How To Get The Gold Scarab In Elden Ring? (& What It Does)

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Elden Ring is known to be one of the most difficult games released in 2022. However, while it might be difficult, there are things that you can do to make it less challenging. Of course, being able to get a lot of runes will allow you to make things easier for you because you’ll be able to improve your level and stats, and you can do that with the help of the Gold Scarab Talisman. So, how do you get the Gold Scarab Talisman?

The Gold Scarab Talisman can be found in the Abandoned Cave in Caelid, just east of the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace. Go through the entire cave to get to the bosses. For you to be able to acquire the Gold Scarab Talisman, you need to defeat the mini-bosses that you can find inside the Abandoned Cave. 

Acquiring the Gold Scarab will make a huge difference in the early to middle portions of the game because of how it allows you to increase the runes that you can get. The more runes you have, the stronger you can become. As such, if you want to know how to get the Gold Scarab Talisman, you need to look at our comprehensive guide.

What Does The Gold Scarab Do?

One of the things that are common in FromSoftware games is the difficulty that comes with the different bosses and monsters that you encounter during the entire game. Elden Ring is similar due to how difficult the game can be. With that said, one of the things that can help make the game easier for you is to collect a lot of Runes because doing so will allow you to grow stronger. This is where the Gold Scarab Talisman comes in.


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Elden Ring allows you to equip talismans that can help improve your stats and provide different bonuses that can be really helpful in the long run. In that regard, the Gold Scarab is a talisman that is quite useful when you look at its long-term effects. But what does the Gold Scarab do?

Simply put, the Gold Scarab is capable of improving the number of runes you get whenever you kill an enemy. The game allows you to acquire runes whenever you defeat any enemy or boss, and having the Gold Scarab will increase the runes you can get.

In that regard, having more runes can help speed the game up for you because you no longer have to spend too much time killing different enemies to acquire runes that you can use to improve your stats. This is why the Gold Scarab is a very useful talisman to have at your disposal.

Where To Find The Gold Scarab In Elden Ring?

The only place where you can get the Gold Scarab is the Abandoned Cave. You can find the Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring by going to Caelid, which is just east of the northern part of Limgrave. You would know that you’re in Caelid when the green environment that you can see in Limgrave suddenly turns red. Caelid is a desolate and hellish location that can be quite scary because of how creepy its monsters are.

That said, once you’re in Caelid, simply follow the paved path until you reach the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace. This should be easy to do as long as you are traveling on your horse and are avoiding the different enemies that you can encounter on the map. 

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From the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace, what you need to do is to go east until you see a canyon. There will be a Pendulum Statue enemy that is going to be close to a tree that will allow you to cross the canyon. Simply go through the tree and then go through a ledge that will allow you to enter the Abandoned Cave.

There will be a tunnel that will allow you to arrive at a Site of Grace. And before you enter the cave, make sure that you have Preserving Boluses and a lot of flasks because you will need them in this somewhat tricky dungeon.

How To Get The Gold Scarab?

Gold Scarab Talisman featured Elden Ring

Once you’re in the Abandoned Cave, the only way for you to get the Gold Scarab is to finish the entire dungeon. There’s no other way for you to do that than to get to the end of the cave and defeat the mini-bosses.

Going back, just after the Site of Grace, you can drop down to land on a pool of Scarlet Rot, which will steadily decrease your HP. This is why we said that your Preserving Boluses and your flasks are very important in the Abandoned Cave. We recommend that you have at least seven flasks because you will need all of them in the cave.

Continue on with the cave and try to go through every place if you want to be able to collect some neat treasures along the way. There will be a place where you can drop down to acquire a pretty useful weapon, the Serpent Bow, which can be very powerful when you know how to use ranged weapons effectively.

There will be enemies in the cave, but they aren’t entirely difficult. It’s the Scarlet Rot that you should worry about because the Fungal Spellcasters and the Rats shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with. Still, always be wary of your health because the Scarlett Rot will kill you if you aren’t careful. The Rats can be tricky to deal with if the Scarlet Rot is constantly damaging you, and these little guys can deal the death blow if you aren’t careful with your approach.

Then there will be more Fungal Spellcasters that are going to be just as tricky to deal with later on. The Miranda Plants should also be taken care of promptly so that you can clear the room out as quickly as possible. After killing the enemies, you can climb up using the destroyed Pendulum Statues to reach a corpse that has the Venomous Fang, which should be useful for those using fist builds.

Go down from that area so that you will be able to go through a tunnel that will take you to a mist wall. This mist wall is where the Abandoned Cave’s boss will be. That means that you need to prepare yourself for a battle.

After going through the mist wall, you’ll be able to go up against the mini-bosses. Yes, that’s right, there is going to be more than one mini-boss in this dungeon. But the good news is that they won’t appear at the same time.

There’s going to be some time before the second Cleanrot Knight will appear, and that means that it is best for you to defeat the first boss before the second one arrives. Defeating them both will allow you to get the Gold Scarab.


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The first Cleanrot Knight will have a sword and a spear. Instead of playing an ultra-safe style, try to take advantage of any opening you see so that you can expedite the fight with the first boss. It should be a good idea to take advantage of your Spirit Ash Summon because you can distract the first Knight long enough to kill it.

Don’t worry too much about the Cleanrot Knight’s attacks because this boss is comparatively easy to dodge. The most dangerous attack in its arsenal is a lunging attack that will cause a lot of damage and will apply Scarlet Rot, which should be the last thing you need in a fight against two bosses. And when it crosses its weapons, be ready to dodge because it’s going to throw a magic attack.

The key here is to make sure that you don’t get too greedy despite the fact that you should have an aggressive mindset when taking on this boss. You can play a more defensive style when the first Cleanrot Knight has been dealt with and the second one arises.

The second Cleanrot Knight will have a sickle and a sword, and it’s going to be a bit more difficult to handle. It has different moves, such as its swiping attacks. But the pain in the butt is its magic attack because it will throw homing spinning discs that you won’t be able to dodge unless you roll at the very last second. 

Meanwhile, staying too close to it will force it to use its sickle in a spinning move that will hit you even if you are behind. And considering that your Spirit Ashes are probably dead by this point, you need to be very careful when approaching this boss because you’re going to be fighting it one on one. This is why being too greedy with the second Knight will spell your doom in this fight.

Another dangerous attack that the second Cleanrot Knight uses is its Scarlet Rot splash. You need to avoid this attack at all costs because it’s going to be incredibly difficult to deal with both the boss and the Scarlet Rot.

As long as you are not too greedy with the second boss, you are going to beat it. And after defeating the two Cleanrot Knights, you will be awarded the Gold Scarab Talisman.

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