How Many People Play Rocket League in 2024? (User & Growth Stats)

how many people play rocket league in 2023

Rocket League is one of the biggest and most well-loved free-to-play games in the world to date, and for a ton of good reasons – this incredible game incorporates a ton of iconic aspects all into one simple package. But, with it being out for quite a few years now, just how many people still play Rocket League actively?

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  • In the last 30 days, Rocket League has been played by 89,990,610 players on average, with the peak player number recorded at 26,697,214 in a single day.
  • The game is also going strong on Twitch, being #44th most streamed game with an average of 6,860 viewers and 1,139,905 hours of content watched in the last seven days.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in January 2024 and represents the most up-to-date currently available numbers.

Rocket League in 2024

Rocket League is a soccer-inspired game developed and released by Psyonix in 2015, with a format based on high-tech and overpowered vehicles. It is a sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (SARPBC), a game released in 2008 that was exclusive to PlayStation 3.

Rocket League

In Rocket League, up to four players are assigned to 2 teams (4v4) that use supersonic rocket-powered type vehicles. The intention is to use the supersonic vehicle to hit a giant ball into the opponent’s soccer goal. Landing a successful hit will score points over the duration of each round, with each round lasting 5 minutes.

But, players can enjoy playing single-player mode as well, leaving plenty of room for option and enjoyment in going up against computer-controlled opponents. Considering that Rocket League is playable on numerous platforms, it’s definitely been made pretty easy to access and kick-off.

Rocket League is available on the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • Windows
  • Xbox One
  • MacOs
  • Linux
  • Nintendo Switch

Later updates and versions opened up Rocket League even further by allowing cross-platform play between all available versions of the game. These features are in addition to the inclusion of new game modes, such as ice hockey (known as Snow Day) or basketball (known as Hoops), over and above the classic soccer mode.


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It offers a fun and well-balanced combination of some of the most infamous genres in games to date – adrenaline-pumping sports, the variety between a single-player or multiplayer mode, and some high-tech monstrous vehicles. Rocket League has even been adopted as an official Esport in competitions and has earned numerous industry awards throughout the course of its running.

How Many People Play Rocket League In 2024?

It is important to note that there have been a couple of influences on Rocket League’s player counts over the years. To be specific, there were a few changes or events that most likely had a direct impact on the Rocket League player count – either within the same timeframe or from that point forward.

Some of the most notable influences and their timeframes have been detailed below:

TimeframeRocket League
Event or Change
Influence on
Player Count
2016PlayStation Plus GiveawayLed to over 5 million Rocket League downloads
September 2020Rocket League
became free-to-play
Led to over 1 million concurrent players in the same month
November 2021Rocket League Sideswipe was
released (Smartphone version)
Led to between 50,000 and 100,000 concurrent players on average towards the end of 2021

This is in addition to the fact that Rocket League was ranked #44 on Twitch as of January 2024. Twitch viewers have watched around 1,139,905 hours in the past week of Rocket League, and the average number of concurrent Rocket League viewers on Twitch fluctuates around 6,860.


Active Player reports an astounding average of 89,990,610 players within the last 30 days, with an estimated 281,333 active players at the time of writing. At the same time, Player Counter reports a fairly low player count for Rocket League, only reporting 53,488 active players at the time of writing.

Similarly, Steam Charts also has a low player count report for Rocket League. Although there is a rather large gap between these reported play counts, the range does still give insight into Rocket League’s overall player count.

Rocket League Player Count Stats

According to Steam Charts, Rocket League currently has an average of 19,067 players as of January 2024, with an estimated 13,541 players at the time of writing. This reported player count is much, much lower than the player counts reported by other sources within the same timeframes.

rocket league

Below are the reported player counts for Rocket League in 2024, according to Steam Charts:

MonthAvg. Rocket
League Players
Gain/ LossPeak Players
Last 30 days19,067.0-1.12%35,394
December 202319,284.0-1.74%33,938
November 202319,625.1-6.59%36,013
October 202321,009.7-9.26%38,121
September 202323,152.6-0.97%43,985
August 202323,378.5+1.20%+1.20%

It is worth noting that while Steam Charts does have an active player count for Rocket League, Rocket League was delisted from Steam – a possible reason for such low player counts. Considering the game’s delisting from Steam, it may be safe to say that the active Rocket League player count reported by Steam Charts may not be completely accurate (relatively speaking).


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Active Player reports having accumulated its data and stats from a wide range of sources, which may likely amount to more accurate numbers considering the fact that Rocket League is cross-platform supportive. Active Player’s Rocket League player count report for 2024 is as follows:

MonthAvg. Rocket
League Players
Gain/ LossPeak Players
(In a Day)
Last 30 Days89,990,610+5.19%26,697,214
December 30, 202385,548,778+2.94%18,385,672
November 30, 202383,103,480-9.26%9,806,211
October 30, 202391,584,175-3.50%10,806,933
September 30, 202394,905,881+1.50%11,198,894
August 30, 202393,503,331–3.00%11,033,393

Despite the fact that Rocket League seems to be slowly losing players as each month goes by, a broader perspective may tell a different story. Rocket League only had approximately 40-50 million players throughout 2019, spiking in popularity and player count from 2020 into 2021.

rocket league active players 2024

This still nets Rocket League with way more players than the game originally had after its launch and throughout its early stages. It’s not unusual for gamers to start off a new game and stop playing shortly after beginning.


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Player Counter reports that the top five countries currently playing Rocket League are as follows:

RankTop Country Playing
Rocket League
% of Total
Player Count
1United States23.95%
3United Kingdom6.39%

Why Is Rocket League So Popular?

It’s really no surprise that so many people love playing Rocket League, despite the fact that the game has already been out for so many years. The game has a ton of fun and excitement to offer gamers worldwide, topped with easy access and simple entry with a variety of platform and mode options.

This amazing game is now free-to-play, meaning gamers do not need to spend a single penny to play it. However, the original pay-to-play players were granted ‘Legacy’ status, topped with numerous boosts and cosmetic items in-game as compensation for the switch.

Rocket League 1

When the game was made free-to-play, it was moved from Steam to the Epic Games Store, which did bring quite a few questions at the time. Still, Rocket League is pretty simple and easy to learn, while still offering the excitement of mastery with enjoyable challenges.

In addition to its straightforward yet addictive model, the game is also crossplay supportive. This factor could very well have contributed to its large player counts, as gamers from multiple platforms can enjoy Rocket League together.

playstation vs xbox

According to Epic games, around 93% of critics would recommend Rocket League to gamers worldwide. The game has received a steady 4.5 rating overall, and it seems that although the game is not necessarily going through a hype phase in 2022, it certainly isn’t dying either.

While Rocket League has seen plenty of spikes and dips in its overall player count over the years, the game still appears to have a rather large, dedicated, and committed audience that doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. If you’ve been curious about Rocket League and want to give it a shot, the timing couldn’t be better.

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