How To Find & Collect The Ragged Armor Set In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a game that’s full of different equipment that you can collect throughout your entire playthrough. Some of these things stand out from the rest of the pack in terms of their overall appearance and effects. One such piece of equipment that people may want to collect is the Ragged Armor set. So, how do you obtain the Ragged Armor set in Elden Ring, especially if you want to add it to your collection?

You can no longer acquire the Ragged Armor in Elden Ring. After the developers released patch 1.03, players were no longer able to acquire the Ragged Armor set in the game. Those who collected the armor set before the patch will no longer see it in their inventory because it has been removed from the game.

Like a lot of different games, Elden Ring releases different updates that are there to make sure that the game is balanced enough and that the bugs in the game are fixed. That said, while not necessarily a bug, the Ragged Armor set was one of the items that were removed from the game in the most recent patch. With that said, let’s get to know why it was removed.

What Is The Ragged Armor?

Like a lot of different open-world games, Elden Ring is full of different equipment that the player can choose from so long as they know where to find the pieces of equipment that they want to use. Of course, due to its medieval style of environment, Elden Ring lets you equip different types of armor that will change your appearance while also adding to your stats, depending on the type of armor you want to use.

That said, there are plenty of different armor sets that different people tend to favor over other armor. Of course, that’s because the player’s aesthetics also matter, especially because any player would want to kill monsters (or die) in style. This is why the armor that you wear matters, especially when it comes to keeping yourself protected while looking good while you’re trying to beat those demigods.

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The Ragged Armor set used to be one of the armor sets that people loved. That’s because this armor set allows you to look like a battle-worn warrior who has been through a lot of battles, which is most likely the case in Elden Ring. But what is the Ragged Armor set?

Basically, the Ragged Armor set is like any other armor set in the sense that it is an entire set that you need to complete by wearing the helmet, chest armor, gauntlets, and boots. The armor is on the lighter side because its total weight is only around 18.5. Meanwhile, its defense stats are not too impressive but are already more than enough for any Elden Ring player, considering that this game is more of learning how to avoid attacks than getting hit.

Nevertheless, the Ragged Armor set used to be a favorite among different players because of its aesthetic appeal. A lot of armor sets tend to make a player look heavy or too bulky, but the Ragged Armor set allows you to look like a light-footed warrior whose armor has seen plenty of battles already.

Here are the stats of the Ragged Armor set:

Damage Negation

  • Physical: 18.9
  • VS Strike: 20.6
  • VS Slash: 18.9
  • VS Pierce: 18.9
  • Magic: 22.2
  • Fire: 23.4
  • Light: 24.6
  • Holy: 22.2


  • Immunity: 144
  • Robustness: 92
  • Vitality: 121

How To Find The Ragged Armor Set In Elden Ring?

When you want to get different types of armor sets in Elden Ring, their locations tend to vary depending on the type of armor. Some of the more advanced armor sets don’t have a specific location because you need to buy them in Enia in the Roundtable Hold after defeating the boss that holds that armor set.

Meanwhile, there are also armor sets that you need to specifically loot from the body of the person wearing it. For example, you can only get D’s Twin Armor after he dies in Fia’s hands in the Roundtable Hold. So, in that regard, where can you find the Ragged Armor set in Elden Ring?

Unfortunately, it was never clear where a player could get the Ragged Armor set in Elden Ring, considering that this armor set didn’t have a specific location. And you’ll understand why the Ragged Armor set doesn’t have a specific location.

How To Collect The Ragged Armor Set In Elden Ring?

The reason why the Ragged Armor set doesn’t have a specific location where you can get it is the fact that it no longer exists in the game. Yes, that’s right. You can no longer get the Ragged Armor set, even if you do want to get it.

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In the most recent 1.03 update of Elden Ring, the developers removed the Ragged Armor set from the game, and that means that you can no longer obtain it. Even the players who may have obtained it in the past and had the armor set in their inventory would no longer have it. In a sense, the entire armor set was removed from the game entirely.

Why Was The Ragged Armor Removed?

As mentioned, the Ragged Armor set in Elden Ring has been removed by the developers in the most recent 1.03 update. You can no longer obtain the set, and the individual pieces that may be in a player’s inventory have also been removed. But why was the Ragged Armor set removed?

The reason why the Ragged Armor set was removed is that it was never intended to be in the game. It was probably added to the final touches of the game by mistake but was never intended to be in the release version of Elden Ring. In that regard, it has since been removed by the developers.

However, if you want an armor set that is similar to the Ragged Armor in terms of its overall appearance, the Ronin Armor set hits the spot the right way and may even be a lot cooler than the Ragged Armor. You can get this armor by finishing Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s questline in the game.

Of course, there is also a good chance that the Ragged Armor may see a return to Elden Ring in the future. It could be possible that this armor set was only removed now because the developers didn’t intend for it to be included in the initial release version of the game.

It might be possible that the armor set will be added to the game sometime in the future in some sort of a questline or from an enemy that you need to defeat. Whatever the case may be, let’s just hope that we get to see the return of this armor set in the future because there are some players who actually prefer its look over other armor sets in the game.

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