How to Get Glow Berries in Minecraft? (Grow & Use Them)

How to Get Glow Berries in Minecraft? (Grow & Use Them)

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Glow Berries are food items in Minecraft, but unlike other food or sweet berries, glow Berries also have multiple unique traits. They were introduced into the game as part of the Minecraft 1.17 patch update, and for Gardeners and fox breeders, these berries have greatly improved the way they play the game and their productivity level in that respect. However, there is one big problem with these berries, and that’s the fact that they are rare, so how do I get glow Berries in Minecraft?

Glow Berries spawn naturally inside a “Lush cave” in Minecraft. The Lush cave biome was also part of the 1.17 update, but it became more abundant in the 1.18 cave and cliff update. After finding the glow berries, simply break the Vines and pick up the berries to add them to your inventory.

Minecraft was released over a decade ago, but the game remains strong and the developers continue to update and patch it to improve its functionality. The Cave and Cliffs update was one of Minecraft’s most massive patches, which introduced more blocks, enemies, food items, and biomes. From these biomes, we also got to the new Lush Cave biomes which are home to the lush caves, which itself is also home to the Glow Berries.

Just like any other food item, glow berries can be consumed normally by holding the right click button with it in your hand after consumption the player regains hunger points. But unlike other food in Minecraft, glow berries do have other unique traits that make finding the time to get them worthwhile. Although getting these berries can be a bit tricky, especially since biomes randomly spawn in a Minecraft world, with this guide I’ll give you everything you need to know about the Lush cave biomes and glow berries in general.

What Are Glow Berries in Minecraft

How to Get Glow Berries in Minecraft? (Grow & Use Them)

Glow berries are your typical everyday food item in Minecraft but unlike the traditional sweet berries, just as the name suggests, a glow berry can generate a small light source in the area it’s in. They spawn naturally on Vines and can be plucked off the vine by breaking it, but doing that will turn off their glow. It can be used for multiple purposes and eaten to restore some hunger points, however, it doesn’t have any unique effect on your character.

Where to Find Glow Berries in Minecraft

To find glow berries in Minecraft can be a little bit tricky mostly because of where they are located. But currently, there are two main ways to find them easily in the game. The First is to loot the chests in a Mineshaft and the second is to locate their natural spawn location that is the Lush caves.

If you’ve ever gone deep underground, or to an underwater biome, there is a slight chance that you must have seen a Mineshaft. It looks more like an abandoned mine with all the rails and Minecarts around, it is also full of zombies and spiders so make sure you have your food, armor, and sword ready for a massive battle.

Once you defeat the enemies in a Mineshaft, the chests in them will get about a 40% chance of having a glow berry in them, to be honest, compared to other things in Minecraft those odds are pretty good.


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Another alternative for finding glow berries will be to locate the Lush cave biome which is the location for their natural spawn point, “the Lush caves’ ‘. The lush caves were part of the 1.18 cave and Cliffs update in Minecraft, and you can find them by searching underground. You can also locate their biome by searching for an Azalea tree, which is a marker for the Lush cave biome.

Finding an Azalea tree can give you a general idea of where your digging point should start from.

How to Get Glow Berries

How to Get Glow Berries in Minecraft? (Grow & Use Them)

To get a Glow Berry from its vine in Minecraft, just follow these easy steps.

Find Glow Berries

First, you need to find the glow berries, they mostly spawn in the Lush caves and are easy to identify because of the natural glow they emit.

Break the Glow Berries

Next, you have to break the vines by right-clicking on them with your hand or a tool like an ax or sword.

Pick up the Glow Berries

Finally, pick up the glow berries by walking over them, this automatically adds them to your inventory.

Can You Get Glow Berries in Survival?

Some items do not exist in both the creative and survival modes in Minecraft, but luckily for us, the glow berries aren’t one of such items. It can be collected naturally in both modes, but unlike the creative mode, players need to work extra hard to get one in survival mode. The same rule also applies to all editions of Minecraft.

Glow Berries can be collected by either using or breaking a cave vine, which will yield one glow berry if the vine has them, but if it doesn’t, then nothing drops. However, in the Bedrock Edition, using a tool with the silk touch Enchantment to break a cave vine will always yield a glow berry regardless of if the vine has anyone or not. But the Fortune Enchantment does not have any effect on the number of glow berries dropped from a vine.

How to Use Glow Berries

How to Get Glow Berries in Minecraft? (Grow & Use Them)

Glow Berries can be used for multiple purposes, which includes;


Although the glow makes it look radioactive or poisonous, it is still a regular food item and can be eaten normally. To eat a glow berry, simply press and hold the action button while the berry is in your hand. Consuming a glow berry restores 2 hunger bars, and 0.4 saturation points, just like its cousin the sweet berries.

Although eating a glow berry does not have any special effect or side effect on your character.


While a glow berry is still on its vines, it gives off a light level of 14 which is a useful light source. You can also be creative and use this feature to your advantage in so many ways. For example, because of the shape of a glow berry, you can use it to light up your house or structures, as some form of decorative or Christmas lights.


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Glow Berries can also be used as compost by placing them into a farm composter. Doing this has a 30% chance of raising the compost level by 1.


You can feed glow berries to foxes as a breeding food item. Both foxes and cats share similar traits and they will run away from the player if they detect sudden movements towards them. So you have to sneak up on them to even have a chance at feeding them with your glow berries.

The resulting baby fox will trust the player and won’t flee. You can as well use the glow berries to reduce the growth time of the baby foxes by 10% if needed.

How to Grow Glow Berries in Minecraft

How to Get Glow Berries in Minecraft? (Grow & Use Them)

The Glow Berry is Minecraft’s first food item that also serves as a light source, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are so rare in the game. Given that the means of finding these berries might not be the quickest and most efficient way, you should make your own Glow Berry farm. Luckily, players can grow a glow berry from the safety of their own home, so just follow these steps to get started.

Step 1

First, you have to find a decent amount of glow berries in your world, you can do this by either checking the chest of a Mineshaft or locating the Lush caves.

Step 2

Once you have the glow berries, you have to create the setup on which they will grow from. To do this, you have to place blocks at least 2 to 26 blocks gap from the ground so that there is enough air underneath them.

Step 3

Next place the glow berries underneath the blocks. Once the glow berries are placed correctly, it turns into a cave vine which grows into a glow berry as the game progresses.

Step 4

You can accelerate the growth process by using bone meal on the vine.

Bear in mind that glow berries don’t need water or a water source nearby before they can grow, nor do they need special placements. Also, only one in nine cave vines will yield glow berries so don’t forget to plant a lot of them to increase your chances.

How Long Does It Take for Glow Berries to Grow

How to Get Glow Berries in Minecraft? (Grow & Use Them)

Although there is no specific timer on how long a glow berry grows, you can accelerate the process by using bone meal on the vines.

Do Glow Berries Grow on Their Own

Glow Berries naturally grow on their own in Lush caves. They also have an 11% chance of growing organically when the vines grow down.

Can You Eat Glow Berries in Minecraft

Regardless of their nature, glow berries are just another food item in Minecraft, and they can be eaten naturally just like sweet berries.

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