How To Heal Parrots In Minecraft?

How To Heal Parrots In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, parrots are among the most delicate mobs. Even if struck gently they lose their health points. Also, they only have little health initially which makes it important to not harm them, even mistakenly. While these charming creatures are a joy to be with, their health is a major concern for the player. So, it is important to know how to heal them in the game.

Heal the parrot in the game by applying Splash Potion. Splash potion if thrown towards a parrot can instantly heal it. It immediately adds 7 health points. When a parrot is hurt, throw the Splash potion on it and it will instantly gain its health back.

Splash portion is expected to work instantly and get the life of the parrot back. But parrot’s health is fragile and if they get damaged because of an attack, they are likely to die within seconds. So, in order to replenish the heart quickly, fast use of Splash potion is essential.

In this article, I’ve detailed how to heal a parrot and also how to create a splash potion to heal a parrot, and how to find the ingredients to make it.

How To Heal Parrots In Minecraft?

How To Heal Parrots In Minecraft?

The parrots have 3 hearts of health in Minecraft. That means six health points (I heart=2 health points).

To keep these health points at their best do not inflict any damage on parrots even by mistake. They have frail bodies and take damage easily. But Minecraft offers you many challenges and that may cause some incidents where your parrots may quickly require replenishing their health points.

The only way to do that in Minecraft is to apply the Splash Potion on them immediately. Minecraft allows you to prepare the potion if you’ve all the items with you. Once the splash of potion is thrown towards the parrot, it will instantly heal and regain all its health points.

Creating a splash potion is easy and you can easily learn that if you do not know in the next subheading.

How To Create a Splash Potion?

First, you need to collect the ingredients required to create a splash potion.

  • Potion Of Healing
  • Brewing Stand
  • Gunpowder

After you have collected all the items required, follow these steps:

  • Use Brewing Stand

In order to access the menu, you first need to interact with the brewing stand.

  • Add Blaze Powder

As fuel for the brewing stand, you need to add blaze powder to the left box. You can look at the image below.

  • Add Instant Health Potion

Fill three boxes with Potion of healing within the brewing stand. Leave the top box empty.

  • Mix Gunpowder

Then you should put gunpowder in the top box of the Brewing Stand menu.

  • Finish

Upon completion of the process, you will hear a “glup glup glup” sound, and the ingredients in the top box will disappear. Once the item is made, place it in the inventory.

So, that’s how to make a Splash Potion of Healing in Minecraft.


How to Breed & Tame Parrots in Minecraft?

But before making Splash potion, collecting necessary ingredients is important.

How to get Gunpowder in Minecraft?

You can get gunpowder by killing creepers. When you kill a creeper, it drops the Gunpowder that you can add to your inventory.

Finding a creeper can be a troublesome task. If you struggle to find any, then you can change the daytime into the night. At night, many creepers spawn and you can easily find them.

Creepers run away when you attack them. Follow them and kill them quickly. 

Once the creeper is killed, it will drop Gunpowder that you need to collect before it disappears.

How To Get Potion Of Healing?

To Brew Potion of Healing (Instant Health) in Minecraft and place it in your inventory. Drinking this potion will give you Instant Health and immediately add 4 points to your health bar.

Where To Find Potion Of Healing In Creative Mode?

You can find a Potion of Healing (Instant Health) in the Creative Inventory menu.

How To Craft Potion Of Healing In Survival Mode?    

How To Heal Parrots In Minecraft?
  • Go to the brewing stand menu.

Open the brewing stand menu so you can apply the blazing power.

  • Mix Blaze powder

Start the activation of the brewing stand by adding the blaze powder.

  • Mix ingredients to the potion.

Place your ingredients in the Brewing stand menu in the top box. Put 1 water bottle, 1 nether wart, and 1 glistering melon.

  • Add the Water Bottle

First, place the water bottle in one of the bottom boxes in the Brewing Stand menu.

  • Add the Nether Wart

Next, add the nether wart to the top box in the Brewing Stand menu.

  • Add the Glistering Melon

Next, add the glistering melon to the top box in the Brewing Stand menu.

Once the brewing process is complete, you will hear a “glug glug glug” sound, and the glistering melon will disappear. We have now completed creating the Potion of Healing (Instant Health).

The Potion of Healing (Instant Health) will now be in your bottle.

It will add 4 points to your health bar if you drink the Potion of Healing (Instant Health).

Now add the Potion of Healing (Instant Health) to your inventory, or turn it into a Splash Potion of Healing (Instant Health).

How To Make Sure Parrot Doesn’t Get Hurt In Minecraft?

Prevention is better than cure. Instead of healing a parrot, which may cause failure because of its delicate health score in Minecraft, keep it safe.

Your parrot will do many skirmishes in the game and will always remain near you. While working or even fighting, there may be chances it accidentally takes a blow and gets in trouble.

While working, keep it a distance. 

Even a minor hit from your hand will make it lose the health points. To avoid any such incident, keep them away when you are working on any building material or with an item.

Usually, a parrot will fly when fighting, but they may still get caught by an explosion or hit by a throwing weapon. Put them in a safe place and at a distance from you as well.

Parrots are only there to become wonderful companions, but they don’t have any specific use in Minecraft other than this. So, they need to be kept away from unnecessary ordeals.