How Old Is Eri in My Hero Academia (& When Is Her Birthday)?

How Old Is Eri in My Hero Academia (& When Is Her Birthday)?

In terms of My Hero Academia characters, there are a few as intriguing and as loveable as the little Eri.

Eri was born on December 21, but since My Hero Academia doesn’t necessarily follow the real-world calendar, we don’t know the year of her birth. When we first see her in the series, she is just six years old, and with the time that has passed since, she is now seven years old.

In this article, we are going to explain everything about Eri and her age. You’re going to find out all the necessary information you need to know about one of My Hero Academia‘s cutest characters, including her birthday and how old she was throughout the series.

When Is Eri’s Birthday?

Eri was born on December 21, as the official data reveals. The exact year of her birth is unknown, largely because the show’s calendar is unknown, so we don’t have a reference point. The show does seem to use the real-life calendar, but the year in which it takes place is still a mystery.

How Old Is Eri?

Eri is a character that was introduced fairly late in the series but has had a big impact both in-universe and among the fandom. Before we answer the crucial questions about her, let us quickly go through her story.

Eri as a child

Eri is the granddaughter of the former head of the Yakuza, the eight precepts of death. In the past, she inadvertently used her Quirk on her father, causing him to regress until he disappeared; since this ability was unlike either of her parents, her mother began to consider Eri cursed and entrusted her to her grandfather.

He ordered his protégé, Kai Chisaki, to do research on Eri’s Quirk, so that the girl could make friends with people with similar abilities, which was quite difficult for her.

However, when his grandfather’s illness reached critical stages and the man was forced to stay in bed, Chisaki began to experiment on Eri and discovered that if the girl’s blood curled into another organism, the Quirk of the latter would stop manifesting.

Using her Quirk, Chisaki created bullets with Eri’s blood inside them and began selling them among the underworld, also making a particular type of ammunition that eliminated the Quirk permanently. Eri tried several times to escape from that torture, however, she was always recaptured, until she resigned herself to her fate.

Eri eventually manages to evade the surveillance of the Eight Precepts of Death and escapes down an alley, chased down by Chisaki; completely improvising, the girl runs into Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata. Despite Chisaki explaining to the two that Eri was just having a little tantrum, Izuku quickly realizes that the man is lying, as Eri looks really, really scared.

Overhaul encounters Deku

However, when Chisaki is about to show his murderous intent (slightly removing the glove on his hand as his hands are what it takes to activate his quirk, Overhaul), Eri decides to save the two boys and returns to the man, leaving Izuku somewhat surprised.

Subsequently, large numbers of Pro Heroes gather at the Eight Precepts of Death headquarters to free Eri from Chisaki. Mirio manages to defeat Deidoro Sakaki and Shin Nemoto to reach Eri, Overhaul, and Chronostasis, then engaging in a long battle with the two Villains and putting them in serious trouble thanks to her Quirk.

However, Shin manages to reach the fight site and shoot Mirio with a bullet that obliterates the boy’s Quirk permanently. Despite the lack of uniqueness, Mirio staunchly protects Eri, who she begins to truly hope to be saved.

Just as Chisaki is about to get the better of the boy, Midorya and Sir Nighteye arrive at the scene and, as Izuku rescues both Mirio and Eri, the Pro Hero tries to restrain Chisaki, but gets the worst and is fatally wounded. This has a big impact on Eri, who she decides to return to Kai so as not to hurt the others again.

However Izuku decides to personally face Overhaul and, after realizing the effects of Eri’s Quirk, he makes sure that the child is always attached to her body and begins to use her power to the maximum of his strength, without suffering repercussions.

Eri freed from Overhaul 28Anime29

Chisaki uses his quirk to merge first with Shin and then with Rikiya Kastukame, but fails to defeat the two, who knocks him out with the power of their combined Quirks.

However, at the end of the fight, Izuku begins to suffer the backlash for using his powers too much and so Eraserhead intervenes to temporarily cancel Eri’s Quirk and bring the boy back to normal. After that, Eri is taken to a hospital to be hospitalized.

How Ild Is Eri When She First Appears?

When she first appeared in Chapter 128 of the manga, titled “Boy Meets…” and published on February 27, 2017, and in Episode 66 of the anime, which had the same title as the manga chapter, airing on October 26, 2019, Eri was six years old. This was confirmed in both the manga and the anime further on.

How Old Is Eri in 2021?

My Hero Academia hasn’t had a time skip in its narrative, at least not yet, which means that not much time has passed since Eri’s debut in the franchise and her current age. Knowing how much time has passed since the beginning of the show, her first appearance, and today, we can confirm that Eri is, in 2021, seven years old.

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