How to Breed & Tame Parrots in Minecraft?

How To Breed And Tame Parrots In Minecraft?

The parrot is a rare mob in Minecraft. It can mimic sounds made by nearby hostile mobs and perch on the player’s shoulders. But like every other animal parrot has a lifetime and they die after some time. And the only way to keep parrots with you is to tame and breed them. But there is no breeding method for parrots in the game. So, how do you tame and breed parrots in Minecraft?

Breeding of the parrot can be done through the spawn egg that is available in Creative mode. In Survival mode, breeding can be done through add-ons available on the Internet. Before breeding the parrot, you need to tame them. These lovely birds can be tamed by feeding them seeds.

Crowds of parrots settle around nearby mobs, both friendly and aggressive alike. Parrots swim by flapping their wings when they are in the water. The parrots in the game are joyous companions that keep you amused all the way. They can imitate other mobs within a radius of 20 blocks. It can alert you of any dangerous mob nearby. Sadly, they die with age. If you want to keep them as a pet, you’ll need to learn how to breed them.

How To Breed Parrots In Minecraft?

How To Breed And Tame Parrots In Minecraft?

A parrot has no breeding steps since they have no way to produce babies, but if you wish to breed them, then you will need to tame them first. When you tame a parrot, you need to become friends with them so they will trust you and listen to you.

  • As a first step, find the parrots, which can only be found in jungles and help you complete your task. You have to feed the parrots after you’ve found them, and they love beetroot seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat seeds, and melon seeds. Getting them under control will be easier if you feed them.
  • You must wait until the red hearts see over their heads if the food is well received by the parrots after they are fed. As soon as you see the red hearts, you will realize you have successfully tamed them.
  • When you push the parrots together, you’ll find that they will mate if they have a special feeling, but otherwise, they won’t breed. When the parrot’s mate, you will be able to observe their breeding process up close.

It is possible to spawn a baby parrot from an egg produced by two parrots. However, this is only possible in Minecraft’s creative mode. It is impossible to get an egg by mating in survival mode.

There are red marks on the parrots’ eggs. Most of the time, this egg will yield a parrot with the same characteristics as two-parent parrots.

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How To Get A Spawn Egg To Breed Parrot In Minecraft?

There is a spawn egg in Minecraft called Parrot Spawn Egg which is green with red spots. Unlike other items in the game, this spawn egg cannot be crafted. The Creative Inventory menu is only available in Creative mode (not Survival mode). A parrot will be instantly spawned when you use this spawn egg.

·         In Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.16.5, and 1.17, the /give command for Parrot Spawn Egg is:

“/give @p parrot_spawn_egg 1”

·         In Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.12, the /give command for Parrot Spawn Egg is:

“/give @p spawn_egg 1 0 {EntityTag:{id:parrot}}”

This way you can easily spawn a parrot through this egg. This is a great way to get a Parrot in creative mode as parrot breeding is still not possible in the game.

Unfortunately, for creative mode, there is no way to get this spawn egg. Spawn egg is only available in creative. It can be generated by typing the command given above.

Also, spawn eggs can be produced with the help of two parrots going in love mode. But for that, you need to learn to tame the successfully. 

How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft?

The best way to tame a parrot is to feed it with seeds. 

The parrot will follow their owners around once they are tamed. When a player walks into a tamed parrot, it will ride on his shoulders. Make sure you don’t feed parrots cookies, since they will die if you do.  

The first step to taming a parrot is finding its color in the jungle biomes. Once a possible new friend is found, the parrot will have to be fed. Parrot love seeds of all varieties; players can use melon seeds, wheat seeds, pumpkin seeds, or beetroot seeds.

Players have a 33.33% chance of taming a parrot every time they feed it some seeds.

The players can either have their bird buddies sit or wear them on their shoulders. Parrots can be placed on either shoulder, beginning always with the left shoulder. A parrot on a shoulder appears in inventory slots.

To tame a parrot in Minecraft, follow these steps

1. Search for a parrot

Once you’ve acquired all the materials, you can begin to look for a parrot to tame.

2. Use the Seeds

Parrots can be tamed by giving them seeds such as melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or beetroot seeds. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to tame parrots with melon seeds. You will need to select the melon seed in your hotbar and place it in the hotbar.

Grey smoke will likely appear above the parrot once you feed the seeds to it.

He is still untamed. As the parrot eats more seeds, you will see a pattern of red hearts appearing around the bird. As a result, the parrot has been tamed.

When the taming process is complete, the hearts will disappear, and the parrot will be tame and want to sit on your shoulder.

After being tamed, the parrot can ride on the player’s shoulders and mimic the sounds of nearby mobs.

The parrots will mimic the sounds of nearby creepers, for instance, if a creeper lets out a hiss. However, this is mostly for show and has no practical application.

If a parrot is near a jukebox playing music, it will dance. If a parrot is killed, it will drop at least one feather and one to three EXP orbs. 

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What Food Do Parrots Are Fed To Breed Them?

How To Breed And Tame Parrots In Minecraft?

Here is a list of the different seeds that Parrots eat in Minecraft:

·         Wheat seeds

·         Beetroot Seeds

·         Melon Seeds

·         Pumpkin Seeds 

In the game, seeds are the only food a Parrot can consume. There are a plethora of different seeds but parrots can only do the above-mentioned.

Seeds not only sate their hunger but also helps to heal them. If you throw seeds towards a parrot that life has reduced, it will start healing automatically.

Food is the best resource to gain the trust of any animal in Minecraft. Once you feed them enough, it makes them your trustful companion. Feed them a good amount to domesticate these little birds. 

Feed them with your hand. Once they eat with your hands, and when you have fed enough a heart will show up on them. That means they are ready to follow you. 

What Do You Use To Breed Parrots In Minecraft?

The addon linked below gets rid of this problem by making tamed parrots breedable and it even adds cute little baby parrots. Minecraft unfortunately, hasn’t added the feature of making parrots breedable in the normal game. This is one of the things that developers can look into.

However, you do not need to worry about any of that right now because I’ve got you a great add-on that lets you make parrot breed as well produce a small baby parrot.

How Does Add-On Work?

Tame and then feed two parrots some seeds to have them breed. The result is an adorable baby parrot. This is the only way to find and obtain a baby parrot. There is nothing you can do to influence the color of a baby parrot.

You can download the link for the add-on here

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How Do You Make A Baby Parrot In Minecraft?

The baby parrot can be made with the help of a spawning egg or an external add-on available on the Internet. Though the feature of spawn egg is only available for Minecraft creative mode. So, if you want to get a parrot in the game without spending time searching for it in the biomes then you should play in creative mode.

Taming these beautiful birds is the only way to get them in the game. It is possible to tame them by feeding them wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or beetroot seeds, with a 1⁄3 chance of success. 

As soon as a parrot is tamed, it will sit and stand when interacting with you.

You can count on them to behave politely and to make your adventure fun.

Birds are attracted to the sound of music discs in a jukebox. Some parrots can even dance while perched on the shoulders of their owners. The game doesn’t appear to have any way of determining when the music stops, since the parrot will continue to dance even if the disc remains in the jukebox after it stops playing.

The dancing radius is three blocks from the jukebox. They stop dancing if they fly beyond this radius.

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