slayer Season 2

We still don’t exactly know when the second season is coming, but we do know it is coming to Netflix in 2021, so we can just hope it will come soon.

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