25 Best Minecraft Food Recipes

25 Best Minecraft Food Recipes

Minecraft’s food recipes are the most important thing a player needs to know in order to survive. Similar to the real world, a player in Minecraft requires food for survival. Picking up the right recipe is essential to gain maximum strength and health.

There are over 40 different food items available and selecting the best food items is vital for survival. In this article, I have accumulated the best recipes in Minecraft that will keep you going. Also, there are ways to craft the food and required items to cook it. Let’s get into the list and find out the best Minecraft food recipes.

1.      Cooked Chicken

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Chickens can be found almost anywhere, but they are most commonly found in jungles. Additionally, they lay eggs that can be brought into an enclosure, making them very easy to breed and a great source of food for the game. They can be used as cheap chicken farms since they are only dependent on seeds. Cooked chicken can also be used to breed and heal your pet wolf!

How to get cooked chicken?

  • When you find a chicken in the wild, you can use its eggs as breeding material or kill it for raw chicken meat.
  • The raw chicken can be cooked with any fuel available, such as a furnace, a smoker, or a campfire.
  • You can also obtain cooked chicken by burning a chicken.
  • Alternatively, you could trade with a butcher villager who is an apprentice. For an emerald, they might sell 8 cooked chickens.

2.     Bread

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Despite being highly overlooked, this food source may just be the most efficient of all!

If the bread has lower food and saturation points, you may be wondering why it came in higher on this list. It’s easy to obtain and highly convenient. You can make some nice stackable hay bales out of wheat with only three pieces, perfect for long-distance adventures when you don’t have access to other food sources.

How to get Bread in Minecraft?

  • A staple crop like wheat is the best way to provide bread for your farm. Afterward, plant the seeds (mostly found in villages) and harvest the fully grown crop.
  • TIP: If you have torches around your plants at night, they will grow faster.
  • To make bread, craft three pieces of wheat once harvested. You can also make hay bales from wheat, a compact food source for bread.
  • Bread can also be obtained by trading with villager farmers.

3.     Golden Carrot

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Only food which regenerates a player’s health regardless of their hunger status.

Even though Golden Carrots restore only a small amount of food points, they compensate for this by having the highest saturation points of any food, so it’s best to eat them when the hunger bar is at the highest level. The price is a bit high for a consistent supply of food, but they are definitely cheaper than golden apples. Additionally, they can be used to make potions of night vision.

How to Get Golden Carrot in Minecraft?

  • To craft a Golden Carrot, using a crafting table, you will need a normal carrot and 8 gold nuggets (can be obtained from only a single piece of gold ingot).
  • They can also be traded from master-level farmer villagers selling 3 golden carrots for 3 emeralds.
  • Golden carrots can also be used to tame, breed, grow and heal your pet horse, donkey, or mule as well as breed, lead and grow rabbits.

4.     Steak

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Wheat can be used to attract cows for breeding and supply steaks easily.

The fact that steak in this list provides the exact same nutrients as cooked porkchop provides the same value for food and absorption, but it is ranked higher because cows are more versatile than pigs, since they provide milk (by using an iron bucket) and leather. They can be lured and bred using wheat as well.

How to get Steak in Minecraft?

  • Why are you still here if you don’t know how to cook meat?
  • In a furnace, smoker, or campfire, you can prepare steak only by using raw beef from cows (or mushrooms).
  • The butcher villagers are another source of steak.
  • Your trustee flaming sword or by killing cows or mushrooms with fire is the fastest and easiest way to get them.


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5.     Golden Apple

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

It is a handy food item to have when traveling to more dangerous places!

While golden apples restore only 2 hunger levels and a good amount of saturation, you can use them for adventuring purposes as they grant status effects such as Regeneration II for 5 seconds and Absorption for 2 minutes.

How to Get Golden Apple?

  • Create a golden apple with an apple and 8 gold ingots. When you have a few extra gold lying around, it’s a great item to craft.
  • In dungeons, mineshafts, igloos, strongholds, underwater ruins, desert pyramids, or woodland mansions, golden apples can also be found.

6.     Cooked Salmon

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

If you live near an ocean or river, this is your go-to meal.

It is rarer than the usual cod, but it restores more hunger levels and saturation points than the usual cod. When you build your base near bodies of water, you might have an easier time finding them since you don’t need a boat and have a great source of food.

How to Get Cooked Salmon?

  • Salmon spawn in groups of 3-5 at a distance of 12-32 blocks from the player underwater and prefer cold, frozen water or rivers or frozen rivers.
  • It can be fished with a fishing rod. Raw salmon can be cooked in a furnace, smoker, or campfire with any fuel.
  • You can also trade cooked salmon with a villager who is an apprentice-level Fisherman. Six cooked salmon may be exchanged for six raw salmon and an emerald.
  • Stacks of 2-4 can also be found in 75% of buried treasure chests. Cooking them will probably be easier though.

7.     Cooked Mutton

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

The meal is easily accessible to players and is easy to prepare for the early stages of the game.

You can also find sheep on grass blocks in most Overworld biomes. Shearing them can also provide a good supply of wool, as they are not only good sources of food but also restore a great deal of food and saturation points. Use different colors to dye plain white wool if you’re bored with it!

How to Get Cooked Mutton?

  • You can add sheep to your farm once you find them. Wheat is all they need to breed and grow, so they’re relatively easy to keep.
  • After you have a good number of sheep on your farm, you can now kill them for their raw mutton, leaving some for breeding.
  • You can cook raw mutton using a furnace, smoker, or campfire. Mutton will also be produced from sheep killed in the fire.

8.     Cooked Porkchop

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Among the most nourishing foods and belongs to the Top-Tier Foods!

In the game, it’s one of the best food sources that give high points in food and saturation. Also, pigs are prevalent in all biomes of Overworld, so finding them is not a problem.

Pork breeding makes for a great consistent food supply, and if you’re tired of horses, you can also ride them.

How to Get Cooked Porkchop?

  • Cooked porkchop is made by heating raw porkchop dropped by pigs in a furnace, smoker, or campfire using whatever fuel is available.
  • You may not know that you can also kill pigs with flaming swords or arrows for them? By enchanting your weapon with Fire Aspect/Flame, you will also be able to collect quicker.
  • Keeping pigs is also a great way to maintain your meat supply. Carrots, potatoes, or beets are necessary. When you’re farther away from places that grow carrots and potatoes, this may be more difficult.

9.     Rabbit Stew

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Rabbit stew makes for the most nutritious food item in the game, with the highest “effective quality” points, even though it might hurt your soul a little to kill one of the cutest animals (that you can also keep as pets). It is best to cook this when you have two or more farms at your disposal and are in the mid to higher game levels.

How to Get Rabbit Stew?

  • The ingredients you will need to cook or craft rabbit stew include cooked rabbit, carrot, baked potato, any mushroom, and a bowl (you may also use the bowl later for mushroom stew or beetroot stew) and craft it using a crafting table.
  • Additionally, novice-level butcher villagers will always sell rabbit stew for one emerald.

10.  Enchanted Golden Apple

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

They developed Enchanted Golden Apples after the 1.9 updates and they were able to craft them from gold blocks with just 8 gold blocks. A bite of these apples would grant these amazing buffs, making you feel invincible.

Therefore, they removed them making them uncreatable and harder to find.

Then you’ll need to eat them before facing the game’s most dangerous monsters and obstacles.

How to Get Enchanted Golden Apple?

  • If you wish to try your luck, the only place to find an Enchanted Golden Apple is in mineshafts, woodland mansions, desert pyramids, or dungeons.
  • In two minutes, a golden apple will provide Absorption IV, Regeneration II, Fire Resistance I, and Resistance I, which provides healing for eight hearts or sixteen points of damage.

11.  Baked Potatoes

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Baked potatoes are one of the best Minecraft foods. Although they do not give you as many hunger pangs or saturation points as other foods in-game, it is their attainability that makes them a good food source.

It’s easy to set up a potato farm, and you’ll get a lot of food from it. From one plant, you usually get 3 to 5 potatoes. Therefore, you can cook quite a lot of baked potatoes in one harvest.

How to get baked potatoes?

  • It is possible to cook potatoes over a campfire, a furnace, or a smoker to obtain baked potatoes.
  • It is also possible to obtain baked potatoes by killing a zombie or one of its variants while it is on fire. [Java Edition only] Looting still affects the drop probability.


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12.  Honey Bottle

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

A honey bottle is one of the most underrated foods in Minecraft, as it clears poison effects upon consumption. You can remove the poison if you are fighting cave spiders while mining in the caves.

How To Get Honey Bottle?

  • If the honey level of a hive or a nest is 5, you can obtain a honey bottle by using a glass bottle. If a campfire or another fire block is beneath the nest or hive, this will cause any bees inside to attack the player.
  • Honey can be collected in glass bottles without angering the bees by using a dispenser. Inventory of the dispenser includes an item called honey. Honey bottles are ejected from the dispenser when it’s full.

13.  Pumpkin Pie

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

The food still provides excellent nutrition, even though its saturation points are not as high. It is easy to find all the ingredients for this recipe. As well, three farms can be automated: sugar cane, pumpkin, and egg farms. 

How to get pumpkin pie in Minecraft?

  • Pumpkin Pie can be obtained by crafting or trading both.

14.  Cake

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

The cake is another great treat for your player. Each cake contains X14 meatsticks. According to the Hunger Bar, that is the 3rd best food. Additionally, the ingredients are easy to find. 

A con, however, is that it’s not the best at filling saturation bars! However, sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself!

How to get Cake in Minecraft?

  • Cakes are created using a crafted menu.  In a 3×3 crafting grid, place 3 milk, 2 sugar, 1 egg, and 3 kinds of wheat to make a cake.

15.  Cooked Cod

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Cooked cod is another great fish. It’s not as filling as salmon, but it’s easier to get, but you’ll need to do a few things. You must first find an ocean temple and kill the elder guardians. You can then get lots of cod by building a guardian farm.

How to get Cooked Cod?

  • Mob Loot

Guardians and elder guardians

Guardians and elder guardians have a 40% and 50% chance to drop raw cod when killed. A guardian/elder guardian drops cooked cod if killed while on fire.‌[Java Edition only]

  • Cod mobs

Cod always drops 1 raw cod when killed. If it is killed on fire, it drops cooked cod instead.

  • Dolphins

When killed, dolphins drop 0–1 cooked cod if killed while on fire. The maximum amount is increased by 1 per level of Looting, for a maximum of 0-4 with Looting III.

16.  Beetroot Soup

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Beetroot soup is another bowl of food you can eat. The soup fills your stomach just as much as the mushroom stew, but it is much easier to get. Creating a large farm will only require a few beetroot seeds.

Beetroot soup requires six beetroots in one bowl, so it needs to be big.

How to get Beetroot Soup?

  • One bowl and six beetroots. To make the beetroot soup, place these items on the crafting table.

17.  Chorus Fruit

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

You might think I’m joking with you, right? Does a food item that fills so little have any value? Here is what I mean.

The best food item in Minecraft, in my opinion! This is because chorus fruit has a unique characteristic that no other food has, except for golden apples.

Moreover, the hunger bar can be filled by eating it! What is the significance of this? Because your saturation bar can be filled! If you do this, your stomach will stay full, and you won’t need to eat again for a while.

Additionally, it’s easier to grow than golden apples, so it’s more accessible.

How to get Chorus Fruit?

  • By breaking chorus plant blocks, chorus fruit can be obtained.
  • A chorus fruit drops from each block of the chorus plant 50% of the time. 

18.  Milk

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

You can make many different food items, including milk. Baking recipes call for milk, which is also used to remove potions’ effects.

How to get milk?

  • The cake is another great treat for your player. If you eat an entire cake, you’ll get X14 meatsticks. According to the Hunger Bar, that is the 3rd best food. Additionally, the ingredients are easy to find. 
  • A con, however, is that it’s not the best at filling saturation bars! However, sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself!

19.   Potato

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Potatoes are food items that cannot be made with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you need to find and gather this item in the game.

How to get Potato?

  • Take the potato to the farm in the village.

20.   Dried Kelp

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

It is possible for the player to consume dried kelp very quickly. You can also craft dried kelp blocks from it.

How to get Dried Kelp in Minecraft?

  • Dried Kelp can be obtained by cooking and crafting.

21.   Glow Berries

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Caves are easier to navigate when berries emit light. The Hunger Bar (sometimes called the Food Bar) can also be replenished by eating glowberries. Each one consumed replenishes one drumstick.

How to get Glow Berries?

  • Glow berries are found in cave biomes and lush green biomes in Minecraft.

22.  Tropical Fish

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Tropical fish is a delicious meal and provides sufficient strength and health points to the player.

How to get tropical fish?

  • Tropical fish are obtained by fishing in the water bodies with the help of fishing rods.

23.  Puffer Fish

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Eating puffer fish can give effects of Nausea, hunger, and Poison.

How to get puffer fish?

  • Pufferfish are obtained from fishing.


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24.  Pumpkin Seeds

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

Pumpkin seeds are useful as they can be used for planting pumpkin crops.

How to get Pumpkin Seeds in Minecraft?

  • Pumpkin seeds are one of the easiest items to produce in Minecraft. They can be crafted on the crafting table.

25.  Suspicious Stew

25 best Minecraft Food Recipes in 2021

You can get a status effect as well as a food meter refill when you eat suspicious stew. As a result of the flower used in the suspicious stew, the status effect will vary.

How to get suspicious stew?

  • With the help of many flowers available, it can craft on the crafting table.
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