How Many Players Play Lost Ark Worldwide?

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Lost Ark‘s release in Western regions has sent the gaming community into a manic craze, with countless players flocking to this MMORPG’s unassuming servers. While it’s well-known that Lost Ark has gained a ton of new players, there are still many questions as to just how many.

There are currently around 15,419,230 total Lost Ark players or subscribers, with an average of approximately 1,464,827 daily players throughout February 2022. These figures continue to rise as Lost Ark gains more popularity worldwide.

Although this player count is impressive, it doesn’t come without expected issues and technical difficulties. Stick around to find out how many people play Lost Ark worldwide, and what sort of problems the game’s immense server populations may have caused.

How Many People Played the Original Lost Ark?

Lost Ark has gained a ton of online attention recently, whether it be through online forums or social media platforms. But, this MMORPG’s popularity dates back as far as 2018/2019, after it was initially released in Korea.

Lost Ark

The game’s original debut was a massive success in Korea, gaining hundreds of thousands of concurrent users at the time of its release. While the player base did see a downfall over the following years, it also saw an unexpected resurgence throughout 2021, shortly before the game’s release in the West.

How Many People Played Lost Ark Before Launch?

Although one might think the game’s player count was significantly lower before Lost Ark’s launch, the figures are actually quite astounding. Plenty of avid gamers invested in Lost Ark Founder Packs to gain access to the game as early as February 8th, 2022. During the head start, approximately 532,000 gamers were actively playing Lost Ark.

Lost Ark On Twitch

Lost Ark Twitch streamers reached as many as 1.2 million concurrent Twitch viewers during the headstart as well. By February 14th, only a few days after its launch, Lost Ark had seen almost 60 million hours of total gameplay live-streamed on Twitch.


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To date, Lost Ark is the second-highest viewed category on the entire Twitch platform. According to Twitch Tracker, Lost Ark averaged 249,453 viewers in the week following its release, peaking at 472,308 concurrent viewers on February 9th.

Lost Ark Sets New Steam Record At Launch

When Lost Ark was launched on Steam in early February 2022, anticipating players had already been waiting on the very edge of their seats – ready to download and launch the game. Since the hype for this game was so spectacular, it’s no surprise that Lost Ark saw a massive influx of players the very moment it became available on Steam.


Lost Ark completely stunned the gaming community after it reached more than 1.325 million concurrent players – in less than 24 hours! At the time, this figure placed Lost Ark in fourth place, just behind PUBG, Dota 2, and CS:GO.

This insane response and figure continued to climb and placed Lost Ark as the second-highest played game overall. In the week following its release, Lost Ark was titled as the highest played game of all time on Steam’s platform.

How Many Players Play Lost Ark Worldwide?

While Lost Ark gained over 1 million players on the very day of its release, these figures were only beginning to rise. Lost Ark is continuing to dominate gaming forums, social media pages, content platforms, and much more.

How Many People Play Lost Ark In The West?

According to GameSpot, the game’s Western release has gained as much as 4.7 million new player registrations – half of which were in Europe, and the other half in North America.

How Many People Play Lost Ark In The East?

While fans have become more focused on the game’s success in the West, Lost Ark is still thriving in the East. Smilegate is constantly adding more servers to meet the players’ demands, and the latest server in South Korea was added as recently as August 2021.


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Japan-dedicated servers were added back in 2020, and the game’s popularity is still on the incline in the overall region. Lost Ark broke a record with over 240,000 players, but it’s still uncertain how many players are registered and actively playing in this specific region.

Lost Ark Player Statistics

While it’s great to have a general birdseye view of the total player count, including registrations worldwide, this doesn’t necessarily give much insight into Lost Ark‘s dedicated player base. Not all players are committed to playing Lost Ark every single day (not that that’s a bad thing), and it can become tricky to discern just how many of these millions have actually stuck around so far.

lost ark 3 1

MMO Populations has been keeping a close eye on Lost Ark‘s overall activity, concerning the game’s active players, total players, as well as their ratings from those who have played the game.

How Many People Play Lost Ark Daily?

According to MMO Populations, Lost Ark is estimated to have a daily player count of 1,464,827 players at the moment. This figure was estimated using the daily player count for each day throughout February 2022.

Looking at the daily live population chart provided by MMO Populations, the spike in the number of active players is clearly visible. The player count began to slowly rise from February 8th, the day players who purchased Founders Packs gained early access, after which it began to shoot through the roof from February 11th onwards.

lost ark daily players

Below is an outline of the daily player count increase since Lost Ark’s early access stage:

DateTotal Number of Daily Players
(2022-08-02)503,460 daily players
(2022-09-02)582,059 daily players
(2022-10-02)656,349 daily players
(2022-11-02)720,814 daily players
(2022-12-02)842,087 daily players
(2022-13-02)931,666 daily players
(2022-14-02)1,027,002 daily players
(2022-15-02)1,117,444 daily players
(2022-16-02)1,190,948 daily players
(2022-17-02)1,248,916 daily players
(2022-18-02)1,297,332 daily players
(2022-19-02)1,336,482 daily players
(2022-20-02)1,371,709 daily players
(2022-21-02)1,409,225 daily players
(2022-22-02)1,445,454 daily players

How Many Total Players Does Lost Ark Have?

Lost Ark has approximately 15,419,230 total players or subscribers worldwide at the moment, according to MMO Populations.

Lost Ark MMO Ranking

In terms of player and aggregate server population, Lost Ark is currently ranked no.14 out of the 134 tracked MMOs on MMO Populations.

Lost Ark Problems Caused By Large Player Count

While the outlandishly positive response was amazing for Lost Ark, it also resulted in some technical difficulties and errors. Yes, some of these glitches and errors were unrelated, but many problems were in fact caused by overpopulated servers.

Players were queuing up in the thousands, just to get into one of Lost Ark‘s already packed servers. However, despite these server issues, Lost Ark has still managed to host hundreds of thousands of excited players all at once.

lostark friends

These issues were prominent from the very day of the game’s release, but its developers and publishers were fairly quick in their responses. Thankfully, the issues did persuade Amazon Games, who published Lost Ark in the West, to add a new Europe West region to shorten the queues.

Although Lost Ark’s sudden rise in popularity and the total player count has startled the gaming community, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Lost Ark has come a long way since its initial debut, offering a ton of exciting activities and adventures for those who dare to explore the land of Arkesia!

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