How Many People Play Valorant in 2024? (User & Growth Stats)

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When it comes to First Person Shooter games, you’ll probably hear the name Valorant being thrown into the conversation. This game was quickly the most popular FPS game of the year 2021. The game has started strong since its release, but how is it fairing in 2023, and how many people play Valorant?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Valorant is currently played by 24 million people each month, according to the data provided by Active Player.
  • The player base alternates between expanding and shrinking, and the game is still one of the most-played FPS games in 2024.
  • Valorant can boast 7,273,897 active players daily and a +2% increase in active players in the last 30 days.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in January 2024 and represents the most up-to-date currently available numbers.

How many people play Valorant?

As mentioned above, the developers and publishers have not released an official statement of how many people have registered in their FPS game Valorant. But we can assume there’s a lot. According to released statistics from Active Player, over 24 million players have been seen active as of the last 30 days.

The table below shows Valorant data for the last six months related to the number of average monthly players.

MonthAverage Monthly Players
Last 30 Days24,518,754
December 30, 202323,975,690
November 30, 202322,415,826
October 30, 202323,109,099
September 30, 202324,689,208
August 30, 202325,479,059
Average monthly Valorant player count

As you can see the table shows an increase in monthly players on a month-to-month basis.


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What’s the maximum number of players per day?

At the moment of writing this, Valorant has 569,463 players online, according to the data provided by Active Player. The numbers on a day-to-day basis remain high but show signs of decreasing. In the last 30 days, Valorant managed to hit 7,273,897 active daily players.

When you take a look at the active daily players over the course of six months, you can see the number increasing.

MonthActive Players Daily
Last 30 Days7,273,897
December 30, 20233,774,166
November 30, 20231,494,388
October 30, 20231,540,607
September 30, 20231,645,947
August 30, 20231,698,604
Valorant – Active Players Daily

Valorant player count by country

Fans of Riot’s other hit game, League of Legends, were excited about the company’s latest new free-to-play game, Valorant. Before its release, the project name was called Project A during its closed beta phase and did amass popularity at that time.

Currently, the United States has the most players active in the game. Player Counter estimates that 23.53% of the Valorant community is from America, 6.72% from Brazil, 6.12% from Turkey, 5.73% from the Philippines, and 4.00% from Indonesia. Meanwhile, the remaining percentage belongs to different parts of the globe.

Valorant player count by device

Unfortunately, Valorant is only available for the PC. However, there have been rumors going on that Riot will be bringing Valorant to the console as early as 2021. Currently, it’s 2024, and there is still no sign of Valorant’s console version.

Dexerto reported that the Game’s Director, Joe Ziegler, confirmed that the game’s console version is already in the works but has not revealed a release date.

Riot said they want to make sure the players will have a great experience with the game. Thus, they want to fine-tune and perfect a console version of the game so players will find it enjoyable. Fans are predicting the release of the game soon due to Riot putting a job posting for console game designers. Riot has yet to confirm if it is for Valorant, but if it is, we can expect a lot of console gamers to flock toward the game.

How many people have left Valorant?

Valora hasn’t shown mixed trends in the last 6 months, with both gaining and losing a lot of players across the board.

Since Riot has not released a proper player count for the game since its beta version, it’s hard to say how many people still play Valorant. However, we can tell the rise and fall of active players through Active Player.

It seems that while Valorant does have its off months, the game appears to be rising in popularity again for 2024. Therefore, fans of the game can rest assured that the game will be kept online for a long while. In addition, with the possibility of this game coming to the console, we can expect huge numbers added to Valorant’s already huge community.

The following table shows an increase in Valorant player base for the last 6 months. In the last 30 days alone, Valorant gained 2% of players compared to last month.

MonthMonthly Gain / LossMonthly Gain / Loss %
Last 30 Days+543,064+2%
December 2023+1,559,864+7%
November 2023-693,273-3%
October 2023-1,580,109-6%
September 2023-789,851-3%
August 2023302,123+1%
Valorant player base is increasing


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How much money has Valorant made?

Aside from player count, Riot also has not revealed any yearly revenue generated by Valorant. However, they did announce that the Valorant Champion skin bundle has generated $18.7 million. The total revenue was split between Riot Games and the teams that competed in the first-ever VCT Champions event last December.

In addition, without revealing the exact figures, Riot reported that Valorant grossed more profit for Riot Games than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive did for Valve. It seems that Riot Games is working towards making Valorant their next highest revenue-generating game with the generous amount of attention they are giving to this FPS.

In 2022, Valorant Champions Bundle alone made $32 million increasing profits by almost 50% compared to the previous year.

How is Valorant doing on twitch?

It seems that Valorant is still staying strong over at Twitch. The game is ranked number 6 on the streaming platform gaining one place since the last update of this article. Additionally, it had its highest amount of peak viewers on April 7, 2020. According to Twitch Tracker, about 1.7 million Twitch users watched Valorant-related content over at Twitch on that day.

Meanwhile, the most Valorant content streamed in a single day happened on May 6, 2020, when 16,304 Twitch channels did walkthroughs of the FPS.

But let’s focus on the current stats for the moment. Currently, Valorant has 82,229 weekly viewers on average, who spend 13,663,754 hours watching it. It’s a far cry from the peak, but it’s something.


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Valorant’s rceception

Riot’s first-person shooter has been compared to Valve’s Counter-Strike and Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. People have noticed that Valorant and CS: GO both have two teams of five players attempting to plant bombs. Meanwhile, Valorant shares the similarity of having multiple classes and characters catering to different playstyles with Overwatch.

The game received praise from Polygon on its beta version. Accordingly, it was one of the best tactical shooters the publication writer has ever played. 

Meanwhile, the game also won the best Esport Game of the Year during The Esport Awards 2021. Riot’s debut FPS managed to beat solid contenders such as CS: GO, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire for the title.

Game Informer8.5/10
The Guardians4/5
Source: Wikipedia

News on Valorant mobile

Aside from Valorant confirming that they are looking into bringing the game into consoles, they also announced that they are also working on bringing it to mobile. Valorant Mobile was announced on June 2, 2021, and was made in commemoration of the game’s first successful year.

So far, there is no news on the final release date of the game, but we are expecting a beta to be released in the near future.

Some interesting facts about Valorant

The game was first teased under the name “Project A” during the 10th-anniversary stream of League of Legends, another game by Riot. It began its closed beta on April 7, 2020, and not long after, on June 2, 2020, the same year it had its beta.

The final game was officially launched. The game takes inspiration from other first-person shooters, especially from strong titles like CS: GO. 

The game is actually set in our world, albeit in an alternative near future where a player plays a single agent. The interesting fact about these agents is that they are based in several countries and cultures around the world.

Valorant was actually under development for a long time. Accordingly, the game has been under the research and development division as far back as 2014.


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Valorant in the Esport scene

Valorant fully intended to be a competitive shooter and didn’t hesitate to join the Esports scene. Riot Games decided to create Valorant’s first tournament, “First Strike,” to establish the game’s foundation in the Esports scene.

By November 2020, Riot Games announced the VALORANT Champions Tour tournament series.

VCT is the game’s year long-competition, and it consists of three levels. The first level is called VALORANT Challengers, which are regional competitions where the winners will proceed to the second level.

The next level is called VALORANT Masters, which is an international competition in the midseason. It’s divided into several stages.

Finally, the last level was called VALORANT Champions. In the 2021 competition, 16 teams managed to qualify for the final level. It seems its entry into the Esports industry was a massive success as Valorant’s active users have been climbing again since last December.

In just a short number of years since its release, Valorant has shown to be a great addition to Riot’s roster of games.

With the amount of attention the company is putting into this game, it is sure to have even more success in the future.

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