How To Get Minecraft Capes & Use Them (Free And Paid)

How To Get Minecraft Capes & Use Them (Free And Paid)

Are you curious about what Minecraft capes are? Well, you should be. That’s because Minecraft capes are the rarest cosmetic items that you can use for specific purposes. Minecraft capes are like protective skin coverings that make your survival chances even more in your Minecraft gameplay. You can alter the appearance of your Minecraft Elytra with these capes. But, how would you get and use Minecraft capes?

You can get Minecraft capes by using a Minecraft mod (Advanced cape mod or Optifine mod), migration (from Minecraft Edition to Microsoft account), attending Minecon events, and purchasing Minecraft Skins. These methods will help you get free as well as paid Minecraft capes. Using a Minecraft cape requires you to go to the game menu and use the Cape Editor Button to run this feature on your gameplay. 

There are tons of capes in Minecraft that you can get for improving your game performance. You can fulfill your wish to get a Minecraft cape to avail yourself of the wonders of these capes. These capes will help you optimize several game options. You can also customize the Minecraft game with these capes in Minecraft Java Edition. This read has everything that you want to know about Minecraft capes. You will also learn about their acquisition and usage in Minecraft. 

What Are The Capes In Minecraft? 

How To Get Minecraft Capes & Use Them (Free And Paid)

Capes are one of the rarest cosmetic items in Minecraft. Minecraft capes help you to give a better appearance to Minecraft Elytra. Capes symbolize superiority and royalty in Minecraft gameplay. These capes serve no other purpose but have cosmetic purposes. You can wear Minecraft capes as an additional Minecraft skin in your gameplay.

How Do Capes Work? 

Minecraft capes are one of the valuable additions to the Minecraft world. Minecraft capes work in different ways, such as:

  • You can use these capes for your protection. 
  • You can make your survival rate even better with Minecraft capes. 
  • You can wear Minecraft capes to change the appearance of your character. 
  • Minecraft capes are the skin protection coverings for you. 
  • You will wear them as additional skin in your gameplay. 
  • You can use these capes along with the skin packs in Minecraft.
  • Capes usually work as a bragging right for you. 
  • Minecraft capes are the symbol of style and royalty. 

How To Get Minecraft Capes

Minecraft capes are attainable depending on how you play in Minecraft. There are three basic and common ways to get a Minecraft cape. These methods are more or less applicable to all Minecraft Editions (Java, Bedrock, Xbox, Windows10, etc.). The methods include:

  • Use a Minecraft mod 
  • Download a skin with Minecraft capes
  • Move from Minecraft Edition to Microsoft account

These methods will help you obtain your Minecraft cape. Some of the ways will be helpful for the Minecraft Java edition, while others work well in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Let’s explain these methods here. 

1. Use a Minecraft Mod

Minecraft mods allow you to use different features for the betterment of your gameplay. Getting capes is no difficulty in Minecraft. You can use a Minecraft mod for the same purpose. The very purpose of using a Minecraft mod is to make you able to get Minecraft capes quickly. You can use this method in Minecraft Java Edition for the acquisition of your cape. 

Minecraft Java has several mods that you can use to get a cape. These mods offer you a lot of customization options for your gameplay. These mods include:

  • Advanced Cape Mod

You can get yourself avail of the perks of this Minecraft mod when you have installed Minecraft Forge on your gameplay. But how would you get a cape with this mod? Let’s find this thing first. 

  1. Download a template for your Minecraft cape
  2. Make a few edits for your cape
  3. Paint your cape with any editing app
  4. Then upload your cape on any free image hosting site. 
  • Optifine mod 

Optifine mod has become famous for its name and valuable features among Minecraft players. You can get a cape if you have optifine installed in your gameplay. Follow the given steps to get your cape from this mod. 

  • Download and install optifine mod first. 
  • Then go to the Optifine settings. 
  • Move to the “Skin Customization Button” in your gameplay. 
  • Select “Optifine cape” there. 
  • You can also use the “Open cape Editor Button” to change the style of your cape. 

2. Download a Skin With Minecraft Capes

Buying a skin to get your Minecraft cape is another important tool you can use for your Minecraft cape. This method will serve you well in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Windows10. This method requires you to do the following things to get your Minecraft cape. 

  1. First, you need to visit Minecraft Marketplace.
  2. You can also use any other site for Minecraft skins. 
  3. Once you have selected the site, download that to your Minecraft device. 
  4. Login to the Minecraft site and find the option “Preferences” there. 
  5. Click on “Preferences,” which will allow you to see your Minecraft skin. 
  6. Now, you will click on “Choose File” and select your Minecraft skin. 
  7. Upload it on your gameplay. 
  8. By uploading, you will be able to refresh the website with new additions. 
  9. Your character will appear with the cape once you launch your game. 

3. Move From Minecraft Edition to Microsoft Account (Migration)

How To Get Minecraft Capes & Use Them (Free And Paid)

This method helps you to get a free cape for yourself. Let’s find out how you would move your Minecraft account to Microsoft one. 

  1. Login to with your current Minecraft account
  2. You can also use a Minecraft Launcher for this purpose. 
  3. When you have logged in to that site, you will see an option “Migrate” there. Click on that option. 
  4. Then, you will have to make a new Microsoft account. 
  5. Use the username of the previous account to sign in to the new Microsoft account. 
  6. You will need to create an account as well. 
  7. Your Minecraft screen will show a confirmation notification. 
  8. Now, relaunch or refresh your game. It will help you use your Minecraft cape. 

For Minecraft Java Edition 

Use Minecraft mod options for Java Edition. You will use an advanced cape mod or optifine mod to get your cape in Minecraft gameplay. 

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

To get Minecraft capes in Bedrock Edition, you will need to buy Minecraft skins. These skins will help your character to wear Minecraft capes in your gameplay. 

For Minecraft Windows10 

Use the same method (Buy Minecraft Skins) mentioned above for Minecraft Bedrock Edition here. 

For Minecraft Xbox Edition

Use Minecraft mods for the acquisition of Minecraft capes in Xbox Edition. 

For Minecraft Platforms

All the methods mentioned above are more or less applicable to different Minecraft platforms. You can choose from the above methods. There is no other way to get a Minecraft cape on a different Minecraft platform. 

How To Get A Free Minecraft Cape

Minecraft helps you to get free Minecraft capes. You have only a few ways to get a free Minecraft cape for your gameplay. You can use these methods for Minecraft Java Edition in this online gaming world. 

  • You can use mods to get a free Minecraft cape. But make sure that you have already installed the compatible Minecraft mods in your gameplay. 
  • You can also get a Minecraft cape from Mojang itself even without using any Minecraft mods. 

For Minecraft Java Edition 

Use Mojang itself for getting free capes in Minecraft Java Edition. 

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 

Use different kinds of skin packs to get your free cape here. 

For Windows10

Again, you will use Minecraft skin packs here. 

For Xbox

You can’t get a free cape in Minecraft Xbox Edition.

How Do You Get Free Minecraft Capes Without Mods?

Perhaps, the only way to get a free Minecraft cape is with the help of Minecraft Mojang. Mojang will help you get a free Minecraft cape without using any mods in your gameplay. But how you would get a free cape from Mojang is still vague. Find out this thing first. 

  • You can take part in Minecraft events to get a free cape. For example, the Minecon event will help you get your free cape. You will get a free cape as a reward simply by attending these Minecraft events. 
  • You can get a free cape on New Year’s Eve in Minecraft. 
  • You can also participate in a few Minecraft competitions to get a free cape as a reward. For example, you will get a free cape from scrolls. 

How To Get A Paid Minecraft Cape-make it for all editions (platforms also if it is different)

How To Get Minecraft Capes & Use Them (Free And Paid)

You can get a paid Minecraft cape by using optifine mods in your gameplay. Downloading and installation of optifine mods won’t cost you a single penny. Yet, you will need to spend almost 10 dollars to get a cape in Minecraft. 

For Minecraft Java Edition

Install optifine mod that should be compatible with your Minecraft server. Then, pay for your cape by the method mentioned above.

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 

Buy skin packs for your cape. This way, you will get a paid Minecraft cape. 

For Minecraft Windows10

There is no way to get paid Minecraft cape in this Minecraft Edition. 

For Minecraft Xbox Edition

Again, there is no such way to get a paid Minecraft cape for you from this Minecraft Edition. 

How Much Is A Minecraft Cape?

Minecraft capes cost you almost 10 dollars. You won’t be able to get a cape below or above this amount. Almost all capes will cost you the same. 

How To Get A Custom Cape In Minecraft?

Minecraft customs capes are very useful as they allow you for further customization of your Minecraft gameplay. What would you do to get a custom cape in Minecraft? Let’s get to know about it. 

  1. You can get a custom cape from the game settings. 
  2. Once you have downloaded and installed Minecraft mods for capes, you will be able to get a custom cape too. 
  3. You will need to click on the “Cape Editor Button” to get your custom cape. 
  4. This button will offer you an option for a custom cape. 
  5. Click on that option. 
  6. You can also get a custom cape from the “Cape Selection Menu” from your screen. 
  7. Reload your Minecraft Launcher or refresh your Minecraft page. 
  8. You will see your custom cape there. 

How To Use Capes In Minecraft?

Minecraft capes are helpful for your protection and game performance. You can use a Minecraft cape by using the game options. The character creator is a Minecraft feature that will let you use your Minecraft cape for your gameplay. 

  1. Go to the Minecraft Main Menu. 
  2. Then, select the Character Profile Button there. 
  3. Here, you will see your added cape. 
  4. Now, move to the Character creator option to make your cape active on your gameplay. 
  5. Character creator will help you to customize the skins of your characters with the Minecraft capes. 
  6. Then, you will be able to see that your character has worn the Minecraft cape as the topmost layer of your skin. 
  7. Refresh your game to make your cape run on the gameplay. 

How Do You Put On A Cape In Minecraft?

You can put on a Minecraft cape as the additional covering on your skin. Here, you will again use the Character Profile Button from the game menu to put on a cape in Minecraft. It would be best if you put on your Minecraft cape your generated Minecraft character. As a result, you will be able to modify the looks of your character in your gameplay. These changed looks will help you deceive your enemies as well. 

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