Is Black Frieza Canon?

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One of the most common tropes in the history of the Dragon Ball storyline is the achievement of an even more powerful form that allows a character to become stronger than they have ever been before. In that regard, the most recent transformation that Frieza achieved is his Black Frieza form, which was powerful enough to kill Gas and knock both Goku and Vegeta out in an instant. But is Black Frieza canon?

Black Frieza is canon because the Dragon Ball Super manga is supervised by Akira Toriyama and is mostly written by him. As such, even though he is yet to appear in the anime, Black Frieza is canonically Frieza’s newest form, which is much more powerful than his Golden Frieza form.

The introduction of Black Frieza adds a new wrinkle to the ongoing storyline of Dragon Ball, as this is an element that would force Goku and Vegeta to have to work harder than they have ever had in the past. As always, this may require the two of them to eventually find a way to surpass their own limits again or even work together to find a way to put a stop to the evil tyrant once and for all.

Who Is Black Frieza?

Frieza, for as long as we can remember, has always been one of the most popular villains in Dragon Ball history because he was responsible for one of the greatest shonen anime arcs in history. Even after his death in the storyline and long after the end of the Dragon Ball Z anime, Frieza remained quite popular among different fans of Dragon Ball because he was simply an icon.

It was the fact that Frieza was very popular that made Akira Toriyama bring him back in the events of Dragon Ball Super. This time, thanks to the fact that he trained for the very first time in his life, he achieved a form called Golden Frieza, which ultimately allowed him to fight Goku and Vegeta on par while they were in their Super Saiyan Blue forms. Nevertheless, Frieza was still killed.

Frieza, however, was revived after the Tournament of Power because of his services for Universe 7, and that was what led him to find a way to eventually defeat Goku and Vegeta. This paved the way for the entry of Broly, who Frieza recruited in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. But, ever since the end of that film, Frieza has been a no-show.

In the latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, Goku and Vegeta were in the middle of a tough fight against Gas, who was seemingly still capable of putting up a fight and was still very much the strongest mortal in Universe 7, thanks to the power of the Dragon Balls. But before Gas could finish True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta, Frieza came in to kill the antagonist of the Granolah the Survivor Saga, and knocked the two Saiyans out in their strongest forms. And he did so using a form he calls Black Frieza.

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Black Frieza is the tyrant’s newest form as he was able to achieve this through intense training that lasted for ten years. He was able to achieve ten years’ worth of training in a matter of days because, while he was conquering planets throughout the galaxy, he was able to stumble upon a Hyperbolic Time Chamber in one of the planets that he conquered.


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As you probably already know, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber allows a person to enter a different dimension where time moves differently compared to the outside world. In this dimension, a year is only a day in the outside world, as Frieza was able to spend ten years in this chamber in only a matter of days. Of course, because the wish that allowed Gas to become the strongest mortal in the universe only covered Universe 7, he didn’t become stronger than Black Frieza, who existed in a different dimension when the wish was made.

After breaking through the limits of Golden Frieza and harnessing and mastering Black Frieza, the tyrant was ultimately able to kill Gas in one strike and knock both Goku and Vegeta out while they were in their strongest forms. He didn’t even exert any effort into killing all of these characters, as it was clear that he had reached a power level that is unlike anything we’ve seen from a mortal in Dragon Ball.

Is Black Frieza Canon?

The introduction of Black Frieza in the latest chapter of the manga has allowed fans to see a glimpse of where Toriyama is headed as far as the storyline of Dragon Ball Super is concerned. But considering that Black Frieza is yet to be introduced in the anime, some people might be wondering if he is a canon transformation. 

To put it bluntly, anything that is in the Dragon Ball Super manga is canon to the entire Dragon Ball storyline. In almost any anime, the manga usually wins out in terms of what is canon or not because it is the source material. Of course, while there may be tiny discrepancies between the Dragon Ball Super anime and its manga version, the fact is that both of these materials have been faithful to one another as far as the storyline and the events are concerned.

But the fact that it is Akira Toriyama, the progenitor of the entire Dragon Ball story itself, who is working on the manga, it is needless to say that Black Frieza is a canon character. As such, the usual rule of thumb to determine what’s canon or not in Dragon Ball is whether or not a certain character or event was created or given the go signal by Toriyama. Considering that Black Frieza was introduced in the manga before he was introduced to any other medium, it is sufficient to say that this is a canon element that will soon be animated when the Dragon Ball Super anime finally returns.

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