50 Best Pokémon in Pokémon GO (RANKED)

50 Best Pokémon in Pokémon GO (RANKED)

Pokémon Go has been a global phenomenon ever since its debut in 2016. It’s not an MMORPG game, there are no tournaments, and PvP play is extremely limited, yet Pokémon Go has endured in a very competitive market and is still attracting millions of players on a global scale. Now, Pokémon Go is still going strong and in this article, we are going to tell you a bit about one of its aspects.

Namely, this article is going to contain a list of the 50 best Pokémon in Pokémon Go. They are going to be grouped in several categories, which is why this article is going to function as an in-game guide for players who want to use their Pokémon in battle. You’re going to find out the best Pokémon in several categories, with explanations why they are on our list.

Best Pokémon in Pokémon Go

20. Hydreigon


Max CP: 3,625

Hydreigon is based on a hydra and the Japanese monster Yamata no Orochi. It is a Pokémon that continuously flies through the sky with its six wings, detecting anything that moves as an enemy to attack. Hydreigon is very aggressive and will only obey a trainer he deems worthy of his respect. There are numerous accounts of entire towns being wiped out by this Pokémon.

The heads of their arms have no brains. If he meets someone even stronger than him, Hydreigon will try to defeat him using any method possible. Its three heads alternate to bite and will not stop attacking until the enemy has fallen.

19. Terrakion


Max CP: 3,698

Terrakion is based on the character of Porthos from the novel The Three Musketeers. Like Porthos, Terrakion is the largest and heaviest. He also has traits of an ox, bull, and takin. Terrakion fights against humans in order to protect Pokémon that have lost their habitat due to human wars. He has the charging power to penetrate thick castle walls in one hit.

He is usually in constant movement to make sure that the Pokémon are safe and will only show himself to trainers with the mind, soul and heart of a warrior but above all that he takes care of his Pokémon. He possesses extraordinary strength, and will fight unceremoniously against any opponent who messes with smaller, weaker Pokémon.

18. Lugia


Max CP: 3,703

Lugia is similar to a dragon. It has the shape of a white bird with a light blue belly, and dark blue plates on its back and tail, with a wingspan of more than 5 meters. Despite its enormous power, it does not become a unique Pokémon. However, he lives in solitude due to the rarity of finding another of his own kind. It hunts aquatic Pokémon from the area in which it resides. It is almost never seen.

17. Rhyperior


Max CP: 3,733

This Pokémon is very rare to see, so not much is known about it. It lives in steep and inaccessible areas, it is usually territorial and very violent if it feels threatened. His skin is tough and strong, so common attacks have no effect on him. Also thanks to its solid rock ability, it reduces the damage of attacks that affect these large species of Pokémon. The females are much more violent than the males and frequently active volcanoes to have their young.

Since the males are calmer, they are better because they can better control themselves for combat. It is said that if one of these terrible Pokémon goes into a rage, it will destroy everything in its path, as they are very short-tempered and irritable Pokémon. They can also launch rocks from the holes in their hands with more power than a 105mm cannon, thanks to their high attack.

16. Salamence


Max CP: 3,749

Salamence is a very powerful Pokémon. It is said that Salamence has wings thanks to Bagon’s dream and great will to have wings, as he tried his best to fly until he succeeded and resulted in Salamence. The reality is that Shelgon suffers a cell mutation inside his shell and when it breaks, Salamence appears.

15. Metagross


Max CP: 3,791

Metagross is based on a supercomputer and some kind of arthropod such as an arachnid. Metagross is the result of the fusion of two Metang; this in turn is the fusion of two Beldum, so Metagross is actually made up of four Beldum. This makes Metagross have four brains linked by a complex neural network. The combined brains are capable of solving complicated calculations faster than the best state-of-the-art supercomputer.

Metragross is able to hover in mid-air by folding all four of his legs inward, by combining electromagnetism and his psychic powers. Its magnetic force is enhanced in sub-zero temperatures, making Metagross that inhabit snowy mountains especially lively.

His great intelligence allows him to accurately analyze the enemy and put them on the ropes with practically no effort. When he hunts, he corners his prey, pinning it with his four claws and her hulking body to the ground. Afterwards, he devours the helpless victim with the large pit of the stomach.

14. Dragonite


Max CP: 3,792

Dragonite is a dragon Pokémon, known as the “Avatar of the Sea”. It has a wide set of movements, can fly, throw fire, water, ice and / or electricity. It has an intelligence close to human. In addition, like its pre-evolution, it is a kind-hearted pokémon that likes to fly through the ocean rescuing shipwrecks or guiding lost ships to the coast, due to its constitution it can fly defying the fiercest storms without suffering any apparent damage.

13. Latios


Max CP: 3,812

Latios has the ability to make the opponent see something that he has seen or imagined. Latios only opens his heart to compassionate trainers and when flying he folds his front legs to minimize air resistance and if he folds his wings he can reach a speed of 300 km/h. He is also able to breathe underwater and dive quite easily.

He is very intelligent, able to understand human language and speak it by telepathy, as well as perceive their emotions and thoughts to detect where they are or what they are like, and can also adapt the human form to blend in with each other. Like Latias, he can make himself invisible thanks to a special down that allows him to refract light at will, and he has the Shared Vision ability that allows him to see what Latias sees.

12. Tyranitar


Max CP: 3,834

It is a very territorial Pokémon and proud of its armor, and the females are some of the most aggressive mothers of all. On the belly you can see the shell of its pre-evolution, Pupitar. As long as it has a nest, it is capable of bringing down a mountain. Due to his stamina, he loves to fight and never misses an opportunity. If he is lovingly raised and trained, he will do anything to protect his trainer, even giving his own life for him if need be.

His body cannot be damaged by almost any attack, so he is often eager to challenge his enemies. Due to their strong character and their great rivalry, they have been seen fighting fiercely with Aggron to the point of exhaustion, since both are very territorial and hate losing, many times the reason for their disputes is the mountains, since they need to make their nests destroying mountains, which infuriates the Aggron, since they take care of the mountainous areas.

11. Rayquaza


Max CP: 3,835

Rayquaza is a serpentine dragon with two upper extremities, nine pairs of apparently rigid wings (two on the head: the upper ones larger than the lower ones; four distributed in two thick rings that surround its body; one on its abdomen and two on the final end). of its tail) that apparently serve to direct the air around it and change direction while flying (the same system used by airplanes, something logical since both operate at high altitudes).

10. Ho-Oh

Ho Oh

Max CP: 3,863

Ho-Oh is a creature based on the legendary bird Fenghuang, which is the phoenix of the east, thus resembling a peacock, though from the description of a man from Iris City: “A bird so large that it darkened the Sun “, looks like the roc. It has beautiful wings of seven colors and a crest on its head similar to that of a rooster. It continuously flies through the skies with its magnificent wings of seven colors.

His appearance signifies the beginning of an era of peace between humans and Pokémon. He reveals himself to the trainers to be pure in heart and it is also said that he lives at the foot of the rainbow. He has the ability to see everything that happens in the world.

9. Garchomp


Max CP: 3,962

Garchomp lives in mountains of volcanic origin to keep warm. This Pokémon is capable of flying faster than sound, reaching even a jet plane. In fact, when it unfolds its body and wings, it looks a lot like one of these planes. Garchomp soars through the air at supersonic speeds in search of prey and does not hesitate to engage in aerial combat with a Salamence to keep them.

It also charges at flocks of Bird Pokémon, and if it catches one, it swallows it in one bite in mid-flight. Its small, smooth, sharp scales not only make it more streamlined, but also serve to hurt any opponent that dares to hit it. attack him. This Pokémon also moves at high speed on the ground. It is capable of hunting prey on a snowy mountain and returning to its lair without getting cold. The two bumps on its head serve as sensors and allow it to track prey several kilometers away.

8. Meloetta (Aria Forme)


Max CP: 3,972

In this form, Meloetta is a normal/psychic type. In the lyrical form she sings with a unique vocalization capable of reaching all notes, freely manipulating the emotions of the creatures that listen to her melody. The melodies that Meloetta sings have the power to make the Pokémon around her feel happy.

She has a humanoid appearance with blue eyes and green hair with the musical staff. Her body is black, her legs are white, and her arms are shaped like musical notes. On the side of her head is an ornament in the shape of a treble clef, which also mimics a microphone headset. She wears some kind of long tail dress. She features high special attack and special defense.

7. Dialga


Max CP: 4,038

Dialga is the Pokémon that controls time and ensures its continuity. Whenever Celebi travels through time, she does so supervised by Dialga. Dialga in turn can freely travel through time, past and future. If Dialga and Palkia meet in the Space-Time Rift and use their powers, a huge cataclysm will be unleashed between their dimensions, triggering the destruction of the universe.

6. Reshiram


Max CP: 4,038

Reshiram is based on the yang concept of yin and yang from Taoism. The fact that Zekrom is a mascot of Pokémon White and Reshiram is a mascot of Pokémon Black, refers to the fact that yin has a bit of yang, just as yang has a bit of yin. Physically it is based on a wyvern and its tail is a mix between an airplane engine or a torch.

Reshiram is a large white dragon. Its neck is surrounded by a pair of white rings and its body is covered in what appear to be feathers. His eyes are blue.

5. Zekrom


Max CP: 4,038

Zekrom is based on the yin concept of yin and yang from Taoism. The fact that Zekrom is a pet of Pokémon White, as well as Reshiram of Pokémon Black, refers to the fact that yin has a little yang, just as yang has a little yin. Physically it is based on a European dragon and its tail is a turbine.

Zekrom is a large black dragon. Its body is criss-crossed with channels through which its energy flows, and it has a lightning-shaped crest coming out of the back of its head, the tip of which glows blue. In addition, it has an electric turbine in the tail where it generates its own electricity. His eyes are red.

4. Kyogre

Kyogre 1

Max CP: 4,115

Kyogre is shaped like a cetacean of colossal proportions. Biologically it is based on both a Glaucus atlanticus and an orca, since it even has white spots on the head area. Mythology-wise, it seems to be based on the Leviathan, a mythical sea creature. He is part of the creative trio with whom he shares a physiological trait: the marks on his body.

However, while Kyogre has them red, Groudon’s are black and Rayquaza’s are yellow. Kyogre and Groudon are bitter enemies and only Rayquaza can stop them in case they cause any catastrophe.

3. Groudon


Max CP: 4,115

Groudon is a red Pokémon with black stripes similar to Kyogre’s except for the color, showing their contrast as land and sea Pokémon. Its tail is shaped like a rake. Despite being the third heaviest Pokémon, it is not the largest, although it is still huge. It could be based on a legendary creature, Behemoth. Groudon lives in places several meters underground, in the caldera of a volcano where it sleeps peacefully. Thanks to the solidified volcanic lava, he created the continents.

It is said to have such power that it could destroy an entire island in one blow, or even drag the tectonic plates little by little, causing all the volcanism and seismicity in the world. His special ability, drought, makes the sun’s rays so intense that they evaporate water and nourish the earth.

That is why it is said that he was the savior of those who suffered from terrible floods. He can create rivers of lava, volcanoes, cause earthquakes or eruptions of all kinds and intensity with a single punch or fit of rage. Even in his primeval regression, he can create continents just by traversing across an ocean.

2. Mewtwo


Max CP: 4,178

Mewtwo is the result of the ambitions of humans in creating a genetically enhanced (or rather improved) reproduction of Mew. It is one of the first Pokémon created by science. The scientists who created it dreamed of creating the strongest Pokémon in the world, and according to Dr. Fuji they succeeded. It is considered unique, due to the fact that only one was genetically created.

1. Slaking


Max CP: 4,431

It bears a resemblance to a gorilla or a sloth. Their habitat is mainly forests and mountains, unlike their two pre-evolutions, due to their weight they cannot live in trees. He is almost always sleeping, as he only wakes up to fight when with a trainer and in the wild to eat. It is very similar to a Snorlax in that its activity is reduced to just eating, sleeping, and fighting. It has characteristics that together surpass those of many Pokémon with higher levels.

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10. Reshiram


Max ATK: 275

Reshiram is capable of generating flames inside his tail. The intensity of these flames is such that they alter the atmosphere, and the weather changes. If anything gets in front of these flares it will be consumed by fire practically instantly. To move through the sky, it does so in a similar way to a jet rocket, expelling flames from its tail with great intensity, leaving a trail behind it.

According to legends, its flames will reduce to ashes those countries whose inhabitants despise the truth and are sullied by greed. He also appears in the myths of yesteryear helping those people whose convictions lead them to pursue a truthful world.

9. Dialga


Max ATK: 275

With the diamond on his chest he fires his powerful distortion attack, an attack that can alter time. Few Pokémon resist this powerful attack, and if they do, they won’t stay healthy. It can stop time to be able to attack in a massive way. Dialga, according to the Sinnoh Pokédex, is an ancient deity, making it one of the first Pokémon to be created by Arceus.

8. Salamence


Max ATK: 277

It lives on large fields, it is said that this Pokémon, now that it has managed to fly, will not set foot on solid ground, unless it is very injured or needs to rest. It is seen flying with a huge smile that shows its happiness for being able to fly through the skies, when it gets angry this Pokémon will begin to burn everything around it until it is exhausted.

7. Rayquaza


Max ATK: 284

His body is green, except for certain reddish touches, and a series of yellow lines that adorn his green figure. It is said to inhabit the ozone layer of the atmosphere. It is a very territorial Pokémon, it will not hesitate to attack any intruder in its territory, as shown when the meteorite falls where Deoxys was, it goes quickly to attack it when it came out of its meteorite.

Despite this, he is very calm and powerful, so much so that he is able to stop Groudon and Kyogre when they are fighting. It lives in the stratosphere, and often comes down to the Celestial Pillar. It feels very comfortable in the presence of ozone. It feeds on water particles that are suspended in the air, and when it needs to mega evolve, it feeds on the energy of meteorites.

6. Haxorus

Max ATK: 284

Haxorus are friendly Pokémon by nature, but it’s not a good idea to make them angry as they cause real fear when they get angry. They are highly territorial and do not forgive anyone who dares to invade their territory. They protect their young even at the cost of their own life and if this one suffers the slightest scratch, it will attack the aggressor with all its fury.

Their body cannot be damaged by almost any attack or weapon since they have a very hard armor. Its large and robust fangs have incredible destructive force: they never break and are able to destroy thick steel columns and metal frames with relative ease. However, these fangs do require maintenance, so Haxorus often licks the ground for minerals to keep them strong and resilient.

5. Slaking


Max ATK: 290

Interestingly, even though it is a “heavy” and lazy Pokémon, its speed is greater than that of many Pokémon that seem to be lighter and faster like Dragonite, being just as fast as a Salamence. His lowest stats are his specials and his highest is his attack. It is one of the laziest Pokemon along with Snorlax and Slowpoke.

Due to the fact that its absent ability hurts it a lot and that one turn in two slacks, some trainers prefer to prevent Vigoroth from evolving, but due to its high characteristics it is advisable to allow it to evolve.

4. Archeops


Max ATK: 292

Archeops is based on Archeopteryx, a genus of primitive birds that lived in the Late Jurassic, however, its four wings and the feathers at the end of its tail could suggest inspiration from the glider dinosaur from the early cretaceous, although it could also represent Quetzalcoatl , a pre-Hispanic divinity who was represented as a flying feathered serpent. Archeops is better at running than flying, reaching speeds faster on the ground than in the air, up to around 40 km/h.

3. Rampardos


Max ATK: 295

Rampardos is a prehistoric dinosaur-like creature, inspired by a Stygimoloch, with some traits of Pachycephalosaurus. It is characterized by having a very hard head that allows it to attack strongly. His head full of horns causes great damage to his opponents. He lived in ancient forests. The problem with Rampardos is that his speed is not very high, although he has a devastating attack.

Its skull is as hard as iron and is up to 30 centimeters thick. This is due to the continuous head butts that it gives to everything that comes close to it. However, he has less brains than his pre-evolution, Cranidos. They are very rough so they destroy the jungle without even noticing when they chase their prey.

2. Mewtwo


Max ATK: 300

Mewtwo is the result of the ambitions of humans in creating a genetically enhanced (or rather improved) reproduction of Mew. It is one of the first Pokémon created by science. The scientists who created it dreamed of creating the strongest Pokémon in the world, and according to Dr. Fuji they succeeded. It is considered unique, due to the fact that only one was genetically created.

1. Deoxys

Max ATK: 345

Deoxys is a mutation of a space virus. The sphere on his body is actually his brain, from which he fires electric shocks. In the movie the brain of a Deoxys is green or purple, but in the video games there is no difference in it. It can apparently regenerate completely if his brain survives, as it does in the anime. In the film it is seen that the Deoxys communicate with each other by creating auroras the color of the sphere they have on their chests.

It is a very aggressive Pokémon but also quite intelligent. It has the peculiarity of having four different forms (attack, defense, speed and normal) that change its appearance, characteristics and attacks that it learns per level, which also vary according to its form. Interestingly his arms in their original form resemble the structure of DNA.

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10. Cloyster


Max DEF: 256

Cloyster always stays inside his shell, and only opens it when he is about to attack or eat. While this would not be a problem if it were wild, since it is protected from predators and usually always maintains a fixed position, it is a disadvantage on land. Well, when fighting you need to see, in addition to moving quickly. It can stay closed, and it would resist for a long time, but in the end it would end up causing damage, so it is not a feasible technique.

9. Aggron


Max DEF: 257

Aggron is based on the Bulgasari, a metal-eating monster from Korean mythology, and a triceratops. Aggron has steel horns on his head that grow little by little. You can calculate the age of him by the length of these. The hard, sharp horns can pierce even the thickest iron plates, allowing it to burrow into tunnels for its primary food source: iron ores.

8. Cresselia


Max DEF: 258

Cresselia is based on a swan, however due to her spatial traits, it is more likely that she is based on the constellation of the swan. Cresselia is also influenced by Sarimanok, a mythological bird that had a beautiful headdress of feathers on its tail and head.

Cresselia’s head is made up of two joined crescents. Her wings look like planetary rings of different shades of pink that flutter around her, protecting her from all her enemies. His skin is bluish on top, and yellow on his face and underside, giving him a wonderfully elegant presence.

7. Steelix

Max DEF: 272

Steelix is a giant snake with a segmented body made up of large masses of roughly spherical steel-alloyed rock, with a hardness greater than that of diamond. This body is divided into a head with large jaws and prominent fangs that constitutes the bulkiest and heaviest segment of the body, and a tail that ends in a colossal knife at the end.

6. Probopass


Max DEF: 275

Unlike Nosepass, Probopass’s design extends the concept of compasses and magnetism, becoming a compass rose, perceptible when viewing Probopass from above, where his Mini-Noses together with his red nose make up the four cardinal points. The mustache appears to be based on iron filings sticking to his huge magnetized nose, simulating a scientific demonstration of magnetic fields.

5. Registeel


Max DEF: 285

Regigigas is said to have used magma to create Registeel. People think that the metal it is made of is a curious alien substance, as it is stronger than the hardest metal. In addition to being very solid, it contracts and dilates easily, allowing it to move faster than it appears. His body has been under underground pressure for more than 10,000 years and cannot be scratched.

4. Bastiodon


Max DEF: 286

Its breastplate is reinforced, resembling a fortress wall, with its respective windows represented by the two pairs of yellow patterns. The spike through her nose may be a reference to the bones some indigenous tribes wear. His speed is reduced but his ability to resist attacks makes up for it. He lived in the ancient forests of Pyrite City.

After several years of research, scientists concluded that he could have become extinct due to his protection on his head; since it made their diet (which consists mostly of berries and herbs) difficult. It is a Fossil Pokémon that can be revived in the Pyrite City museum. He is very docile, affectionate, despite his rough appearance and greatly admired for his great frontal defense.

3. Regice


Max DEF: 309

Regice is based on the golems of legends, an iceberg, and permafrost, the eternal ice of the polar regions. In addition, each of the regis represents an era in history, so Regice represents the Ice Age. Regigigas is said to have used ice from Antarctica to create Regice. It was created in a glaciation during the Ice Age and is said to have lain dormant on a glacier for millennia.

The body of this Pokémon is completely frozen. This ice is so cold that not even fire or magma can melt it. Regice surrounds himself with a frigid air that reaches -200 ° C that he controls at will and with which he can freeze everything that comes near him.

2. Lugia


Max DEF: 310

It rarely appears in storms and its feathers are as hard as diamonds. He can communicate telepathically and understand human language. He will appear when Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres duel, then calm them down with his mystical song. This Pokémon also has the ability to fly, lifting the plates on its back (because it has them closed underwater) and heal from wounds when it hears its own song.

1. Shuckle


Max DEF: 396

Shuckle is based on an endolith, a fungus, algae, or amoeba that lives inside rocks or the exoskeleton of other organisms. It is also based on the ability of various fungi and bacteria to produce food fermentations for human consumption. Shuckle likes to hide still among large rocks to avoid larger Pokémon, even if they are not a threat. He goes around the field looking for berries, and when he picks them up, he stores them in his shell.

Best PvP Pokémon in Pokémon Go

5. Giratina


Giratina has a gray, red, and gold segmented body with six legs. They have golden spikes on the bottom of their feet and chains around their limbs. It also has two black wings with red spikes that are born on its back. It features three incomplete golden rings around its torso that match the color of its crown-shaped helmet on its head. These rings look very similar to ribs, opening to fit your body; its gray scales are made of platinum.

4. Registeel

Registeel 1

A long time ago Registeel was imprisoned as he was feared by the people and they had no way to stop him if he decided to attack due to his extreme resistance. According to certain studies, its interior is hollow, but it is unknown what this Pokémon feeds on.

3. Azumarill


Azumarill is a freshwater Pokémon, since it lives in rivers and lakes, although it can live in the sea, but it never goes out into the open sea. He usually lives almost always with Azurill and Marill. It is a herbivore that finds aquatic plants using the vibrations it detects with its ears. It is so sensitive that it can detect them even though it is in strong currents, it is also said that with these they can perfectly hear everything underwater.

In case of being attacked, it quickly camouflages itself in the water. Despite their cheerful and charismatic appearance, in battle they become great warriors, they do not let anyone underestimate them. Some Azumarill are believed to sit on its tail just like its pre-evolution Azurill, to rock and rest. It is a mixture of a rabbit and a mouse.

2. Altaria


When winter arrives in an area, they usually migrate to another place where the cold is not intense, in this process they move along with the entire flock and rest in a cave at night. When resting, due to the cold, they all gather together and huddle together for warmth. The Swablu often also participate in this process.

1. Melmetal


Like its pre-evolution Meltan, the bulk of its body is composed of a greater amount of liquid metal, adding several gigantic grayish nuts embedded in what are its hands, elbows, shoulders, legs, and a smaller one as a navel Horizontally surrounding its entire chest it has another huge nut of the same yellow tone as the one it has as an eye. This is used by Melmetal as an axis when he performs double iron fist to attack by spinning at high speed with his fists.

Best to Pokémon evolve in Pokémon Go

5. Altaria


Altaria is the evolved form of Swablu. This Pokémon seems to have clouds instead of wings, which is useful for not being detected while flying freely in the sky. This Pokémon can be found flying in the skies of temperate places such as islands or beaches depending on the weather and the abundance of berries and other fruits.

4. Melmetal


His physical strength is greatly increased compared to his pre-evolution. As a result of the process, its body hardens and becomes incredibly robust, yet its arms in particular are very flexible and can deliver swift and devastating punches, which are supposed to be the most powerful in the Pokémon World. Its recent rediscovery was the first sighting of a Melmetal in 3,000 years. However, ancient documents show that this Pokémon was worshiped by the people of the time thanks to its ability to create metal.

3. Dragonite


Although it is a large, heavy Pokémon and its wings are somewhat small, it is capable of going around the world in just 16 hours. It is said that the only place where this Pokémon can be found in the wild is on Dragonite Island, a place lost in the sea from which only rumors have been heard of shipwrecked people who have been rescued by this Pokémon, this island is only inhabited by Dragonite and its pre-evolutions.

2. Umbreon


When the emotional bond between Eevee and its trainer is high enough, and you get used to training Eevee at dusk or at night, it will be ready to evolve into Umbreon. This Pokémon has all its fur black, except for circumferences of a yellow color, which it can illuminate at its will. It looks like a black fox, with a slight cat-like appearance. His red eyes are sinister, striking, and dark-adapted.

1. Sceptile


As protectors of the forests, these Pokémon carefully grow trees and plants. The orb-shaped seeds on Sceptile’s back contain nutrients which he uses to revitalize the trees in his care. Sceptile regulates his body temperature by taking sunbaths. This Pokémon still retains the arrogant and brash temperament of Treecko, and Grovyle, it is very proud so it is easily offended, which makes it very difficult to deal with, but it is also very affectionate and outgoing with its trainer.

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