How Old Is Frieza in Every Dragon Ball Series?

How Old is Frieza in Every Dragon Ball Series?

Frieza is a mutant alien, brutal dictator, and leader of the Galactic Empire of Universe 7 with the secret strategic support of his father Cold. In the movies, he also leads this empire with his older brother Cooler. The tyrant emperor is responsible for the death of Bardock and Gine, the parents of Son Goku, King Vegeta, as well as the destruction of Planet Vegeta. It is for all this and much more that he is considered the principal villain of the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku’s archenemy, and the worst rival of his former ally, the Saiyan prince, Vegeta IV.

In this article, we are going to tell you Frieza’s age in every iteration of the Dragon Ball anime series, starting with Dragon Ball Z and ending with Dragon Ball Super. Since some parts of the chronology are a tad confusing, we are also going to provide explanations for each section.

How old is Frieza in Dragon Ball Z?


Frieza’s age in Dragon Ball Z: 32-53 years old

Frieza’s date of birth has never been revealed, but from everything we know about the character, we’ve deduced that he was probably born in the year 730. Since Frieza’s race ages differently than humans, this explains why he looks like he does without being too old. In 731, Frieza annexed the Saiyans into his Frieza Force and was introduced as their new master in 732.

We know that he destroyed Planet Vegeta in 737 and since the events of Dragon Ball Z start 25 years after the destruction of Planet Vegeta, his age at the start of the series would be around 32. When the series ended, he would’ve been around 53 years old. So, what happened during the series?

After defeating Nail during the Namek Saga, the tyrant Frieza fights Son Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta. However, the three teammates are unable to face Frieza after he transforms for the first time. He first shoots Krillin, whom he impales and even plays with in the anime. He is surprisingly routed by a furious Son Gohan.

However, the second round comes and it is Son Gohan who, in turn, is put in danger. However, Krillin intervenes once cured by Dende and cuts Frieza’s tail at the same time. Piccolo comes in after being resurrected and brought to Namek, and merges with the warrior Nail, who was dying from his fight against Frieza.

If the fight did seem balanced at first, Frieza easily takes advantage again after his second transformation. Assured of winning the fight, despite the intervention of Son Gohan who continues to amaze the tyrant, he comes to the conclusion that this young boy is a Saiyan too. So Frieza decides to honor his adversaries by revealing his ultimate form.

He kills Dende coldly and with a very quick attack. Becoming completely unattainable for Son Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo, it is Vegeta who takes over, but despite his new powers, he himself is overwhelmed by Frieza’s overwhelming strength. The tyrant takes malicious pleasure in torturing him, and this is because of his betrayal. Son Goku enters the battle just as Frieza is about to finish off Vegeta.

The latter, before dying, reveals to him the history of their native planet as well as the legend of the thousand-year-old Super Sayajin. The confrontation between Goku and Frieza begins. Frieza dominates the fight, using only 50% of his powers. Son Goku executes a very dangerous Kaio Ken but the Kamehameha released with it is stopped with one hand.


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Taken by violence towards this Saiyan, Frieza continues to correct the young hero and this, until Son Goku generates a Genkidama which seems to overcome his enemy. However, Frieza survived the attack and badly injured Piccolo before killing Krillin. Son Goku is overwhelmed with anger and transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

His power then surpasses that of Frieza, and he finally inflicts a very severe punishment on him. The tyrant’s attacks are indeed ineffective. Son Goku is determined to defeat him, even if it means staying with him. But Son Goku is not blinded by his rage, he asks Son Gohan to leave the planet taking Piccolo with him. It’s only when Frieza announces “I’m going to kill you like your earthling friend!” that Son Goku loses control.

Seeing that the situation is not turning to his advantage, Frieza deploys his strength at 100% and he fiercely fights the Super Saiyan and manages for a time to dominate him and this by avoiding a decisive Kamehameha. But Son Goku returns to the charge, and at the same time, Polunga comes back to life thanks to Master Kaio’s plan, however Frieza, although shouting his wish, is not taken into account, because he must speak in Namek.

Finally, Son Goku and Frieza are the only two people left on a planet that will explode in a few minutes. The fight is hotly contested but Son Goku prevails over time. Son Goku refuses to defeat the tyrant, considering himself happy to have broken his pride, but Frieza does not stop there and uses a Kienzan to regain the upper hand, but finds himself defeated by his own technique.

Frieza implores Son Goku’s clemency and begs the Super Saiyan to save him. The latter agrees to transfer some of his own energy to him to allow the fallen warrior to escape. In a final attempt to suppress Son Goku, the humiliated tyrant prefers to use this energy to launch an attack. Goku, disgusted, then finishes Frieza and leaves him for dead.

How old is Frieza in Dragon Ball GT?

Freezer et Cell dans GT

Frieza’s age in Dragon Ball GT: 58-60 years old (not canon)

So, GT starts five years after Z, making Frieza 58 years old. And while Goku’s age was significantly mixed up during this non-canon saga, Frieza’s remained the same (not counting the deaths that have occurred in the meantime). The story ends with him being 60 years old. This is one of the more confusing series, to be honest. What happened in this series?

When Doctor Gero and Professor Myuu meet in Hell, they sow discord with the authorities of the afterlife. Thus, the antagonists of the heroes come back to life and make their way to Earth. Son Goku goes to Hell himself to find the anomaly. He finds himself face to face with Cell and Frieza who did not follow the other protagonists to take revenge on Son Goku.

Amused by the situation, he openly humiliates Frieza, as well as Cell. Son Goku is hardly afraid of Frieza’s Kienzan. Cornered by the situation, Frieza and Cell invoke the “Hell Buster” which sends Son Goku directly into the deepest underworld. He eventually breaks free of it and soon after transforms Cell and Frieza into ice status using a special underworld machine.

How old is Frieza in Dragon Ball Super?

Freezer en enfer

Frieza’s age in Dragon Ball Super: 40-41 years old

Super takes place in the 10-year period between Majin Buu’s defeat and the end of Dragon Ball Z. During the time, Frieza is in Hell and is 40 years old, and with the story ending a year later, he is 41 years old, although he looks the same as always. What do we know about the events of this series?

Frieza is seen in Hell, imprisoned in a cocoon attending parades of stuffed animals and other cute creatures (real torture according to him). He has later been revived thanks to the Dragon Balls and fully regenerated thanks to a Sorbet machine. He now has only one idea in mind: to take revenge on Son Goku.

Tagoma tries to convince him to give up this desire, to which Frieza responds negatively by shooting him without killing him (contrary to the film). Learning that Goku has defeated Majin Boo, he decides to train for four months. During his training, he will take Tagoma as a partner, which will radically change the latter.


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With his training finished, he will go to Earth to accomplish his revenge. He will find himself facing Son Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Ten Shin Han, and Kame Sennin who will be joined shortly after by Bulma and Jaco. Noting the absence of Son Goku he agrees to wait 10 seconds, after which he sends his thousand soldiers on the fighters.

Seeing that Krillin is frightened, he will send a large part of his soldiers on him promising a promotion to whoever kills him. He will also be surprised by the change of Tagoma who has become more cold and cruel than before and will find that he has also become stronger, he will easily defeat the warriors before taking a surprise attack from Gotenks.

He will also be surprised by the disturbing resemblance between Son Goten and Son Goku and will recognize Trunks as the Saiyan who killed him. He will be more than happy to learn that Ginyû, one of his most faithful soldiers, is still alive, he had taken advantage of Tagoma’s weakness to exchange his body with him.

He will let him face Gohan. Gohan’s victory over Ginyu does not leave Frieza indifferent, reminding him of his humiliating defeat on Namek. He will then torture Son Gohan by throwing rays of Kikôha at him; when he wants to finish him it is Piccolo who will protect Gohan and will be killed in his place.

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