15 Characters With the Most Chakra in Naruto and Boruto (RANKED)

15 Characters With the Most Chakra in Naruto and boruto (RANKED)

Chakra is an essential concept in the fictional world of Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. Chakra is the essential essence for the achievement of any ninja technique. It is obtained by the mixture of two opposite energies, produced respectively by the body and the spirit.

Through various processes, the most common of which is the composition of seals, the chakra can be manipulated and transformed in such a way as to achieve supernatural effects such as walking on water, breathing fire, or creating illusions.

Naruto and Boruto Characters with the Most Chakra

Here is a list of 15 characters with the most chakra in Naruto and Boruto. The list is going to be ranked from 15th to 1st place, with the 15th being the weakest character on this list, and the 1st one being the strongest.

15. Nagato Uzumaki

How did Nagato get the Rinnegan 02

According to Jiraiya, he would have mastered the six changes of nature of the Chakra and the five elements at only ten years old thanks to his Rinnegan, unique in the history of ninjas.

He is able to handle six corpses at the same time, which he calls Pain, after having implanted dozens of extremely resistant black piercings (Chakra transmitters and receptors) all over the body and face; he also controls many summons that one of his bodies can use.

When the six Pain are brought together they form Pain Rikudô (the six paths of Pain), after the death of his best friend Yahiko, Nagato will make his corpse the main body among the six.

Although he resides most of the time in the Hidden Village of Soul, when he wishes to handle the bodies in a remote location, Nagato too must leave the village and stay a reasonable distance from the corpses, in a most remote location, as high as possible, to maintain full control over them.

14. Third Raikage

Jigokuzuki Yohon 1

The Third Raikage mastered sealing techniques, which enabled him to seal Hachibi in a pot before having it sealed in Killer B’s body. According to Dodai, he mastered the shield and the ultimate blade. Hachibi referred to him as a tough person. He effectively sliced all his tails and held his own for three days and three nights against ten thousand soldiers until his death.

13. Tsunade

Tsunade infobox2 1

Tsunade has a perfect mastery of ninjutsu. This allowed him, allied with his great handling of the seals, to be the greatest medical ninja known to date.

She thus developed a Jutsu allowing her to regenerate all the cells in her body by releasing a large amount of chakra and by activating a seal on the forehead. This allows it to instantly heal any injury (even fatal), at the expense of its lifespan. She also hates aging and constantly uses a technique to keep her appearance young.

12. Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi

In the anime, Hiruzen is said to have a large chakra reserve and even in his old age, his chakra was strong enough to break a stone. His reserves had dwindled over the past few years, to the point that sharing his chakra with more than two clones was a great risk for him.

His reduced chakra levels were offset by precise control of his chakra, requiring only the minimum amount of chakra to use the techniques to their full power.

Hiruzen’s speed and physical strength were also weakened by his aging body, but his reaction time and sensory perception were still sharp enough to defend himself. Even by blinding him, he could fight by relying on his other senses, in particular by spotting a nearby opponent thanks to his scent.

Hiruzen could even lay explosive scrolls on high-level opponents without them realizing it. Finally, he displayed taijutsu skills with great strength rivaling that of the ninja elite. He also seemed to master taijutsu and weapon (staff) handling, despite his limited physical abilities.

11. Asura Otsutsuki


Although his abilities are not really known, he inherited his father’s incredible strength and physical energy and fought using a shakûjô which he was probably proficient in wielding, as well as a sword in different styles. occasions.

In combat, Asura was shown contained within an avatar possessing three faces and six arms, wielding several dark orbs. This avatar was able to compete with Indra’s final Susanô.

10. Killer B


B is considered the perfect receptacle and it is not for nothing. He can handle his Bijû perfectly. he proves it by transforming just part of his body into Hachibi. It can even switch to two chakra tail mode or eight chakra tail mode very easily. His mastery of his Bijû is not his only strong point. He has exceptional strength.

He stopped Suigetsu’s blade with his bare hands very easily and he flattened Jugô with Suigetsu’s sword easily as he wielded it for the first time. He also possesses a very strange style of fighting with seven blades which allowed him to put Sasuke half-dead. To make them more powerful, he injects them with the Raiton chakra still almost as piercing as a barrel.


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Killer B is a user of the Raiton and uses it mostly through his swords to strengthen their edge and also increase their piercing ability by changing them to a high-frequency ration blade using the vibration created by the Raiton. He can do the same with a pencil.

9. Kisame Hoshigaki

Hoshigaki Kisame

His abilities are based primarily on the wielding of Samehada, a legendary sword that allows him to steal the chakra of his opponents. Thus, the stronger his enemy, the more powerful Kisame will be. The native of Kiri is also considered by Tobi to be the best when it comes to capturing biju, a status he owes among other things to his extraordinary endurance.

He uses Samehada’s stolen chakra to regenerate in the middle of a fight, allowing him to stand up to a Tailed Demon and beat it with wear and tear. Samehada cannot suck more than six Chakra Tails per hit, however: this limit allowed B to slash her with her Lariat.

8. Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju

He was most famous for his kekkei genkai, the Mokuton, which is a mixture of the water element and the earth element of the chakra, which creates this new element.

By converting his chakra into the source of life, he was able to create trees, being able to make them grow tremendously and manipulate them in various forms and battles at will, which even gave the nickname “Mori no Senju Ichizoku” (the Senju of the forest) to his clan. He is said to have shaped the environment of Konoha village himself.

This skill appeared to be exclusive to him, as no other known member of his clan showed the same skills. Even those who obtained this power through unorthodox means, such as Yamato who claimed that his mastery of Mokuton was nowhere near equal in terms of power.

He had a very powerful technique, The World of Flowers: Hashirama would start by making a huge forest appear and then grow flowers that had a kind of scent that put to sleep those who breathed it.

7. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Part 3

Sasuke possesses large amounts of Chakra, being able to perform a strong Fire Element technique at a young age. In the second part, his Chakra levels increased enormously, being able to summon a gigantic snake-like Manda and use Chidori several times in a single day, a big change considering that before he could only do it twice a day.

While repeatedly developing and using the Mangekyō Sharingan using chakra-consuming techniques, Sasuke effectively fought multiple battles during the Kage Gathering before succumbing to exhaustion, noting that his Chakra became much darker and colder than when using the Cursed Seal from Heaven, as Karin indicated, in part due to the influence of the Curse of Hate.

After obtaining Itachi’s eyes and awakening the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, and subsequently the Rinnegan, his Chakra reserves increased much further to the point of using various high-level techniques, only depleting himself during his battle against Naruto.

6. Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Part II

Naruto’s chakra level is considered to be very high, in part due to the nine-tailed fox demons. According to Kakashi, Naruto’s chakra level is about four times that of Kakashi himself. As such, it is naturally suited to jutsu that use a large amount of chakra, such as Multi Cloning.


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While most ninjas are only able to safely create a few clones, Naruto is able to create hundreds of them, while still maintaining a decent amount of chakra in each of them.

The demon chakra came to Naruto in life-threatening situations, but after training with Jiraiya, Naruto learned to communicate with the fox and ask for his chakra. Otherwise, when Naruto gets angry, it allows him to take Nine Chakra, which allows Kurama to have an influence on him.

5. Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha 1

Obito’s chakra reserves were bolstered by the White Zetsu material fitted to his body, allowing him to perform several very chakra-intensive techniques without noticeable exhaustion.

He also has the ability to absorb the chakra, as well as the ability to transfer his own to another person. Obito was proficient in taijutsu, he fought Kakashi on several occasions while controlling the outcome of their last fight.

His physical strength was great enough to lift Konan by the throat with one hand while he was badly injured or to easily block a sword blow from Kubikiribôchô. He was also very fast able to follow Naruto’s Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

4. Madara Uchiha

Madara img2

Madara has a Katon nature chakra like all members of the Uchiha clan. With the Rinnegan, he now masters all elemental chakra natures. His katon techniques have incredible range and power, Itachi’s supreme fireballs had medium-range and respectable potency but Madara’s are on a whole new level. They are more powerful than Sasuke’s.

So it took the combination of the entire Fourth Division to counter his Katon techniques with their Suiton techniques. He also had part of Hashirama’s power implanted in him to appropriate the Mokuton techniques.

The power of his Mokuton is incredible, with it he created gigantic roots with lotus flowers at the end, the scent of which is deadly to breathe: “the forest of flowering trees”.

3. Hamura Otsutsuki


Being one of the most powerful characters in history, he was able to defeat Jûbi in combat together with his brother. In combat, he carried a staff and a sword which he was probably good at wielding. It was also claimed that he inherited the powerful chakra from his mother. He inherited Kaguya Ôtsutsuki’s Byakugan.

As the owner of the Byakugan, it gives it near 360 ° vision (except for a small blind spot at the level of the 1st thoracic vertebra), X-ray vision, and the ability to see the circulatory system of the chakra.

It is said that Hamura succeeded in awakening the Tenseigan during his fight with his brother against their mother. Despite this, the powers of his Tenseigan are unknown due to the fact that we haven’t seen him use it, even during his fight against Kaguya in the anime where he is supposed to awaken him.

His new dôjutsu gives him very powerful abilities: to summon his statue, gain access to the Spheres of Truth, Tenseigan’s Chakra Mode, move the Moon where he wishes, and revive planets.

2. ​​​Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Hagoromo 3Ftsutsuki 2

His power was immense, we also know from himself that he created the Moon with the Chibaku Tensei while being weakened. Even Nagato claimed that his technique of Chibaku Tensei was inferior to that of Rikudô.

We can notice that he had a saber and claim that he had a very great mastery of this weapon surpassing without a doubt that of Mifune, and of all the shinobi and samurai.

In addition, he had a stronger body than that of a Senju and his eyes were infinitely more powerful and efficient than those of an Uchiha.

His mastery of fûinjutsu techniques was excellent, he was indeed able to seal the most powerful of the bijû in him, the Jûbi.

He also possessed another overkill power, the Izanagi, the use of which did not make him lose the use of his wards, making him the only ninja capable of mastering this power to perfection. Thanks to this power he could create everything from nothing, the bijû are part of these creations.

1. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya 3Ftsutsuki

After eating the fruit of the Divine Tree, Kaguya acquired unparalleled reserves and strength in chakra, referred to by Naruto and Sasuke as being superior to Madara’s, as Jûbi’s Jinchûriki.

In the anime, a simple release of his chakra could create massive shock waves capable of subduing Hamura. Being the first person to wield the chakra, she can absorb all the techniques she encounters.

When in physical contact with an enemy, Kaguya is able to use the Temporary Paralysis Technique combined with the Chakra Absorption Techniques. Thanks to her link with the Divine Tree, she becomes stronger by recovering the chakra of the victims of the Infinite Tsukuyomi thanks to the Divine Birth of a World of Trees.

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