20 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

20 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (RANKED)

This article is going to contain a list of the 20 cutest My Hero Academia characters. The characters are going to be ranked based on their cuteness, from 20th to 1st.

We have decided to include a variety of different characters, from male to female, from younger to older, from heroes to villains. The goal was to produce the most diverse and best list possible.

20 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters

20. Ken Ishiyama

Cementoss sports festival

Modern Japanese teacher and the hero Cementoss. His Quirk Cement allows him to control concrete or cement-based substances at will by contact and solidify it, which gives him an incredible advantage in urban environments.

19. Nejire Hado

Nejire talking enthusiastically about Mirio27s Quirk.

A third-year student and one of the three strongest students in the school (the Big 3); she took Ochaco and Tsuyu under her protection during the internships, taking the two with her to Pro Hero Ryukyu, of which Nejire is her assistant.

As a hero alias, she simply goes by the name of Nejire-chan. Her Quirk is called Wave and allows her to transform her life energy into shock waves (made yellow-gold in the cardboard), which for some reason move in a spiral motion, making them powerful, but relatively slow.

18. Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka embarassed

A girl of class 1-A, she is rather reserved and a lover of rock music who sometimes reveals a cold and sometimes rude character, however showing a more cordial personality towards her friends.

She often makes fun of Kaminari good-naturedly and is ashamed to show or reveal to others about her passions or anything else that concerns her interests, especially with regard to music, the passion of her most unbridled and shared by the family.

17. Setsuna Tokage

Setsuna ashamed of her defeat

A sharp-toothed, talkative 1-B student. She is one of four students who entered the Yuei by recommendation. Her Quirk is called Lizard Tail Splitter and it allows her to divide her body into multiple parts that she can remotely control; the latter, however, become unarmed after a certain period of time, decomposing and being subsequently regenerated.

At the moment you can divide it into fifty parts at the most. Her superheroine name is Lizardy.


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16. Yuyu Haya

Nejire Hado and Yuyu Haya

Yuyu has short, cropped salmon hair and auburn eyes with long lower lashes; She also has several ear piercings, all with gray studs. She wears a U.A. slightly disheveled. School uniform with a twisted collar, loose tie, and rolled up sleeves.

She wears tights under her skirt and has two pink bracelets on her right wrist. At one point, Yuyu Nejire Hado’s best friend and classmate at U.A. Secondary school.

During her freshman year in the UAE, Yuyu Nejire suggested entering the Miss Con beauty pageant at the school festival, but Nejire lost to Bibimi Kenranzaki two years in a row. Since then, Yuyu has helped Nejire prepare for the beauty pageant every year.

15. Izuku Midoriya

How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia The Age of Izuku Midoriya Through Anime 02

Izuku Midoriya, also known by his heroic name Deku, is the main protagonist in Kōhei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia series. A nerdy and ambitious high school underdog, he is the ninth (and current) holder of “One For All,” a superpower that combines six different individual superpowers (or “quirks”) to create powerful blasts of energy, and also has the ability unique to be passed on to other people.

14. Geten

Geten arrives on the battlefield

A mysterious individual belonging to the Liberation Army; although he is not one of its leaders, he is one of its most powerful members. Virtually nothing is known about his past. He has long light hair and his face has gentle features, but he usually conceals his face with the hood of his parka, leaving only a pair of bright eyes to glimpse.

His Quirk is a kind of cryokinesis, which allows him to control the ice and its temperature, by levitating it and using it to attack, or by freezing the water around him with it, in order to generate more that he can control.

13. Soramitsu Tabe

Setsuno2C Hojo and Tabe first appearance

One of the Eight Bullets. His Quirk is known as Food and allows him to bite, chew and digest all kinds of materials. Because of this Quirk, he is always hungry and therefore obsessed with eating.

His Quirk and his personality made it difficult for him to conform to society. He fights alongside Toya and Yu against Suneater, by which he is defeated after a hard fight.

12. Reiko Yanagi

reiko fighting 2

A 1-B student; silent and impassive, she maintains a particular posture that refers to that of the ghosts in mass culture (back slightly curved, arms bent with forearms forward and hands left dangling).

Her Quirk is called Poltergeist and allows her to telekinetically move anything close to her as long as it is less heavy than a person.

11. Mina Ashido

Mina encouraging Eijiro

A class 1-A student with pink hair and lilac skin, she was considered by all to be a future heroine from an early age. She is sociable, cheerful, and enthusiastic, having a smile on her face most of the time, but she is also an emotional girl and therefore can easily become sad or restless.

Taking inspiration from Eijiro, Mina also began using her own acid as armor with both defensive and offensive functions. She initially chose her Alien Queen as her name from her heroine but, on Midnight’s advice, she later opted for Pinky.

She and Kirishima went to the same middle school. After the battle against the Liberation Front, she finds together with Ejiro and Momo the lifeless body of their Midnight teacher, bursting into tears. She will try to bring Izuku back to the Academy like the others.

10. Taishiro Toyomitsu

Fat Gum Office

A hero much loved by children who takes the name of Fat Gum, whose appearance resembles that of a matryoshka doll. His Quirk Fat Adsorption allows him to achieve an obese body whose fat can engulf objects and people, and absorb the force of any blow it receives (including swords and bullets).

However, absorbing the energy of the blows aimed at him is a double-edged sword as it allows him on the one hand to unleash devastating counterattacks but at the cost of burning fat to absorb, thus weakening his defenses. Once his fat is depleted it shows what he really looks like.

Taishiro uses the defensive abilities of his body fat both to capture enemies by subduing them and to transport his allies safely.

9. Chiyo Shuzenji

Izuku at Recovery Girl27s Nurse27s Office

The school nurse, an elderly lady renowned as a Recovery Girl. Her Healing Quirk allows her to indescribably accelerate people’s regenerating factor through a kiss, albeit with a considerable effort of energy on their part (an effort which, in the case of extremely serious damage, could even prove lethal).

She is one of the few people who know the All Might secret.

8. Susugu Mitarai

Wash Hero Costume 28Anime29

The current Hero nº 8, known as Wash, has a Quirk that allows him to generate a powerful whirlwind of water from his head and create bubbles with which to incorporate people and even large objects.

His costume resembles a washing machine and leaves only his big eyes visible. He hires Koji and Manga for their internship.

Susugu is primarily suitable for children. Despite this, Susugu takes his job very seriously and doesn’t hesitate to worry about how he decided to disinfect the wounds of angry civilians, even after being criticized for arriving late in the process.

7. Kinoko Komori

Kinoko uses her Shroom Shooters

A 1-B student; she wears her hair in a bob with a long fringe that covers her face leaving her mouth uncovered. Her Quirk is called Mushroom, and it allows her to emit spores from her body that can make different species of fungi grow everywhere, even on people, and including pathogenic fungi; the mushrooms detach within a couple of hours and are not harmful to the people they grew on.

The superheroine name she chose is Shemage. During the U.A. Sports Festival, she has her eyes hidden by her front bangs and wears a sullen expression, suggesting that she is very shy.

However, she possesses a kind side as seen when she apologized to Fumikage Tokoyami for using too much of her Quirk on him and telling him to take necessary medicine to better himself.

6. Pony Tsunotori

Pony Tsunotori uses her Quirk

A 1-B student from the United States; she is a petite girl with antelope horns, a “wad” tail and horse legs complete with hooves. Her Quirk is called Horn Cannon, which gives her the power to throw and control multiple copies of her horns, using them to both attack and support her allies; at the moment, she can control at most two pairs of horns.

Pony is a shy girl. As a foreigner, she has virtually no language knowledge of Japanese. She turns out to be quite naive and innocent in her personality and learns nasty phrases from Neito Monoma without knowing what those words mean, as shown by Neito Pony asking nasty phrases to say to Class 1-A.

5. Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco receives Izuku27s gift

A rather frank and lively girl, a 1-A student like Midoriya and Bakugo. Despite her usually sunny appearance and character, she is very determined to become a great heroine.

She has a Quirk called Zero Gravity, which allows her to cancel the effect of gravitational force on whatever object she touches; she can also release herself from gravity by placing her hands in a particular position.

Although her Quirk is not purely offensive, Uraraka has shown on several occasions that she knows how to exploit it to her advantage by compensating for the lack of attack power thanks to her strategy, also transforming floating debris into a shower of free-falling bullets. Her hero’s name is Uravity.


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4. Katsuma Shimano

Katsuma Shimano smiling

Katsuma is a shy and calm child who constantly follows his older sister Mahoro. Unlike his sister, he has a hero bond and openly wears an Edgeshot enamel pin on the front of his pocket and constantly mentions his dream of becoming a hero.

Despite this preference, Katsuma can still easily be influenced by her sister and bothers students in class 1-A in completing their homework.

Unlike Mahoro, however, Katsuma understands his wrongdoing and even takes the initiative to apologize to Izuku Midoriya after mistakenly reporting that a villain has been sighted.

3. Mr. Principal / Nezu

Nezu greeting the students

The principal of the school is a strange animal with characteristics reminiscent of those of a large anthropomorphic mouse and is one of the few animals in the world where a Quirk has manifested itself.

High Spec grants him immeasurable intelligence and human characteristics such as upright posture and the ability to speak. Furthermore, he is one of the few characters who knows the secret of All Might.

He is an eccentric, polite, and persistent educator. He is quite aware of his weird aspects and shows up pointing it out. As a young man he underwent atrocious experiments by humans, of which he still bears the scar on his right eye.

2. Minoru Mineta

Mineta High school

A class 1-A student, short in stature, quite intelligent, but extremely perverted and obsessed with the female body. His obsession is such that he is frowned upon even by his classmates and often leads to twists and comic moments. He gets scared easily and just as easily loses hope in difficult situations, traits of himself that he himself hates.

Mineta possesses the Quirk Super Sticky, a power that makes removable balls of an extremely sticky substance grow from his head, the sticky effect of which varies from less than an hour to up to a day depending on the mood of Mineta. As a hero name he chose Grape Juice and (at least initially) decided to become a hero also to become popular with the fairer sex.

1. Eri

Ochaco and Eri dressed as Santa

She is a girl who is the granddaughter of the former leader of the Eight Precepts of Death (Yakuzas) and was the main piece of Overhaul’s plan to destroy Quirks; she was rescued thanks to the operation of several professional heroes among these Deku, Lemillion, and Sir Nighteye.

Her Quirk allows her to rewind only living beings and it is unknown how she can activate it but she has been seen with it in action. After being saved, she not only continued with the trauma that Overhaul left her, but she also said that she did not know how to smile, which broke Izuku’s heart.

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