How to Get a Birthday Cake in The Sims 4? The Complete Guide

sims 4 birthday cake party

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Although sims do not physically age over time, they can still have birthdays to represent their ages. Getting your hands on a birthday cake in the Sims 4 is the best way to start throwing a birthday party, but it can be tricky without the right methods.

Players need to bake a birthday cake manually in Sims 4, choosing from various cake options depending on the cooking level. From there, players will need to place the cake on a surface to add candles, after which it becomes a birthday cake.

Sims are incredibly social creatures – they absolutely love to host fun and colorful parties! Thankfully, getting hold of a birthday cake in the Sims 4 can be pretty easy with the right steps. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about birthday cakes and birthday parties in the Sims 4, as well as how you could have your very own birthday celebration.

How Do You Celebrate A Birthday In Sims 4?

Sims do not age the same way that people do in real life, but they can still acknowledge their growth with birthday celebrations in some cases. Birthday cakes are included in some Sims installations, namely The Sims: House Party and The Sims 2, 3, and 4.

A birthday cake is used to celebrate a sim’s birthday, indicating that they are aging up to the next life stage. According to the Sims Wiki:

“As there is no aging in The Sims, the birthday cake is little more than buyable food from buy mode. Sims can be instructed to blow out the candles, in which all playable Sims on the lot (excluding visitors) will put on party hats, gather around the cake and celebrate, blowing through party horns and rattling noisemakers.”

This is how sims throw a birthday party in the Sims 4, but players will only have 2 in-game hours to enjoy their birthday celebration. The candles will only stay lit for 2 sim hours, after which the birthday sim will no longer be able to blow out candles or host birthday parties.

sims 4 birthday cake

Other than the specific timeframe for lit candles, the birthday cake itself needs to be placed on a table or surface like a countertop for it to work. It will likely not function as a birthday cake should when it’s placed on the ground, as players will not be able to light candles or blow out candles in these cases – fair enough.

The “birthday Sim” will then bend down and blow out the candles, and will take the first slice of cake. Once the first slice is taken, other Sims can go in and grab a slice for themselves.”

The life stage of a sim will also affect how each sim celebrates a birthday. Teens, young adults, and adults will be able to blow out candles on their own.


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However, toddlers will need to be carried to the cake by an older sim before they can blow out their candles. Much like other Sims installations, elderly sims cannot be aged up using birthday cakes and birthday celebrations.

The party hats and costumes will be removed once the interaction is cancelled or is completed. After the initial celebration, Sims can still eat the leftover pieces of cake, but will not wear a party hat.

After the birthday sim blows out the candles, the cake will become just a regular cake. The cake will still be edible for as long as it’s fresh, but it will spoil just like any other food item in-game if it’s left out for too long.

Where Do You Get The Birthday Cake In Sims?

The birthday cake in Sims 4 must be crafted by the player – it is not a purchasable item. The birthday cake will need to be baked manually by the sims, and the type of birthday cake the player can bake will depend on the sim’s cooking level.

Bake A Cake

Sims will generally have the choice to bake either a white chocolate cake or a classic chocolate cake. Players could also create a blue confetti cake or a strawberry cake if the cooking level allows it.

Black and white cakes and SimCity cheesecakes from the gourmet cooking skill may also be used as birthday cakes. With the Up All Night digital content installed, players could also bake a Hamburger cake as well.

Add Birthday Candles

Essentially, any cake can become a birthday cake with the right trimmings. All players need to do is add candles, after which they will be able to throw their sim’s birthday celebration.

sims 4 birthday cake candles

After baking a cake and placing it on a counter or table, players will need to click on the cake and select “add birthday candles”. Your sim will then add the candles, granted that they’re at least a teenager.

It’s worth noting that many players have experienced an issue with this particular step in some cases, where adding candles seemed to be impossible. The bug generally occurred when players baked a cake in a group or when mods were used. But, this bug seems to have been fixed in Patch 1.82.99/1.50.

Why Can’t I Buy A Birthday Cake In The Sims 4?

Getting hold of a birthday cake in the Sims 4 differs slightly from other installations. For example, many Sims installations featured buyable birthday cakes, where the birthday cakes could simply be bought within the buy mode. This was possible in Sims installations such as Sims 2 and 3.

However, as of Sims 4, the birthday cake is no longer a buyable item. Players will need to create their own birthday cakes if they wish to throw birthday parties in the Sims 4.

That being said, players who own the Dine Out game pack do have the option to buy a birthday cake in the Sims 4. In these cases, they will be able to go to a restaurant and order a birthday cake for almost instant delivery by clicking on their allocated table.

How Do You Get The Caterer To Bake A Birthday Cake?

Many people have opted to throw more lavish birthday parties in the Sims 4 by renting a venue and even hiring a caterer. But, quite a few players have found some issues with having a caterer at their birthday parties – as, they may not always make a birthday cake.

To be honest, caterers are generally more ideal for food and overall feel at a party – they don’t take requests and may not be easy to work with. In some cases, the caterer may end up baking a cake on their own, after which you should be able to add candles.


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But, the odds of this happening are quite flimsy, and the caterer may never make a cake. This isn’t great, as it isn’t really a birthday party without a birthday cake! In most cases, Sims 4 players choose to bake their own cakes and bring them along to the venue or have a sim bake a cake during the party.

Although players were able to buy a birthday cake in previous Sims installations, baking a custom birthday cake and adding all the trimmings just feels more realistic and memorable. Grind out your cooking skills as much as possible to ensure you get top-notch cakes at each of your sim’s birthday parties!

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