How to Level Up Fast in Pokémon Go? 7 Simple Steps

How Long Does it Take to Get Level 40 in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one of the most interesting and tasking AR mobile games that’s available on iOS and Android devices. The concept of the game is simply allowing players to earn points through various gaming activities. The question now is, how exactly can you level up fast in Pokemon Go, and what are the steps?

Rising through the levels fast in the Pokemon Go mobile game is by earning enough XPs, especially through Legendary Raiding. As you start to level up in the game, the experience Points known as XP are what you need to collect for the next level.  

Several beginners and professional players who play the game still find themselves in a dilemma on the various levels through which they can level up fast in Pokemon Go. They remain confused as to how they can easily catch up in the competition.

If you play Pokemon Go and you are having a hard time leveling up fast, rest assured, I’m here to walk you through the entire process. This article is essential for players who also know all about leveling up but have been unable to reach their desired levels.

How Long Does it Take to Get Level 40 in Pokemon Go?

How Long Does it Take to Get Level 40 in Pokemon Go?

There are several levels in Pokemon Go and players are always trying to move through the levels by the minute but level 40 is the most sought after because it is the highest. The very first thing to note when trying to move from one level to another is knowing how to tackle. Tackle as much as you can so you can earn a lot of XP.

The more tasks you’re able to accomplish, the faster you will rise in the game. The higher you rise in the game, the more difficult it is to get to the next level. Getting to level 40 for instance will require 20 million XP. The final step in getting to level 40 is to earn 5 million XP after hitting level 39. Whereas, to get to level 39 from 38, only 3 million XP was needed to sum up 15 million.

To get to level 36, you need 7.5 million XP, for level 37, you need 9.5 million XP, for 38, a total of 12 million XP is needed, for 39, 15 million XP is needed while for 40, 20 million XP must be gotten. Since level 40 is the highest level, it is indeed the toughest to get to. Learn and practice the basics of the game and rest assured that you will get to level 40 in no time.

How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Go

Leveling up fast in Pokemon Go has to do with understanding the XP sources of the game and how to get it. Getting how to level up fast allows you to tailor your gameplay around doing the tasks that will lead to the highest total XP. To make things easier for yourself, try to look for ‘evolve’ in your Pokemon list, as this game will help pinpoint every creature, depending on the Candy you have.

You can also choose to ‘evolve’ all the creatures available from this list, while you save time. This is very helpful especially when the Lucky Egg Timer starts counting down. Here are the best steps to follow leveling up fast in this game.

  • The most important source of getting Experience Points in the game is catching the Pokemon. This means that in whichever way you choose to play, ensure you catch it by all means. Practice and become good at making Excellent Throws, as they award the highest number of XP. if you get very good at making Excellent Throws, the XP keeps adding up and increasing massively.
  • To land Excellent Throws easily, you can use the AR Plus feature to be near Pokemon.
  • Playing this game so well that you keep landing Excellent Throws, awards you the Expert Handler bonus. The Expert Handler bonus is a catchy bonus that comes with a base reward of 300 XP.
  • You can also make use of Pokemon Go friends as they are a great way of maximizing your XP gain. If you can get to Best Friend status with another player, you can earn as much as 100,000 XP. You can also earn up to 50,000 XP from just one friend, thereby leveling up fast in Pokemon Go. You can do well to add everyone you know to your friends’ list and begin to give them items. If you’re aiming for the Best Friend status with just one person, it will take about 90 days to attain the status.
  • Another step you can take in leveling up fast is by using the Lucky Eggs feature. This feature is perfect for you if you can time the Best Friend status and use the Lucky Eggs before it. Doing it that way allows you to earn up to 200,000 XP. You can use the rest of the Lucky Eggs to evolve Pokemon. Evolving a Pokemon one after another at the same when a Lucky Egg multiplier is active, is a very cool method to garner XP fast. You can try out this step by yourself and at your convenience.
  • You can also start raiding for lots of XP. This method is not very popular because raiding implies you have to be much more focused when playing the game. If you hit 5-star raids and win, you will earn 10,000 XP. This amount can double and increase up to 20,000 XP when there’s a Lucky Egg.
  • You can also try to get a Pokemon Go daily bonus and time Hatching Eggs, with a Lucky Egg allowing you to earn more XP.

Leveling a Friend is not exactly the fastest method to get XP but it is one of the best methods in rising fast. You can play together with your friends to unlock Premier Balls, trades, and power-ups for battle.

What Gives you the Most XP in Pokemon Go?

How Long Does it Take to Get Level 40 in Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, there are different sources of XP with good earnings but the one considered the ‘most’ XP is that of the Best Friend status with another trainer. Attaining this status might be a little difficult so you can do well to work towards other XP rewards. Here are the best of them; achieve Ultra Friend status with another trainer and get 50,000, defeat the Legendary or Mega Raid Boss and get 10,000 XP.

Great Friend status with another trainer for 10,000, capture a Pokemon for seven days straight and get 6,000 XP. Defeat the third tier Raid Boss and first Raid Boss to get 5,000 XP and 3,500 XP respectively. Spin at least one Photo Disc at a Gym or Pokeshop for seven days straight for 2,000 XP. Bear in mind that some of the XP sources require that you get help from other players.

If you do not have any player to help you, you might not be able to attain some of the statuses I just mentioned. You can join a local Pokemon Go community so you can make friends and meet more players.  

Do you still get XP after level 40?

When Pokemon Go was launched, there was no other level after level 40, as it was the peak and the highest of them all. However, in November 2020, new levels were introduced namely level 41 to level 50. Level 50 is the new Pokemon Go level cap. If you do not play the game or you are new to it, it’s very likely to think that getting to level 40 will be a piece of cake.

However, as you progress, you realize Pokemon Go is much more than just playing. It is as you increase in level that you would be needing more XP to get to the next level. It is important to go higher in the game because the higher you go, the more items you can use. With the new levels of 41 to 50, there are specific thresholds of XPs to be achieved.

That also implies new obstacles and challenges to overcome. To proceed to the next level, you have to overcome the Level Up Research. You will need to use a new resource type to get past level 40. All the XPs you earn over Level 40 contribute to the progress of the future levels. Earning XP fast in the game allows you to speed up the various level requirements, especially with the Legacy 40 challenge.

If it is the case that you are a beginner at the game, higher Trainer Levels usually increase your chances of meeting the higher CP Pokemon out in the wild. It also boosts their effectiveness in battle. Trainer Level rewards increase with time and it is more lucrative as you go higher in the levels. As a player, the higher you rise, the more powerful your curatives, Pokeballs, as well as other items and features you will have access to. 

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