Automatic Composter: Here’s How to Use It in Minecraft

Automatic Composter: Here's How to Use It in Minecraft

In Minecraft, an automatic composter is a crucial item in your inventory that adds valuable features to your gameplay. Automatic composters are very useful when it comes to obtaining bone meals. These are the blocks that can change food and plant material into bone meals. A fully automatic composter can easily convert the compostable items to finished products. They are the self-sufficient and the most efficient of all the composters. 

You have to put your items in the chest to use an automatic composter. Place one Hopper at the top of your composter and the other one near the base of your composter. Hopper will transfer the things into the composter, which will turn them into your desired bone meals. You can use these bone meals for a variety of purposes.

An automatic composter converts the organic materials into bone meals. Adding an automatic composter to your Minecraft inventory will be helpful to enhance the growth rate of your Minecraft gameplay. An automatic composter is fairly easy to craft and set up in Minecraft. This article is a perfect guide on how to create, activate, and use an automatic composter. You will also learn about the functions of the automatic composter. 

How Does Automatic Composter Work?

Automatic Composter: Here's How to Use It in Minecraft

Automatic composters serve different purposes in Minecraft. It serves as a farmer villager’s job site block in Minecraft. There are other things to count on when you think of its benefits. They include:

1. Used To Get Fuel To Run A Furnace

An automatic composter usually helps you to make bone meals. You can use this bone meal as fuel to run your furnace in Minecraft. So, it’s a source of fuel in your Minecraft gameplay. You can also use your composter to fuel in a furnace to smelt different items in your Minecraft overworld. 

2. Capable Of Smelting 1.5 Items

An automatic composter has the twice ability to smelt different types of items compared with the regular composters and furnaces in Minecraft. You can smelt 1.5 items at a time in your Minecraft automatic composter.

3. Able To Convert Plants, Food, And Other Related Materials Into Bone Meal 

Perhaps, the most obvious and incredible thing about Minecraft’s automatic composter is its ability to transform all of your compostable items into the bone meal. You can get tons of bone meals for your future use as well. 

4. Increases The Growth Rate Of Your Gameplay

An automatic composter is one of those incredible tools in Minecraft that increases your game play’s overall performance and efficiency. A player can make its gameplay much better with its enhanced growth rate using an automatic composter in Minecraft. 

How To Create An Automatic Composter?

Do you worry about how to harvest a large number of your seeds and convert them into a suitable amount of bonemeal? No worries. Minecraft offers you an automatic composter for harvesting your seeds. It can handle the maximum amount of seeds within no time. An automatic composter is a great addition and a fast way to get many bone meals in Minecraft. You can easily construct an automatic composter in Minecraft.

Here, I will explain the recipe to craft an automatic composter in Minecraft. Follow the given steps below. 

1. Collect the required materials

Crafting an automatic composter in Minecraft asks you to have few things in your inventory. You will have to collect the required materials to create an automatic composter. You will need seven wood slabs in your inventory. Materials required are:

  • A chest
  • Four Cactus
  • A water bucket
  • Building blocks
  • Composter 
  • Two hoppers 
  • A glass pane or fences
  • Four sand blocks 

2. Connect Hopper to the chest

Automatic Composter: Here's How to Use It in Minecraft

It is a very important step in creating an automatic composter. Connect the Hopper to the chest to collect a lot of bone meals. You can also make it double by placing another chest in Minecraft.

3. Place a composter

Here you will use slabs of your own choice. Place a composter on the Hopper and add one more Hopper in the base.

4. Make a crafting grid

You will make a crafting grid of 7×7 in Minecraft. You can use any building block here to make the boundary of your area. 

5. Use sand blocks

Place four sand blocks for planting cactus. Cactus can grow only on sand blocks. 

6. Place the plant and water bucket.

Put a water bucket opposite your Hopper. Cactus will gather at a place as the water flows. You can plant the cactus now.

7. Use glass pane

Place a glass pane between the growing cacti. It will help you to collect the broken cacti. 

8. Final step

Now, whenever the cactus breaks they ultimately fall into the composter. This automatic composter will convert the cacti into bone meals.

9. Improvisation

After you have done the creation of an automatic composter, you can improve it with many things. For example, you can make a good ceiling and glass walls for your composter. 

How To Use An Automatic Composter

Using an automatic composter does not require your labor. All you need to do is to put all of your items in the chest. The Hopper will take the material down to the composter. Once you have your composter filled with the organic items, the Hopper will pick it up to the chest. You will get many bone meals quickly. An automatic composter is useful when you have to harvest extra seeds or other crops. To put it in a nutshell, add all the items in the chest and move away. After some time, you will see your required bone meals. 

What Can You Put In An Automatic Composter? 

You can put many things in an automatic composter. These things include:

  • Roots 
  • Different kinds of blocks (nether wart blocks, warped wart blocks, and wood slabs)
  • Vines
  • Fungi
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