How Many Shadow Clones Can Naruto Make at Once?

How Many Shadow Clones Can Naruto Make at Once?

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Naruto’s trademark move in the manga and anime was his Shadow Clone Technique. It helped him on many occasions and this powerful, and highly useful technique became one of the best-known in the whole franchise. Naruto has been using the technique throughout the original Naruto manga and is still able to use it in the Boruto manga. But how many Shadow Clones Naruto Uzumaki can make at once and in various other situations.

The precise number of Shadow Clones that Naruto could potentially produce has never been officially revealed, but based on his prior usages of the technique and our knowledge of his powers, at this moment, Naruto could potentially produce more than a couple of million Shadow Clones. The most he has produced at once so far was 2,000 against Kimimaro.

The rest of this article is going to give you more details on Naruto’s usage of the Shadow Clone Technique, as you are going to find out more information about how many clones he could produce under different circumstances and using different levels of power. We have to warn you, there is some math involved in all of this.

How Many Shadow Clones Can Naruto Make at Once?

Of all his abilities, Naruto is known for using Shadow Clones. Although Naruto had problems with the Clone Jutsu at the beginning of the series, ironically being the reason that he continually failed the exams at the Konoha academy, he quickly learned thanks to the Scroll of Seals to use this technique at the Jōnin level.

The technique would become his first ninja trademark. The jutsu takes advantage of Naruto’s massive chakra reserves thanks to him being Kurama’s Jinchūriki. Because of this, Naruto can use his Shadow Clones for almost everything from direct combat to performing full attack and defense strategies when fighting his opponents, and even speeding up his ninja training process.

In addition to the strategies he creates using the Shadow Clones, he can also create a large crowd of them to overwhelm his opponents and even combine them with the Transformation Jutsu to change the appearance of his clones and capture his enemies unsuspecting.

After his training with Jiraiya, Naruto showed, being affirmed by Kakashi, an improvement with his technique to the point that despite being held back by his master, Naruto managed to send a Shadow Clone after Kakashi with a kunai by hand.

By using this jutsu, he is able to learn in days, something that would take years to achieve, greatly increasing his learning rate. Naruto also learned that he could use the Shadow Clones to determine the capabilities of his opponents, to determine how many clones are needed to defeat them instead of losing the chakra of thousands of clones.

It should also be noted that Naruto has shown admirable skill in Taijutsu, by using his clones as his main attack style. In the anime, Naruto was able to use his Shadow Clone Technique on various occasions to form human chains, both for offense and for other purposes.

Now, the exact number of Clones Naruto could make at once is not known, as you can see from our introductory paragraphs. He can produce anywhere between one and an unknown amount of Clones. This depends on the percentage of Chakra used and the additional power sources he utilizes.

The most he’s produced at once was 2,000, but that is certainly not even near his limit, as we assume that he is capable of producing millions of clones. In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to discuss some of these elements.

How Many Shadow Clones Can Naruto Make in Sage Mode?

The exact number of Shadow Clones Naruto can make in Sage Mode is not known, but knowing how powerful that Mode is and how Naruto’s chakra reserves are exceptionally high, we are certain that Naruto is able to produce several thousand Shadow Clones while in Sage Mode without much effort.

How many Shadow Clones can Naruto make with Kurama?

In the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto used his shadow clones while using the Nine-Tails Chakra Control Mode, despite the risk of his chakra being rapidly drained by Kurama, to spread them out across the battlefields.

Thanks to the good relationship that Kurama has formed with his Jinchūriki, Naruto, in his new control mode, is able to create clones without worrying about his chakra being consumed. Also when he uses that mode, he is able to make his clones go into other modes such as Sage Mode and Nine-Tails Chakra Control Mode.


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In the anime, Tsunade once pointed out that each of his clones has the power to protect an entire town. After receiving the power from Hagoromo, the Naruto clones obtained the same ability to fly and were able to fight equally with the shadows of Madara’s Limbo. On the other hand, he can create a legion of clones and use them all to attack his target. Furthermore, his clones can enter a Tailed Beast Mode forming a replica of Kurama’s total form.

In a later section, we are going to tell you how many Clones Naruto can produce without Kurama, but how many can he produce with Kurama? We know that by using only 2% of his chakra, he was able to produce 2,000 clones. This means that 1% of his chakra equals roughly 1,000 clones. Now, if plot-related reasons needed him to use 100% of his chakra, he could potentially produce at least 100,000 Clones.

Now, if you add Sage Mode to that, if you add the fact that he became Hokage and also the fact that he has Kurama, this certainly goes above one million clones, but we honestly think that he could produce several million clones without completely draining his chakra reserves.

How Many Shadow Clones Did Naruto Make in the First Episode?

This was never explicitly revealed, really, but from what we have found out in Part 2 of the manga, Naruto was able to make anywhere between 1 and 1,000 clones in the first part of the Naruto manga.

This goes to show just how powerful he was even then, although the Clones themselves were rather weak. As his powers grew, so did the number of clones he could make, as well as their powers.

How Many Shadow Clones Cn Boruto Make in Boruto?

As far as we know at this moment, Boruto Uzumaki is – at this time – able to produce just four Shadow Clones, which is significantly less than his father at the same age, who could produce thousands.

Boruto’s powers are still lower than Naruto’s, he hasn’t really mastered the technique, and he doesn’t have so many sources of power he can use as Naruto does, which explains the small number of Shadow Clones.

Why Are Boruto’s Shadow Clones So Weak in Boruto?

The reason why Boruto’s Shadow Clones are so weak in the Boruto series is that Naruto’s son’s skill levels aren’t really that high. He is still a beginner and he doesn’t really have access to the same powers as his father yet. If you remember, Naruto’s initial usage of the technique resulted in easily beatable clones, while Boruto’s usage of them is limited.

Can Naruto Make 1,000 Clones Without Kurama?

Since Kurama is not really the source of the Shadow Clone Technique, but rather his high chakra reserves, Naruto is definitely able to produce 1,000 Clones even without Kurama. This was consistently shown in the manga on several occasions when Naruto was able to produce 1,000 Clones without using Kurama’s powers.

How Can Naruto Make So Many Shadow Clones?

The main reason why Naruto can make so many Shadow Clones is the high level of chakra reserves that he has. His reserves are on a really high level and that allows him to use such powerful techniques. Now, since he also has access to other powers (Kurama, for example), he is able to produce even more than he could produce under normal circumstances.

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