How Many People Play Overwatch? (User & Growth Stats)

Overwatch player count

Overwatch was almost an instant success after its initial release, quickly becoming an FPS sensation within the gaming community. But, the future of Overwatch has been a fairly hot topic in recent months, with countless players being curious about just how many people still play the game.

Overwatch is estimated to have around 7,236,022 active and concurrent players within the last 30 days, occasionally dipping under the 7 million mark over the past few months. Overwatch has around 651,242 peak players in a day and just under 100,000 players active at any given moment.

While Overwatch has been infamous for gaining a ton of attraction over the past few years, the recent state of the game has left many people wondering if Overwatch is dead – or, at least, nearing its demise. Stick around to find out how many people still play Overwatch in 2022, how its player counts have shifted over the years, and what the future of this iconic FPS video game looks like.


Overwatch became an instant gaming sensation after its initial release back in May 2016 – approximately 6 years ago to the day. This team-based FPS video game took the world by storm after its launch, swiftly transforming into one of the most well-loved first-person hero shooter franchises for countless gamers all over the world.

Overwatch 1

This video game is an action team-based shooter, set on earth in an alternative near-future type scenario. Each match is a 6v6 battle between a cast of unique and interesting characters, each of which offers unique playstyles, skills, and special traits that are fitted to different roles.

Considering that Overwatch is available on multiple platforms and was one of the best FPS video games at the time of its release, it’s really no surprise that Overwatch gained such immense attention. Overwatch is available on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Nintendo Switch

It definitely saw the most interest and hype during the year following its release, gaining approximately $1 billion in total revenue. The Overwatch development budget was rumored to be around $600 million, with players spending around $1 billion every year via in-game purchases.

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Back in 2019, the majority of Overwatch’s fanbase was actually playing the game concurrently, as seen below. Only a small percentage of Overwatch’s fanbase was exclusive to viewing their content on third-party platforms like Twitch.

Overwatch Fanbase Engagement (2019)% of Global
Overwatch Fans
Actively played Overwatch concurrently54%
Actively played Overwatch concurrently
Viewed Overwatch content on Twitch
Viewed Overwatch content on Twitch15%

The annual revenue for Activision Blizzard amounted to a whopping $1.9 billion in 2020 alone. Although this figure did include combined revenue from other popular franchises such as World of Warcraft and Diablo, Overwatch definitely had a massive influence on the developers’ overall profits.


In May 2016, Overwatch was considered one of the Top 5 PC video games in the world – alongside Hearthstone, another successful creation by Blizzard. Overwatch ranked #3 on Twitch back in January 2018 and remained at the top of the viewership charts, fluctuating in the top ranking spots until only a few years ago.

How Many People Play Overwatch In 2022?

At the time of writing, Overwatch’s total active player count generally fluctuates around 7 million players each month, with around 600,000 peak players each day. However, the player count can dip here and there, and there are usually just under 100,000 people playing Overwatch at any given moment.

While Overwatch’s interest and attention on social media and third-party platforms have seen ups and downs over the past few years, it still seems to be fairly popular on Twitch. The game still managed to rank #34 on Twitch as of February 2022, with an average of approximately 12,000 concurrent Overwatch viewers on Twitch and around 9 million hours of watched Overwatch content on Twitch per month.


Despite the fact that this ranking and popularity on Twitch is still a notable success compared to many other video games within the same genre, it is a dip in performance for Overwatch itself. The rank in February was a dip by 10 positions since last year, with the highest Overwatch interest on Twitch occurring between 2017 and 2019 – back when the hype was still maximized after its release.

Overwatch Player Count Stats

It’s no secret that a large portion of the gaming community feels Overwatch is dead or dying in 2022. But, according to Active Player, Overwatch still has a fairly high active and concurrent player count. In fact, these figures have nearly doubled since the video game’s initial launch and are still much, much higher than its player count records during the hype phase.

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Overwatch is estimated to have around 7,236,022 active and concurrent players within the last 30 days, with around 651,242 peak players in a day. In addition, a considerable factor is the frequency of these figures – these immense player count numbers have been mostly recurring for the past few months, with only minuscule dips or spikes over the past year or two.

Below are the player count stats for Overwatch in 2022, according to Active Player:

MonthAvg. Monthly
Overwatch Players
Gain/ Loss
Peak Players
(In a Day)
December 20216,901,447+164,756621,130
January 20226,866,014-35,433617,941
February 20226,950,213+84,199625,519
March 20227,002,254+52,041630,203
April 20227,120,144+117,890640,813
Last 30 Days7,236,022+115,878651,242

It’s worth noting that Overwatch did see a brief spike in player counts throughout 2021 – specifically, from February 2021 through to October 2021. The total monthly Overwatch player count fluctuated between 6 and 7 million concurrent players during this time, a hefty jump from the 5 million average seen throughout 2020.

Overwatch also saw its largest dip in total monthly players from the end of 2020 through to the beginning of 2021. But, the interest in Overwatch seems to have resurged towards the end of 2021, now either gradually increasing or at least maintaining the average player count range.

Overwatch stats

Based on the player counts reported by Active Player from 2019 through to 2022, it’s safe to say that the monthly gains and losses in players have been fairly steady. The average number of people playing Overwatch each month is still on the rise overall, seeing minor fluctuations here and there.

On the other hand, Player Counter reports approximately 763,400 people playing Overwatch at the time of writing – much higher than the average daily counts logged by Active Player. Still, this does indicate that the player count for Overwatch is quite high overall.

The top 5 countries playing Overwatch are as follows, according to Player Counter:

RankTop Country
Playing Overwatch
% of Global Players
1United States24.91%
4United Kingdom5.41%

Overwatch still has a ton of dedicated players as each month goes by, and is currently sitting just under its all-time high of 7.3 million concurrent players (July 2021). Overwatch actually has not lost any players within the last 4 months or so, according to Active Player.

Is Overwatch Dead In 2022?

While plenty of gamers and community members claim that Overwatch is dead (or dying), the devs claim otherwise – somewhat backed up by the data and stats available. The developers and publishers of Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment, have stated that the overall Overwatch player count is still going strong with steady activity.

So, why are people saying that Overwatch is dead? Well, it has more to do with the game’s ongoings and maintenance than the player count itself. Overwatch hasn’t seen any major updates since the 2020s, and there haven’t been any new additions in terms of characters or extras for well over a year now.

Overwatch heroes

At the same time, video games within the same genre like Apex Legends and Fortnite keep on rolling out new updates, content, characters, and much more. Putting these aspects side-by-side can make Overwatch appear or feel dead – or, at the very least, feel somewhat dull and unloved.

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But, the overall player count for Overwatch is still relatively high when looking at it from a birdseye view. In addition, Overwatch 2 is coming out soon (expected to be released sometime in 2023), which may very well revive the gaming community’s interest in the Overwatch franchise altogether.

Overwatch 2

It’s not unusual for any game to see massive player gains during hype phases, such as shortly after its release or during updates and events. Dips in player counts do not necessarily mean that a game is dead – the entire world does not need to be playing the game for it to stay alive and healthy, nor does it need to maintain its peak rankings.

That being said, Overwatch still offers plenty to love, despite the lack of recent updates and additions. While it may not be at the top of the trending charts, there are still quite a few gamers who love Overwatch with or without the hype and (debatably necessary) updates.

Overwatch still has a large, dedicated, and committed audience in 2022 – both in player counts as well as on third-party platforms like Twitch. Despite the decrease in activity from Overwatch’s devs, it’s clear that this iconic video game still has a ton of enthusiastic fans who have no intention of quitting Overwatch any time soon.

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