Who Is the Vampire Messiah in ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ & How Powerful Is She?


‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ continues the ‘Castlevania’ animated series with an entirely new generation of characters who are now seeking to prevent the rise of vampires. Of course, while hunting regular vampires wasn’t too difficult for our new Belmont named Richter, things became troublesome when the vampires rallied around a powerful new leader they called the Vampire Messiah. So, who is the Vampire Messiah, and how powerful is she?

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  • The so-called Vampire Messiah is Erzsebet Bathory, who believes that she is a god and is the personification of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. 
  • Bathory is so powerful that she seems to be able to control gravity, as this allows her to create an eclipse and repel any kind of attack.

Erzsebet Bathory’s background explained

Throughout the entire storyline of the ‘Castlevania’ series, one of the things that was clear was that there were a lot of different vampires living in different parts of the world. Of course, we met Dracula in the earlier ‘Castlevania’ shows. But we know that Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard had already killed Dracula.

Nevertheless, the new generation of characters in ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ are faced with a new and powerful enemy who proves to them that they have their hands full. In the first episode, Richter Belmont learned that the vampires were now rallying behind a new leader looking to usher in a golden age for the vampires of the world. They called this person the Vampire Messiah.

vampire messiah

The Vampire Messiah, of course, was actually a very powerful vampire who had become so powerful that she dreamed of taking over Europe. We learned in the second episode that this Vampire Messiah was a female vampire named Erzsebet Bathory. Tera, who used to live in Russia as part of a traveling group of Speakers, was one of the first people who met her and lived to tell the tale.

Back when Tera was younger, she lived in Russia, which Erzsebet Bathory had already taken over. Before they started calling her that, the Vampire Messiah attacked Tera’s people and kidnapped her sister. Tera killed her sister after she learned she had been turned into a vampire. After that, she fled to France to escape Bathory’s evil.

Nevertheless, Bathory yearned to conquer Europe and, eventually, the entire world. Her arrival as the Vampire Messiah who was supposed to conquer the Old World had been seen by a powerful priestess named Cecile, who sent Annette and Edouard to help Richter fight this great evil in Europe.


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The reason why she was so confident that she could conquer Europe was the fact that she drank the blood of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. In that regard, she became a goddess herself and acquired the power of the Egyptian goddess of war. This allowed her to become powerful enough to earn the loyalty of all vampires in the world, save for a few.

Erzsebet initially sent her faithful herald and servant, Drolta, to France so that she could gather all of the different vampires who had decided to pledge their allegiance to her. Bathory also secured the loyalty of the Abbot and his night creatures. On top of that, the nobles of France also pledged their allegiance to her because she needed their help to control the civilians and crush the revolution.

bathory gravity

Upon Erzsebet’s arrival, she gathered all of her followers and promised to “eat the sun” and plunge the entire world into darkness so that her kind would no longer fear the light of day. This led to a skirmish between her and Richter’s group, only for Erzsebet to completely dominate them without any effort whatsoever.

Bathory eventually turns Tera into a vampire after the Speaker sorceress decides to give herself to the Vampire Messiah in place of her daughter, Maria. This action defeated Richter’s group and forced them to flee. As such, Bathory proved too powerful for the main characters to defeat or touch.

How powerful is the Vampire Messiah?

As mentioned, Erzsebet Bathory drank the blood of Sekhmet and became the very personification of the Egyptian goddess of war on the planet. This gave her powers that were beyond imagination. As such, she became the most powerful vampire on the planet, arguably more powerful than any other vampire to ever walk the planet.

Erzsebet claimed she could block the entire sun and plunge the world into darkness. She created an eclipse, as she seemingly had power over gravitational pull. After plunging the world into darkness, she transformed into a vampire hybrid of the Egyptian goddess herself, allowing her to become even more powerful than she ever was.

sekhmet bathory

Upon her arrival in the abbey, Erzsebet’s presence halted Richter and his allies as they could feel her evil aura. She was so powerful that she didn’t even have to do anything to strike fear into the hearts of characters who kill vampires regularly. And while Richter was afraid of her, he still tried his best to halt her advance but to no avail.


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Erzsebet proved to be too powerful for any of the heroes that none of their attacks worked on her. In fact, she didn’t even have to do anything to repel the attacks of Richter and his allies because she had an aura that instantly pushed back any attack using something similar to gravity.

Olrox, a powerful vampire that could transform into a godlike dragon, admitted that he didn’t have the power to stop Erzsebet. This means that there is no doubt that Bathory was the strongest vampire in the world during that era. And she is likely far more powerful than even Alucard himself, who was strong enough to fight his father Dracula on par.

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