How Much Can Spider-Man Lift? Compared to Real Life Records

spider man lifting

There is no doubt that Spider-Man is the most iconic Marvel Comics superhero of all time, as he has always been one of the poster boys of Marvel. Of course, Spider-Man is also quite strong and is capable of strength feats that not even some of the other iconic heroes in Marvel are capable of. That means that he is incredibly strong. But just how strong is Spider-Man, and how much can he lift?

Spider-Man can lift 10 tons. According to, Spider-Man has an upper limit of 10 tons in terms of how much he can lift. While that doesn’t seem to be impressive when compared to the likes of the Hulk and Thor, it is worth mentioning that he is stronger than most other superpowered heroes in Marvel.

While Spider-Man is strong, he isn’t always about his incredible physical strength, as there are a lot more things about him that make him special. In that regard, let’s take a deeper look into just how much Spider-Man can lift and how well he compares to real-life records that have been established in our modern times.

How Much Can Spider-Man Lift?

When it comes to some of the most iconic superheroes of all time, Spider-Man is at the top of the ladder, as he has always been one of the most popular Marvel characters in history. In fact, he has always been a fan-favorite character that’s more popular than the other Marvel superheroes. Of course, one of the things that make him so popular is his incredible strength.

The fact that Peter Parker’s body underwent a drastic change when he got bitten by a radioactive spider was what allowed him to develop physical capabilities that were similar to what spiders can do. That means that he is several times stronger than his body weight would suggest and is capable of acrobatic feats that are similar to what spiders can do.


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Of course, while Spider-Man’s web-slinging ways and incredible acrobatic feats have always made him quite popular, he is also known for being very strong. In fact, as we’ve seen in the MCU movies, Spider-Man is so strong that he has showcased the ability to overpower characters like Captain America and the Winter Soldier, who are both strong enough to lift somewhere close to 2,000 pounds. In Avengers: Infinity War, Peter Parker also effortlessly stopped Cull Obsidian’s hammer, even though we know that Cull Obsidian is incredibly strong as well.

spider man cull obsidian

While it has always been the case that Spider-Man is quite strong, as he has been able to showcase his strength against characters like Rhino, Venom, and other superpowered beings, just how strong is he?

In the comics, Spider-Man showcased the ability to stop cars and lift incredibly heavy objects. That’s because, according to, he has enough strength that he can actually lift up to 10 tons. In that regard, he is one of the strongest characters out of all of the different popular Marvel superheroes, even though he isn’t nearly as strong as the Hulk or Thor.

Even if Spider-Man may not be the strongest superhero out there in terms of his physical strength, he has always been impressive in the way he uses his powers in creative manners. Of course, we also know that Spider-Man has always been more about his overall capabilities as a superhero with spider-like capabilities instead of being a brawler like the Hulk and Thor.

How Does Spider-Man Compare To Real-Life Records?

We know that Spider-Man is incredibly strong and is capable of lifting up to ten tons. He might not be close to the strength of some of the most unimaginably powerful characters in Marvel, but he is still very strong when compared to real-life records. And that’s something that we are here to look at.

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As mentioned, Spider-Man is capable of lifting up to ten tons. However, we don’t know whether we are talking about his bench press, squats, or overhead lifts. Still, we are looking at his strength feat as a generalization of how strong he is. That number is what we will be using to compare him to the strongest people in real life.


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When it comes to the official world record for bench press, the current record is 783 pounds, which is a record that was achieved by Julius Maddox back in 2021. As such, when we compare that weight to how much Spider-Man can lift, it is easy to see just how strong Peter Parker is, as he is far stronger than massive powerlifters and strongmen despite being so much skinnier.

Of course, we don’t know how much Spider-Man can deadlift, but it is possible that he can deadlift close to ten pounds or somewhere in that neighborhood. And for those who don’t know, the deadlift is often regarded as the true measure of a person’s strength.

The world record in the Strongman deadlift was achieved by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who you might be familiar with because he played Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in Game of Thrones. He deadlifted 1,104.5 pounds several years ago. In that regard, not even the strongest man in the world is close to Spider-Man’s strength, as Peter Parker is nearly twenty times stronger than even The Mountain himself.

As seen from Spider-Man’s strength in comparison to what real-life powerlifters and strongmen can lift, it is easy to see just how unimaginable this superhero is in terms of his strength. This explains why Spider-Man has been able to lift or pull incredibly heavy objects on more than one occasion in the comics, series, and movies.

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