How Much Nudity Is There in ‘The Wheel of Time’ Show? Here’s What to Expect From Season 2

how much nudity is there in wheel of time

The Wheel of Time‘ has gained huge popularity since its release because of its vast lore, complex characters, and source material that allow the show to adapt and expand. It is a regular thing that shows nowadays implement nudity and explicit scenes as a part of their storyline. Let’s see how much nudity is in ‘The Wheel of Time’ and what to expect from season two.

There is minimal nudity in the ‘Wheel of Time’ with no sex scenes and explicit content. The show’s second season will most likely be the same as the first one in terms of nudity because there is no reason why the creators would suddenly change that. So, you can expect some mild nudity, with only implied sex scenes and not explicitly shown.

Now that you know to what extent the nudity is present in the show, let’s see in more detail what the first season was like regarding that and what the second season might have in store for us. Keep reading to find out more about it!

The question of nudity in ‘The Wheel of Time’ was debated even before the show began

wheel of time

Even before ‘The Wheel of Time’ was released, there was a lot of comparison of the show with the ‘Game of Thrones’ and a lot of discussion about the age rating. We know that ‘Game of Thrones’ gained huge popularity since the first episode, not just because of its characters and storyline but also because it demonstrated a lot of explicit scenes. However, those kinds of scenes also were a magnet for many critics and disapproval.

And since it was known from the start that Amazon put a lot of faith in ‘Wheel of Time’ to be a huge success, fans feared that they might also use nudity to attract as many viewers as possible.

The general opinion was that ‘The Wheel of Time’ does not need unnecessary explicit scenes because the books didn’t go overboard with those kinds of material. Even though nudity is present in the books, it is depicted superficially and left for the readers to use their imagination.

The show is rated TV-14, explaining that it contains some nudity, violence, and language. We’ll focus more on nudity-explicit scenes.

The first season ended modestly regarding nudity. Only a few scenes can be categorized in eight episodes as nudity scenes. So, for anyone concerned that this show might be explicit to watch, that could not be far from the truth. There are no explicit scenes, only the scenes of implied physical relations and moments leading toward it.

When the pilot episode started, many viewers perhaps thought that nudity would be a huge part of the show, and that does not come as a surprise since the first scene we see is Moiraine putting her clothes on and her bare back being in the center of the scene. Of course, this can’t even be accounted as nudity, but it gave an idea that anything can be expected in the show.

In the same episode, Moiraine and Lan share a bath, and in those moments, there is some nudity when Lan enters a bath with his back turned toward the camera. In episode five, Egwene is being bathed and cleansed without her consent by a group of men where parts of her body are shown, but nothing explicit.


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Episode seven also had some brief scenes containing nudity. For example, we can see Lan taking his shirt off, his scarred back, and his torso showing. And that is more or less it regarding nudity in the whole season. There were also some scenes where the characters kissed, but that led to nothing explicit.

Interestingly, this show has shown more men than women in scenes that could be categorized as nudity, which we rarely see. One of the show’s main stars, Rosamund Pike, also had something to say on this matter:

You see many more naked men than you see naked women, which is quite pleasing, since women have been asked to expose themselves forever and a day. We’ve got all the boys frantically dieting and working out hard for their naked scenes and all of the women going out for lovely dinners.

Rosamund Pike

Will there be nudity in ‘The Wheel of Time’ season 2?

Now that we’ve seen that this show is not oriented toward nudity scenes to appeal to the audience, we can approximately predict what the second season will be like regarding nudity. The first season had minimal nudity scenes, with more male than female bodies showing, and there were no explicit scenes whatsoever.


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There is no reason why the second season would be any different, only if the show producers decide it could help with its popularity, but that is unlikely. The main characters are separated in the second season, and that will provide a better story arc development for each of them. Their struggles and obstacles will likely be even more serious and dark than in the first season, so there will be even less room for nudity.

The second season’s first three episodes were released on September 1, and all the questions regarding nudity, violence, language, and other questions will be answered in the following episodes!

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