How Many People Play Apex in 2023? (User & Growth Stats)

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It seems Apex Legends is slowly rising the ranks in battle royale games. The game has been a great hit since its release, and in all honesty, it deserves the praise. With the game entering a new season, how does it look compared to other battle royale contenders?

The data for the last six months on Steam Charts indicates an average of around 170 thousand between 200 thousand players on Steam alone. Active Player which tracks players and interests over several platforms puts that number much higher at an average of 65 million players in the last 30 days alone.

By the looks of it, 2023 started well enough for the battle royale game, as Electronic Arts seem to be teasing many new events and updates for the game. Their efforts to keep players interested and engaged are somewhat successful since the player trend is either unchanged or shows a minimal decrease in the last six months.

How Many People Play Apex?

Various sources report different numbers. Steam charts indicate between 170 and 200 thousand players on the Steam platform for the last six months indicating a period of slow decrease in the player base.

The data provided by Active Player however present us with a picture of a more stable trend, the number of active players hovers at around 65 million players in the last six months with minimal changes in trends

What’s the maximum number of players per day

According to Steam Charts, the game had an all-time peak of 510,286 players on August 8, 2022. It seems, on average, the game has been getting an average of 170 to 190 thousand players in the last six months on Steam. Below is a table that shows the highest peak players by the month for Apex Legends in the last six months.

MonthAverage PlayersPeak Players
Last 30 Days170,968.3411,891
December 2022170,882.7411,891
November 2022172,345.5403,157
October 2022172,176.7386,994
September 2022221,826.6497,242
August 2022230,432.9510,286
Source: Steam Charts

The data provided by Steam Charts indicate a trend of moderate loss in the last six months.

While this may show the number of players in Steam, the other devices are harder to compute. According to Active Player, the game had an average of 65,521,480 players in the last 30 days. As of writing, Apex legends has 1,571,872 players online.

Apex players count by country

Apex Legends is being enjoyed by millions all over the world. The United States holds the majority of the players playing the game. The US has 38.92% of the total active players of Apex, the United Kingdom has 7.18%, and Russia has 5.81%. Brazil has 5.54%, China has 3.73%, and the rest of the countries cover the rest of the percentage.

Apex player count by device

So far, no numbers of people playing Apex Legends per device have been released. However, the game is available for Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. The developers also announced that they have already released a soft launch for Apex Legends Mobile.


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How many people have left Apex?

There isn’t a released study to see how many people have permanently left the game. However, Active Player has managed to estimate the number of active players there in a month across devices.

The table right below this paragraph shows the number of active players and if there was an increase or decrease in players during a particular month. As you can see Apex is mostly in green, gaining a steady moderate amount of players almost any month over the course of the last six months.

MonthMonthly Active PlayersMonthly Gain/LossMonthly Gain/ Loss %
Last 30 Days65,521,480+606,993+0.01%
December 202264,914,487-100,0580.00%
November 202265,014,545+1,349,531+0.02%
October 202263,665,014+650,469+0.01%
September 202263,014,545-286,6010.00%
August 202263,301,146+550,697+0.01%
Source: Active Player

How much has Apex made?

As of last year, Apex has become one of the highest-earning games to have hit our units. eSports Talk said that the game’s revenue has ballooned up to $1.6 billion over 2021. EA even said that Apex has contributed significantly to its revenue growth for the last year, being one of the strongest financial years the company had ever had. 

Along with FIFA, EA was projecting revenue of $7.65 billion by the end of 2022, $225 million more than the previous projection the company has made. The projection was based on the assumption of the success of Apex Legends Mobile, where they expected more people and potential spenders to play the game.

The game has set a lot of records for the company. Making it one of the easiest money-making games the company has published. Apex Legends hit the $1 billion threshold in February 2021, where it outdid its own old revenue by 150%. In the month the game was released, it already generated $92 million in revenue.

The last report from May 2022 indicates that Apex: Legends is bringing in serious money. It brought in $2 billion since it first launched.

It seems even when people are starting to work back in the office, people are still spending for Apex Legends as their revenue seems to be increasing by the day.

Apex Legends user demographics

Newzoo did a study regarding the game’s demographic regarding Apex Player ages alongside other battle royale types of games. According to their research, the game appeals to a male-dominant audience under the age of 35. The estimated age seems normal when it comes to other battle royale games.

Most of the players happen to be under 18. They represent 14% of the players. Meanwhile, players between the ages of 18 to 34 take 6%. So far, the youngest professional player to be recorded is aged 16, and the oldest player happens to be 35.

How is Apex Legends doing on Twitch?

As of writing, Apex Legends is the 11th-ranked most streamed game over at Twitch. In the last seven days, the game has been streamed for 6,985,481 hours with an average of 41,622 viewers. However, 674,070 Twitch users viewed Apex-related content on February 12 of this year.

The data was provided by Twitch Tracker and it shows trends alternating between growth and loss of interest.

Is Apex Legends an award-winning game?

The Game has been winning awards since its release. During the Japan Game Awards in 2019, it won the Award of Excellence. It also won Best Multiplayer in the 2019 Golden Joystick Awards. In addition, it also won its final title for 2019 in The Game Awards as the Best Multiplayer Game.

It won several awards in 2020 but was only nominated for two awards in 2021. It was nominated for the Best Ongoing Game and Best Community Support in the Game Awards 2021. 


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Apex Legends reception

Apex Legends has mostly favorable reviews from several publishers. According to their collective reviews found on the Apex Legends Wikipedia page, critics have enjoyed this game’s take on the battle royale system. Mixed reviews came from a number of the publishers due to the lack of references to the Titanfall games. However, a number of them don’t find this issue problematic to the whole experience of the game.

The game also received praise due to having characters belonging to the LGBTQ community, including a non-binary character. The table below reveals the numbered scores the publications have given Apex Legends.

MetacriticPC: 88/100
PS4: 89/100
Xbox One: 88/100
Switch: 54/100
Game Informer9.25/10
GamesRadar +PC/PS4: 5/5
PC Gamers (US)93/100
The Guardian4/5
Source: Wikipedia

Interesting facts about Apex Legends

The game might as well be considered the sequel to Titanfall 2. Apparently, the game is set in the same universe, only 30 years into the future. In addition, the game is set in the Outlands, where players would have to compete with each other in an epic battle royale competition to win it all.

The game took everyone by surprise when it came to player interest. A lot of gaming companies would like to hype a game before fully releasing it. However, Apex Legends did none of that. Promotions for the games started after the reveal of the game. For some odd reason, it worked. The game soon saw millions of players getting into the action.

While it didn’t promote before its release, according to Reuters, EA paid $1 million to a streamer named Ninja to promote Apex Legends. It looks like the company studied how to attract more users by using famous Twitch Streamers to promote the game.

In addition to Ninja, EA also approached a popular Polish-Canadian Streamer named “Shroud” to play Apex Legends. However, the amount EA paid him was never revealed.


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The game was also used to test how the free-to-play system works in cash generation for the company. EA isn’t known for making free-to-play games, so Apex Legends was something the publishers weren’t sure if the game would be able to give the companies revenue. After some convincing, both Respawn and EA decided to make the game free-to-play, and it was a good choice. The game is a huge income generator for companies if you look at the data.

Initially, the game only started with 8 characters. They’ve added more every time they announce a new season. Another thing to note is that many of the characters are based on Titanfall’s character roaster.

The game was actually designed before Titanfall 2 was even shipped. However, they decided to use this design with the battle royale mode after seeing the success of PUBG with the format and other free-to-play battle royale games.