Here’s How to Heal Parrots in Minecraft

how to heal your parrots in Minecraft

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Parrots are one of the most adorable mobs you will find in the game, the only downside being that they are also one of the most vulnerable ones. They initially have low health, and if they are exposed to more damage, no matter the source, they will perish. Unfortunately, there aren’t specific game mechanics related to parrots that will allow you to heal them, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to restore your colorful friend back to life. Let’s see how to heal parrots in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Parrots in Minecraft are healed by using a splash potion of regeneration and a splash potion of healing.
  • Even though parrots cannot ingest the potions by themselves, you can help them by throwing the potion directly at them.
  • Feeding your parrot seeds won’t restore its health.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in October 2023 and reflects the most up-to-date mechanics in the game.

Healing your parrot in-game is as easy as with any other friendly mob

Parrots tend to accumulate a lot of damage over time, especially if they are enjoying the ride on your shoulder. There are plenty of ways that they can accidentally get damaged. To make matters even worse, they are especially fragile, unlike wolves, for example, which can tank plenty of damage before succumbing to their injuries.

And even though the player requested numerous times that there be a specific mechanic to heal them implemented in the game, no such thing was added, so you have to be creative. Parrots can be healed by using potions that you would use on yourself, potions of regeneration and healing.

To heal a parrot, you need a splash potion of regeneration, and you can create one by combining 1 x ghast tear and 1 x awkward potion at the brewing station. After you’ve created the regeneration potion, you need to return to your brewer and add 1x gunpowder to the mix to make it a splash potion. Here’s how it’s done:

You can also heal parrots with a classic splash potion of healing. To create a potion of healing, you will need 1x glistering melon slice and 1x awkward potion. To make it a splash potion you will have to mix it with the gunpowder at the brewing stand.

Once you have the potions you need to heal your parrot, for it to actually be useful, you need to throw it at the parrot. Depending on which potion you’ve used, your parrot will either regenerate health over time or heal instantly.


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healing parrots in minecraft

Can you heal parrots with seeds?

Even though parrots enjoy eating wheat seeds, beetroot seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin, and even torchflower seeds, they can’t be healed by them. Even giving your parrot a cookie won’t do anything to restore its health. If you’re not all that good at brewing and can’t seem to find potions that you need (or ingredients, for that matter), the best course of action is to simply keep your parrot out of harm’s way as much as possible.

Don’t let your parrots fly around you and follow you if you expect any kind of trouble from aggressive mobs.

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