How Powerful Is Vampire Messiah Compared to Dracula, Alucard, and Trevor?

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We have seen an entirely new generation of ‘Castlevania’ characters as ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ allowed us to see a new Belmont taking on vampires with the help of his new allies. Of course, the problem here is that he is set to take on one of the strongest vampires we’ve seen in the ‘Castlevania’ series as the Vampire Messiah came to usher in an era of darkness for the vampires. So, just how powerful is the Vampire Messiah?

  • Article breakdown:
  • The Vampire Messiah, Erzsebet Bathory, possesses the powers of a god because she drank the blood of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war.
  • It is likely that Bathory is now stronger than Dracula ever was, making her stronger than Alucard, Trevor Belmont, or any other ‘Castlevania’ character.

Erzsebet Bathory has godlike powers

The earlier part of ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ allowed us to see a powerful vampire defeating and killing Richter Belmont’s mother after a tough fight between the two. Olrox, who is an ancient Aztec vampire, could transform into a dragon and was strong enough to kill a powerful Belmont. But while Olrox was powerful, there was another character who had powers that were beyond his.

As the storyline progressed, an adult Richter heard about the existence of the Vampire Messiah from low-level vampires. He learned more about this mysterious Vampire Messiah from Annette, who knew the name of this upcoming threat from the vision of her high priestess. This vampire, Erzsebet Bathory, was looking to rule the entire world. But she first needed to start in the Old World.

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Erzsebet Bathory once resided in Russia, where Tera encountered her after the vampire sent her minions to kill Tera’s Speaker caravan. Tera had to flee her darkness, and that was how she ended up in France, where she thought she was safe from Bathory’s evil presence. But Bathory’s power only grew more and more as she eventually decided to expand her hold by conquering different European cities one by one.

Bathory’s power was so great that she convinced different vampire lords and even human nobles to become subservient to her. This allowed her to conquer a large part of Europe as the different vampires and human leaders of the different cities became loyal subjects of the Vampire Messiah. And the reason why she was able to command the loyalty of her subjects was the fact that she was basically like a god.


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The truth was that Erzsebet was once not unlike most vampires. She was older than most of her kind but became extremely powerful after drinking the blood of the Egyptian goddess of war, Sekhmet. This allowed her to obtain godlike powers that ultimately made her feel like a god among her people. And there was a good reason why she saw herself as a god.

Erzsebet’s powers were so great that she had gravity-like powers that were so strong that she could create an eclipse to block out the sun. This allowed her to plunge the entire world into darkness so that her vampires could walk outside without ever fearing getting burned by the sun. And in doing so, she could transform into her deadly lioness form, which mirrored Sekhmet’s appearance.

bathory gravity

Her power became so great that Erzsebet could strike fear into Richter Belmont’s and his allies’ hearts. The moment Bathory arrived, Richter could feel her evil power as he had to halt due to the immense aura from the Vampire Messiah. He was right to fear her.

Erzsebet seemingly had command over gravity because she could repel attacks without doing anything. The energy coming from her body was strong enough to gravitationally repel any attack. On top of that, she could actually suck Richter’s blue flames, which were powerful enough to burn any vampire into dust, without even feeling the effects of this attack.

Of course, it goes without saying that she is so powerful that she could create an eclipse using her powers. She likely pulled the moon directly over the sun to plunge the world into darkness. And this is why she has godlike powers that even Olrox feared despite his overwhelming power.

How Bathory compares to Dracula, Alucard, and Trevor

We know that Erzsebet Bathory is powerful and has godlike abilities that make it almost impossible for the likes of Richter, Maria, and Tera to defeat. But how does she compare to the likes of Dracula, Alucard, and Trevor?

For one thing, we know that Dracula was the king of all vampires and the unquestioned leader long ago. He was the strongest vampire of his kind and was so strong that no other vampire would dare to challenge his authority and power in a straight-up fight. Dracula’s physical abilities far surpassed any other vampire in history.


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On top of that, due to his long lifespan and curiosity for knowledge, Dracula was able to learn a wide variety of magical spells, as such powers allowed him to control the very elements. He could conjure up gigantic fireballs and even transform his entire body into flames. Dracula was also an excellent hand-to-hand fighter.

In many ways, Dracula should be stronger than Bathory regarding their vampire abilities. After all, if Bathory was originally stronger than Dracula, she should have been the leader of their kind instead of him.

However, Erzsebet became stronger than Dracula after drinking the blood of Sekhmet. This allowed her to gain powers and abilities superior to the man once called the strongest vampire in history.

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Of course, considering that Erzsebet is stronger than Dracula, it goes without saying that she is also stronger than Alucard or even Trevor Belmont, who doesn’t even possess the magical abilities that the other Belmonts have. Alucard was able to fight Dracula on par centuries ago, but he wasn’t strong enough to defeat his father if Dracula didn’t allow himself to be killed. On top of that, Alucard had help from Trevor and Sypha.

In other words, Alucard or Trevor should be no match for Erzsebet. It is possible that Alucard could put up a good fight against her because he is the closest thing to Dracula in terms of his power. Several centuries also allowed him to become stronger than he was when he first fought his father. However, he would have to need help from Richter, Maria, and their other allies if he wanted to become strong enough to defeat the godlike powers of Erzsebet Bathory.

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