How Powerful Is Black Adam? Compared to Other DC Characters

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The upcoming Black Adam movie has gotten fans excited because this is the first time that the antihero character is going to have his own live-action version. Of course, not a lot of people are familiar with Black Adam because he wasn’t always the most popular DC character when compared to the likes of the Justice League superheroes. That means that some DC fans might not know just how strong he is. So, with that said, how powerful is Black Adam?

Black Adam is powered by Egyptian gods and is strong enough that he could match Superman in a test of strength. On top of that, he can move fast enough that he can run at Mach 500. He also has powers that are similar to Shazam in the sense that he has electrokinesis and is capable of doing anything he can.

We’ve already seen what Shazam can do in the DCEU Shazam movie, and that means that we can expect that Black Adam has powers and abilities that are almost entirely similar to what his archnemesis is capable of. That is why Black Adam and Shazam have almost always stalemated each other at their respective peaks. Now with that said, let’s look at how powerful Black Adam is.

How Powerful Is Black Adam?

The upcoming Black Adam movie has gotten fans excited for the latest addition to the DCEU. Of course, Black Adam isn’t the most well-known DC character because he has always been an archnemesis of Shazam. In the past, he was more of a villain but has since been rebranded as an antihero that’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep Kahndaq safe.

It is possible that the version of Black Adam we will see in the DCEU is the antihero that wants to make sure that his kingdom is protected from any invader or external danger. And it’s going to be interesting how he will clash with Shazam in the future of the DCEU.

So, with that in mind, we are here to look at how powerful Black Adam is so that those who don’t know a lot about this character will know more about what to expect from him in terms of his powers and abilities. 

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Like Shazam, Black Adam’s powers are based on the same SHAZAM acronym that powers the hero. In the past, Black Adam used to be the Wizard’s original champion but was stripped of his powers because of the way he used them. That is why the current iteration of Black Adam is powered by six Egyptian gods that still follow the same SHAZAM acronym. Let’s look at them one by one:

S for the Stamina of Shu: With the power of Shu, Black Adam’s endurance allows him to survive almost any kind of physical attack. On top of that, he can survive without having the need to eat or breathe, and that also allows him to survive the vacuum of space without the need for any special tool. Shu also grants him incredible endurance that allows him to continue fighting without having to rest or sleep. On top of that, he is granted immortality by this very same power.

H for the Swiftness of Heru: The Swiftness of Heru allows Black Adam to have superhuman speed and flight. He is so fast whenever he is running that he can reach speeds of up to Mach 500, which is incredibly fast even though he isn’t quite as fast as the Flash. Like the Flash, he can also think incredibly fast whenever he is running incredibly fast. Meanwhile, whenever he is in flight, he can move at speeds of March 10 or more whenever he is on Earth.

A for the Strength of Amon: The Strength of Amon allows Black Adam to reach strength levels that are so great that he can easily lift more than 100,000 tons. As such, his strength can actually rival Superman’s own strength because he can bend steel easily and lift massive objects without having to exert effort. Often regarded as the strongest metahuman on Earth, Black Adam can hold his own against the entire Justice League and can defeat Captain Marvel, who is at the same level in terms of his strength.

Z for the Wisdom of Zehuti: Thanks to the Wisdom of Zehuti, Black Adam is incredibly smart and wise and can gain access to scholarly knowledge that not even the wisest person on Earth has access to. The same power gives him clairvoyance, which gives him an advantage in a fight because he knows whether or not certain situations are going to benefit him.


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A for the Power of Aton: The Power of Aton allows Black Adam to have almost the same kind of powers that Shazam has. This power is what magically enhanced his physical capabilities and allowed him to gain electrokinesis. On top of that, his power is strong enough that he can use the Power of Aton to hurt godlike beings like the Spectre.

M for the Courage of Mehen: The Courage of Mehen allows Black Adam to have an inner strength that makes him almost indestructible and invulnerable to conventional injuries and attacks. It is also that inner strength that gives him courage and perseverance in any kind of fight, and that’s why he never backs down from a challenge.

The Power of Isis: In the comics, Black Adam also acquired the Power of Isis. This power doesn’t give him a lot of special abilities, but it enhances his usual powers to levels that are far greater than what they used to be. The Power of Isis also grants Black Adam telekinesis and nature control, which allows him to summon windstorms and lava.

How Does Black Adam Compare To Other DC Characters?

To truly see how strong Black Adam is, it is important to compare him to some of the most popular DC characters we have seen. 


When it comes to DC, Superman is almost always the standard when looking at how strong certain characters are. That’s because he is the poster boy for superhuman strength, invulnerability, and speed. And those are some of the abilities that Black Adam possesses as well.

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Strength-wise, Black Adam has shown the ability to match Superman’s strength, although the Man of Steel has the ability to become stronger and reach greater levels of strength. Black Adam is also quite invulnerable, but his invulnerability is magical in nature as opposed to Superman’s invulnerability, which is physical in nature. And while Black Adam isn’t as fast as Superman, who has the ability to come close to the Flash’s speed, his magical capabilities can harm and even beat the Man of Steel.


Shazam and Black Adam have always been at odds, and he is considered one of Shazam’s greatest enemies. That’s because Shazam possesses the powers that Black Adam used to have. Nevertheless, after Black Adam received the powers of the Egyptian gods, he regained abilities that are almost exactly similar to what Shazam has.

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That means that both Shazam and Black Adam are just as strong as one another. The difference here is that Black Adam has been around for thousands of years and has had more experience, and has better feats compared to Shazam.


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Wonder Woman

While Black Adam has the powers of the gods, Wonder Woman has godly blood coursing through her veins because of her relationship with the Greek gods. That means that her powers and abilities are godly in nature.

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In terms of his strength and powers, Black Adam is superior to Wonder Woman. However, Wonder Woman has always been the better fighter and is one of the greatest warriors in the pages of DC. That’s why there were occasions when Wonder Woman was able to defeat Black Adam in the comics despite the antihero’s superiority in his strength and powers.


While it might be true that Black Adam is powerful and has enough strength to give Superman trouble, Darkseid is on an entirely different level. That’s because Darkseid, as a New God, is stronger than Superman himself. 

black adam darkseid

That means that he is also stronger than Black Adam, whose powers and abilities may allow him to match or even defeat the Man of Steel but not a New God like Darkseid, whose abilities are already at a cosmic level. There was a point in the comics where Black Adam seemingly defeated Darkseid. But it was merely an illusion, as we are yet to see how he would be able to fare against one of the strongest villains in DC.

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