How to Make a Composter in Minecraft?

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft

There are several things that a player can craft in Minecraft. This game would allow you to craft anything from your tools and weapons to the food items. Minecraft composting bin is one of those items. Composters let you turn your undesired food items into bone meals and make you able to use the crafted items like fuel or fertilizer for your plants. You can also fertilize your garden in Minecraft. Let’s get to know about how to make a composter in Minecraft. 

Crafting a composter in Minecraft requires you to collect seven wooden slabs in your Minecraft overworld. You will need a crafting table to make your composter. Once you have done with it, you need to place the wood chunks into the crafting table. Make sure that you have placed them in a U-shaped pattern. This pattern will leave you with the second boxes of your crafting table’s first and second rows empty. 

Usually, a player wants to add a composter to it’s wish list or gameplay due to its benefits. There are many incredible services that a composter offers you in Minecraft. You can easily turn your unwanted food into a desired one with the composter. You will need it to recycle the unwanted vegetation as well. You will also change the looks of your garden. In this article, you will find all the needed information about a composter in Minecraft. You will learn about how to craft, use, and what items you need to put in a composter.  

Can You Craft Composters?

You can craft composters in Minecraft with a little bit of understanding of its crafting recipe. A composter is one of the unnoticed items in Minecraft. Still, you can get a lot more benefits from it. To avail of its benefits, you will need to craft a composter first. You can easily and quickly craft a composter in Minecraft. 

Crafting a composter in Minecraft requires you to have seven wooden slabs or pieces of wood. It is the main ingredient that you will need to craft a composter. You won’t be able to craft without these wooden planks in your stockpile.  

Composter Recipe

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft

A composter is one of the craftable items in Minecraft. To make a composter in Minecraft, you will be collecting a couple of wooden slabs near your crafting table. To make a composter, you will have to arrange seven wooden planks in your crafting grid of 3×3. Fill the last row with three wooden slabs and put two wooden slabs on both sides of the other rows.

As a result, you will have the middleboxes of the 1st and 2nd row empty. It will create a U-shaped pattern in your crafting grid. It is the simplest recipe to construct a composter in your gameplay. You can make as many composters as you want, depending upon your need. 


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Materials Needed For Making A Composter 

Here is a list of all those items that you will need to make a composter in Minecraft. 

  1. Crafting table (3×3)
  2. Seven wooden slabs

It would be totally up to you to use any wood. You can replace the wooden slabs with any wood present in your inventory. You can also choose from the given types of wood. 

  • Acacia wood slabs 
  • Jungle wood slabs 
  • Dark oak wood slabs 
  • Crimson slabs 

Where To Find Materials To Make A Composter In Minecraft?

A composter helps you to increase the efficiency and performance of its gameplay. It also speeds up your Minecraft game. You can make a composter, but you will have to find the needed items first. 

You can find the wooden slabs in the forest biomes, jungle biomes, or woodlands. If you use a specific kind of wood, then you will have to find that wood in its specific location. For example, if you want to make a composter with dark oak wood, you will have to go to the dark forest biomes as the dark oak wood usually grows there. 

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft

Minecraft allows its players to do wonders in their gameplay. A player can create a lot of valuable things in Minecraft. A composter is one of those items that a player can make in its gaming world. But how would you craft a composter in Minecraft? You will find your answer here. 

You will need only one type of raw material to craft a composter in Minecraft. And that ingredient is wooden slabs or wood chunks. Here you can use any wood to make your composter. Now I am mentioning the main steps to create a composter in Minecraft. Gear up to learn about how to construct a composter in Minecraft.

1. Collect the raw materials

The first and foremost thing you will have to do is collect or find the raw materials for your composter. You will need to have seven wooden slabs to construct your composter. You can also find a few pieces of wood in case you don’t have access to the wooden slabs. You will get four wooden slabs or planks from a single piece of wood using your crafting grid. You can also use oak logs as a raw material for your composter. 

2. Navigate to the crafting menu

Once you have gathered the wooden slabs, you will have to begin the final process for your composter. Then, open your crafting table. As a result, you will see a crafting grid of 3×3.  

3. Combine all of your ingredients in your crafting table

Then you will have to place all of your seven wooden slabs in all the boxes of your crafting grid. Make sure to leave the middles boxes of the 1st and 2nd rows of your crafting grid empty. Putting the slabs at their exact positions will let you get your desired composter. You will get a U-shaped pattern from your crafting grid. As a result, your composter will appear in the box. 

4. Add the composter to your inventory

Now you need to place your composter in your Minecraft inventory. You have successfully constructed a composter in Minecraft. This crafting recipe will not waste your precious time as the crafted item is beneficial to get bonemeal in Minecraft. 

How Do You Make A Simple Compost Bin?

How To Make A Composter In Minecraft

Minecraft allows its player to make a compost bin to dispose of the unwanted and excess food items. You can easily make a priceless compost bin in Minecraft. 

A compost bin is one of Minecraft’s valuable tools to make your world clean and free of dirt. You can also make your compost in the compost bin in Minecraft. As composting is a natural way to transform your kitchen and other wastes into valuable products. 


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1. Find a suitable location

First, you have to find a suitable location for your composting bin. You can also choose an area that is close to your kitchen or garden. Now put a garbage bag there. 

2. Select a container for your compost

To make a simple compost bin, you will need to choose a plastic storage container with a tight lid. 

3. Make holes at the bottom of your container

Then you will have to cut the bottom of your container and drill holes there. Make sure that you have worn your safety gloves. You can either cut the entire bottom of your container or can drill many holes in it. 

4. Fill the compost bin

Now you have to place your composter on top of the garbage bag. You need to fill your compost bin with organic waste now. You can also secure the top of your bin from wandering animals. 

There you go, you have successfully made a simple compost bin in Minecraft to eliminate the leftover plant and food items. It will help you clean your garden as well as its surrounding. 

What Does A Composter Do In Minecraft?

Composter in Minecraft will help you get many advantages for your Minecraft world. A composter usually serves you in a variety of ways. Some of the advantages that you get from a composter are as follows:

  • Composting 

Composting is a process in Minecraft that allows you to convert your purposeless items into resourceful and useful items. You can turn the compostable things into eatables. You can turn your organic plant materials into the bonemeal in a blink of an eye. 

  • Alleviates toxicity in plants

It is another incredible thing about a composter in Minecraft. Your composter also helps you get rid of the toxic materials in plants. Not only can you get rid of these items, but also make them a re-purposeful item. 

  • Helps flourish your garden

The most important task of a composter in Minecraft is its ability to make your garden look good. You can create a flourishing garden by converting the infertile lands and soil into fertile ones. 

  • Used as a source of fuel and fertilizer 

A composter in Minecraft is beneficial for you. You can use your composter to make different and effective fertilizers. A composter enables you to make useful fuels as well. A composter can easily smelt or cook one or more items to get valuable fuel for your gameplay. 

You can use a composter as a farmer villager’s job site block in Minecraft. A composter is an important Minecraft block that a player can craft. These are the job blocks that you can find in abandoned villages.

  • Source of bonemeal 

You can get bonemeal a lot more quickly by using a composter in Minecraft. You can transform the rejected plant materials and excess plants leftover into useful bonemeal. If you have an excess of stray flowers in your inventory slot, then you can put them in your Minecraft composter to free up space in your inventory and to make the bonemeal. 

  • Used to dispose of natural products

A composter allows you to use it as a compost bin, depending upon your need. You can dump the waste materials in it. Most of the players and farmers use these blocks to dispose of natural products (crops, seeds, and stray flowers).

  • Base notes 

A composter lets you make music in Minecraft. If you place a note block under your composter, you will be able to generate a bass note in your gameplay. 

  • Used to place items in it

You can use a composter to put different items in it. You can insert an item in the composter by placing a hopper above your composter. You can also save your items there. 

  • Used as an iron farm

A composter will allow you to use it as an iron farm. You can build an iron farm for breeding by the farmer villagers. It will also help you to make zombies a part of your iron farm. 


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What Can You Put In A Composter In Minecraft? 

Minecraft composter is easy to construct. You won’t have to make much investment to craft a Minecraft composter. Once you have done with its construction, you can put many of your items in it. Here, I am enlisting the main items that you can put in your composter. These items include:

  • Stray flowers
  • Leftover seeds
  • Composting eggs
  • Grass, saplings, and different crops
  • Flowers and carrots 
  • Beetroot seeds 
  • Kelp
  • Decayed fruits 
  • Mushrooms 
  • Sugarcane and vines 
  • Cactus 
  • Baked potatoes 

You can easily recycle the items mentioned above in your composter. There are a few exceptions for your composter in Minecraft. You cannot put bamboo, dead bushes, meat, fish, and poisonous items in your composter. These things will harm the efficiency and working of your Minecraft’s composter. 

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