Lost Ark Amethyst Shard Merchant: Where To Find Him & What To Do With Shards

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Lost Ark features a ton of various currencies, and it can become quite challenging to keep track of all of them. From classic coins to unique shards, players have a lot to wrap their heads around. Amethyst Shards are extremely valuable – they need to be acquired from specific achievements and can only be used with a particular merchant.

Amethyst Shards are the most rare premium currency in Lost Ark, and can be used to purchase plenty of epic items such as mounts, cosmetics, and much more. They can be acquired by completing hidden achievements or through Prime Gaming, and can be traded with the Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant (The Mysterious Man) in North Vern.

Getting your hands on some Amethyst Shards and eventually using them may require going the extra mile, but it’s definitely worth it as Amethyst Shards are incredibly valuable and can get you some awesome rewards. Stick around to find out about Amethyst Shards, how to get them, and how to use them in Lost Ark.

How To Get Amethyst Shards In Lost Ark

Amethyst Shards are the most valuable premium currency in Lost Ark. While players can acquire Amethyst Shards through various activities in-game, this can take a while – not to mention some solid grinding. Thankfully, Amethyst Shards can be acquired with some more straightforward and even instant methods as well.

Amethyst Shards From Hidden Achievements

The main method for acquiring Amethyst Shards in Lost Ark is to complete the hidden achievements throughout the game. Hidden achievements are a set of goals that will reward players with premium rewards. The Lost Ark Hidden Achievements list can be located in the Achievements Menu.

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Quite a lot of Amethyst Shards can be earned by completing hidden achievements in Lost Ark. The difficulty of the hidden achievements vary, as some are more challenging or time-consuming while other are surprisingly easy – such as participating in the arena or joining a guild, for example.

Below is a list of some of the simpler hidden achievements that players could complete to obtain some Amethyst Shards:

  • Create or join and existing guild (500 Amethyst Shards)
  • Participate in Arena (500 Amethyst Shards)
  • Win in Arena (2000 Amethyst Shards)
  • Reach level 50 on your character (500 Amethyst Shards)
  • Reach level 50 with your other characters (500 Amethyst Shards)
  • Complete the game’s prologue without skipping (500 Amethyst Shards)


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Although obtaining Amethyst Shards through hidden achievements is the main method, it’s not always possible to stick to this approach consistently. Many of the hidden achievements are restricted to the end-game, and they cannot be completed in the early stages of the game as a result.

Twitch Prime and Amazon Subscription

If you’re a Twitch Prime or Amazon subscriber, you’ll be happy to know that you can acquire some Amethyst Shards as a reward for your subscription. You should be able to claim your Amethyst Shards from the Lost Ark Prime Gaming Website after your link your Amazon Prime account.


Follow these steps to receive your Amethyst Shard reward:

  • Go To the Lost Ark Prime Gaming Page.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account, then sign in to your Steam account.
  • Link your Prime Gaming and Lost Ark accounts.
  • Press the Claim button.

Twitch Drops

Although players with Twitch Prime have instant access to an Amethyst Shard reward (in addition to some other awesome rewards), players can also acquire Amethyst Shards from Twitch Drops. The accounts will still need to be linked, and drops should be enabled.

Follow these steps to receive Amethyst Shards in the form of Twitch Drop rewards:

  • Go to the Lost Ark Twitch Drops page.
  • Sign in to your Twitch account.
  • Link the two accounts.

Simply start watching particular streamers on Twitch, ensuring that they are playing Lost Ark and have ‘Drops On’ in their title. Players can receive 1,500 Amethyst Shards worth of Twitch Drops.

What To Do With Amethyst Shards In Lost Ark

Plenty of amazing items can be purchased using the Amethyst Shard currency in Lost Ark, including some rare and unique skins and even mounts. The following list details some examples of what players can acquire using Amethyst Shards:

  • Unique Mounts
  • Legendary Mounts
  • The Orca Ship (a ship skin)
  • 14 days of the Crystalline Aura
  • Rapport Supplies Chests
  • Various Pets
  • Outfit Chests
  • Emote Packs


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All of these items will vary concerning their Amethyst Shard price. But, the fact that it costs Amethyst Shards means that players can obtain some incredible items without having to spend real-world money in-game.

Finding The Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant

Since there are so many amazing items up for grabs using Amethyst Shards, it’s no surprise that plenty of players are stacking them up in preparation for their epic shopping spree. Amethyst Shards will need to be exchanged with a specific merchant or vendor in Arkesia.

But, before you can exchange Amethyst Shards with the merchant, you will need to find the right one. Not all Lost Ark vendors trade in Amethyst Shards, and only one merchant store features the Amethyst Shard shop.

Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant Location

The Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant, also known as the Mysterious Man, is a very special vendor that only deals in Amethyst Shard trades. He will only accept Amethyst Shards as payment, rewarding players with some unique and useful in-game items.

While you may have a ton of Amethyst Shards stored and are understandably eager to use them, you might have to practice some patience. This is since the Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant is only available for use during the later stages of the game.

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The Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant is located in areas that are classified as late-game or end-game locations. Players may have to keep their Amethyst Shards in storage until they unlock these areas.

Although North Vern is the most likely location, The Mysterious Man may also be found in the following areas throughout Arkesia:

  • Nia Village in Punika
  • Rothun in Rohendal
  • Luterra Castle in East Luttera

If you have reached later stages in the game and can track down the merchant, you will just need to exchange your Amethyst Shards for any items that you like. The Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant will also give players additional quests that will reward even more Amethyst Shards.

Getting your hands on some Amethyst Shards is not as challenging as one might expect – using them is the tricky part. Still, make sure to stack up on Amethyst Shards as much as possible throughout the game so you’re fully prepared for when you eventually unlock the areas housing the Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant.