How Tall Is Thorkell in Vinland Saga? (Inches & Cm)

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The Vinland Saga manga and anime series feature numerous powerful characters, but a few of them really stand out among the rest – literally. Thorkell has gained quite a lot of attention for his strength and towering stature, and many fans still wonder exactly how tall Thorkell is in Vinland Saga as a result.

Thorkell is 230cm tall, which amounts to 7’7” in height. Also known as “Thorkel the Tall”, this antagonistic Viking giant uses his height, endurance, speed, and strength to launch rocks and logs at his enemies from afar, topped with the use of his poleaxes.

Although Thorkell often makes an easy target due to his towering physique, he manages to withstand various attacks from just about everyone he encounters. Stick around to find out more about Thorkell, how tall he really is, as well as how Thorkell uses his superior height to tackle his opponents.

“Thorkell the Tall” in Vinland Saga

Thorkell, also known as “Thorkell the Tall” in Vinland Saga, is a 50-year-old former Jomsviking commander and is currently a commander serving under Canute. Thorkell initially fought for the Danes his entire life, up until he switched sides in order to fight for the English during 1013 – primarily since he felt it would be a more interesting experience.

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In addition to having a large frame, Thorkell is also pretty built and muscular overall, covered in scars from his various battles. Thorkell generally wears a bandana on his head, and he has blonde spiky hair with a small beard – although, his hair would become curly after being burned alive in the year 1019.

He also loses the tips of his right ring and pinky finger in his first battle with Thorfinn, after which he lost his left eye in their second confrontation. Due to these wounds, Thorkell begins wearing an eyepatch.

thorkell injured

He is the brother of Sigvaldi, the Jomsvikings chief, uncle of Helga, uncle-in-law of Thors, great uncle of Ylva and Thorfinn, and father of Cordelia (Halvar). Due to Thorkell switching sides, as well as his various other actions, Thorkell is seen as the main antagonist in Vinland Saga’s War Arc.

Around the year 987, Thorkell does not have as much muscle mass compared to Vinland Saga’s present day, and he changes the way he uses his weapons over time as well. He starts off using two hands to wield one two-handed poleaxe, after which he begins using his iconic combination of two two-handed poleaxes.

How Tall is Thorkell in Vinland Saga?

Thorkell gained his nickname for a reason, as he is an extremely tall man. He towers over everyone he meets through the Vinland Saga storyline, and he usually stands a full head and shoulders high above everyone else.


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He weighs a whopping 397 lbs and is 230cm tall, which equates to around 7 feet and 7 inches in height – impressive in any day and age, let alone during a time when food and nourishment were scarce. This is an insanely staggering height to flaunt in battle, a huge contributing factor as to why Thorkell is considered one of the strongest Vikings alive.

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Combined with Thorkel’s colossal strength, his height can be used to his advantage in battle – despite the fact that Thorkel can’t really evade attacks with stealth tactics. When he isn’t unleashing a world of hurt using his poleaxes, this Viking giant can use his long arms to launch rocks, logs, and axes at his enemies.

That’s everything there is to know about Thorkell and his height in Vinland Saga, with images thanks to the Vinland Saga Wiki. Considering this character’s physical attributes and enormous strength, he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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