How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft?

How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

Minecraft is still climbing the popularity charts, and there seems no end to it. Players get addicted once they get to know the basics of this game. One of the most crucial structures you have to craft in the game is a Nether portal. Besides, the end and exit portals are also available in Minecraft. The nether portal is teeming with vast oceans of lava and scary sounds. This portal will help you in transportation to the nether dimension. So how do you make a nether portal?

The items you will require to make a Nether portal are one fire charge, fourteen obsidians, and one flint & steel. You will need fourteen obsidians to build the frame of the portal. The dimensions of the Nether portal should be four by 5, four obsidian blocks in width, and five obsidian blocks in height. You can either use flint & steel or fire charge but not both at the same time.

The Nether portal is not easy to craft. You will need to mine many items, but you can kill the ender dragon once you get it. The Nether portal can act as a bridge (channel) between the Nether and the paradise. It would help you to explore a fascinating world of blocks and monsters. But how exactly can you craft a Nether portal, and what do you have to do to find the required ingredients? And how would you make it with lava, water buckets, and a lava pool? Let’s find out. 

What Is A Nether Portal In Minecraft?

How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

The Nether portal is like a rectangular frame and teems with vast oceans of lava and scary sounds. It is hell-like dimensions in which mobs and zombies are present everywhere. It will also help you to enter into the nether dimension from the overworld. You can use the nether portal to shift different entities to the new world. Many players consider it dangerous grounds. They are usually vertically made from obsidian blocks.

A player can easily move from the overworld to the nether dimension by standing 4 seconds in the nether portal and vice versa. You need to enter the portal standing in that nether portal. Make sure that your nether portal is safe because the mobs usually spawn on the nether portal itself. But the most important thing one should know is why there is a need to make a Nether portal in Minecraft?

A player wants to get a nether portal for its incredible uses and services. For example:

  • You can get many useful items by mining in the nether portal. 
  • You can get gold ingots by mining nether gold ores
  • You can also mine lava, gravel, Blackstone, magma blocks, mushrooms, nether quartz, gunpowder, glowstone, and soul sand by using a nether portal. You can get these resources without any cost. 
  • The most amazing thing about a nether portal is that you can get ender pearls as well. 

How To Make A Nether Portal In Minecraft

Let’s get to know about the method to craft a Nether portal in Minecraft. You can build the Nether portals in a variety of sizes and shapes. You will have to collect the following things to accomplish your task. The raw material includes:  

  • A fire charge
  • Fourteen obsidians 
  • A flint and steel 

However, the number of obsidians required to craft a Nether portal usually falls within the range of 10 to 14. You will need these obsidians to create the portal frame. To lighten your portal, a flint and steel are all you need. If you want to gain access to this incredible portal in your Minecraft, follow these steps carefully. 

The basic steps to craft a portal are as follows:

Collecting Obsidians 

You can use various methods to collect obsidians for the Nether portal in Minecraft. These methods will prevent your resources from wastage and protect your character from any harm. These methods are:

Method 1:

By mixing two elements such as lava and water, you will be able to get obsidian blocks. 

Method 2:

You can also mine or explore the obsidian blocks with the help of appropriate mining equipment. You can get several blocks with this method. However, diamond blocks are rare. So, you cannot mine them easily. 

Building A Portal Frame

How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

Make the simplest portal frame for your Minecraft nether. The simplest frame would be 4×5 in rectangular form. Take five obsidians to constitute the height of the Nether portal and four obsidians as its base. Now, replace the corner blocks with placeholder blocks. In this way, you will get a Nether portal consisted of fourteen obsidians in your Minecraft world.


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Lightening The Minecraft Interior

Now you will have to select a flint and steel from your command list and place it along the base of your portal. You can use the flint and steel from an iron ingot for the same purpose. You will get purple smoke from an iron ingot. This purple smoke is the portal to your Nether. To activate your Nether portal, you can also use a fire charge in place of a flint and steel. 

Finalizing The Crafting Process

Hold on a few seconds, and you will see that the purple color fades with time. You can now explore it. You can also use this nether portal with lava, mobs and monsters, fire, and other undead creatures. 

How to Make A Nether Portal In Creative

The smallest nether portal you can build is 4×5, and the largest portal frame you can build is 23×23 in your world. You can make the Nether portal both in creative and survival mode. You can make a nether portal in creative mode with just a little understanding, but this method is quite different from others. There is no wait time in this method as the player can immediately transfer between both dimensions.

Unlike all the other methods, you do not need to collect building blocks as you already have obsidian in creative mode. This method saves your time from collecting or mining obsidians for the nether portal. What you need to do is:

  1. Select an area for your nether portal.
  2. Make an area of 3×3 by using building blocks.
  3. You can use many building blocks for the same purpose. But obsidian blocks are the most favorable in this regard.
  4. You don’t have to collect these blocks as they are already present in your inventory slot.
  5. Place these blocks in your selected area to get a portal frame for your Nether.
  6. You will need a flint and steel to lighten up your adjusted frame. You can also use a fire charge for the same purpose.
  7. Activate your Nether by pressing the nether portal to get access to the overworld or the nether dimension. 

You can also use the jump/walk option through the purple area of the nether portal to bridge the unbridgeable. Your portal is ready to use now. That is probably the most straightforward way when it comes to crafting a Nether portal in Minecraft.

How To Make A Nether Portal In Survival

How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

Are you afraid of the overworld as the overworld is not good enough for you? If yes, then there is the easiest way to craft a Nether portal in Minecraft. You will do it to make your Minecraft world a safe place for you or hide from the deadly mobs and monsters. To make one, you need:

  • Fourteen blocks
  • A source of light

Let’s have a look at this simple recipe to craft a nether portal in survival mode:

  1. You will need to collect, mine, or craft obsidian blocks in survival mode. 
  2. You can also get it by chest loots.
  3. Once you have collected these items, you can proceed to make a nether portal in survival mode. 
  4. Select your destination for the nether portal.
  5. Make a rectangular frame of 4×5 there.
  6. Make a mold so that you have four blocks across the ground while holding five blocks upward.
  7. You will use obsidian blocks for your portal frame
  8. You can use any block for the corner of your frame by replacing the obsidians with other blocks of your choice.
  9. Now use any source to light up your nether portal.
  10. You can use a flint and steel, a fire charge, or fire for this purpose. 
  11. Press the nether portal to go to the overworld inside the Nether.

The looks of the Nether are captivating but remember that you are entering a dangerous world. You can also kill the ender dragon to progress in this game.

You can use your portal now as it is ready. Moreover, enchantments usually play a pivotal role in this regard. Smite is an effective enchantment as it kills the mob quickly. If you lack one of the essential items, it will put you in a dangerous situation. So, you will need to get these enchantments for surviving in the Minecraft nether portal. You can get sharpness, infinity, fire aspect, unbreaking, power, silk touch, and protection enchantments for your weapons and tools. 


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How To Make A Nether Portal With Lava

It’s pretty cool to make a nether portal with lava in Minecraft, as lava is a common block. You can get it both above the ground and below it. The best way is to find a natural reservoir of lava in Minecraft. Crafting a Nether portal with lava requires a bucket of water and almost ten lava blocks. You will need these iron buckets for the storage of water and lava in your inventory. 

The things you need to do to make a portal are:

  1. Collect some flammable blocks to make a nether portal
  2. You can also use obsidian blocks for it
  3. You can get these blocks when water hits a lava source block
  4. Grab some lava for your nether portal
  5. Place all the blocks at their exact position
  6. Build a mold from dirt and dig a channel in the earth.
  7. Fill all the blocks one by one by using a lava bucket.
  8. Put one obsidian block at the corner of your portal and put some lava with it.
  9. Flood the lava with the water bucket. 
  10. The mold will ultimately turn into a nether portal.

You must repeat all the steps three times to mold the other layers as well. The afore-mentioned method is one of the simplest methods as it does not require any obsidian or diamonds. This method is helpful to craft the Nether portal in Minecraft. You can also make a nether portal by the given following method.

How To Make A Nether Portal With A Lava Pool

How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

Items required to make a Nether portal with a lava pool are:

  • A water bucket
  • An instrument for breaking blocks
  • Five to six blocks
  • Lighting source
  • Lava pool 

Let’s get started with the crafting of the nether portal with a lava pool:

Step 1:

The very first step of this method is all about crafting the buckets. You will need some iron for this task. Once you have completed it, fill this bucket with water. 

Step 2:

Now you will need to have maximum lava source blocks in the lava pool. After you have these blocks, move forward to build a wall near a lava pool. You need to walk 15 blocks away from the pool. Then build a rectangular frame of 4×5 there. Also, remove the first two blocks of the front wall. 

Step 3:

You will be making a portal for your Nether in this step. For this purpose, place two buckets side-by-side. You can easily switch between these buckets. You have one bucket full of water, and the other is full of lava. Fill the holes with lava and place water up against the wall. That will help you to get obsidians for your portal. Repeat the process for each of your spaces. 

Step 4:

Now you can use any source for lighting your nether portal. You can use a flint and steel, a fire charge, or any other source of light to light your nether portal.

In a nutshell, you need a lava source or a lava pool in rectangular form. Now place four blocks and fill them with water. Remove the water and break the blocks. To create obsidian, collect the lava with empty buckets. Repeat the process carefully as there are chances that you can miss one of the blocks. Do remember to prevent water from mixing with lava. That is how you will be able to craft a Nether portal with a lava pool.  

How To Make A Nether Portal With Buckets

This method requires:

  • A water source
  • A lava source
  • Building blocks 
  • Pickaxe (cobblestone) 
  • Iron buckets 
  • Source of light

To make one, you will need almost ten buckets of lava and nearly twenty cobblestones. First of all, make a hole and put cobblestone at each end. Each hole has two buckets of lava and one bucket of water. After few minutes, lava will ultimately turn into obsidian. Now remove the water with an empty bucket. Repeat the process. Now remove the cobblestone and light up your frame. 

By following the above method and using the number of cobblestones accurately, you will be able to create a Nether portal with buckets.

How To Make A Nether Portal Without Obsidian

It is possible to craft a nether portal without obsidian in Minecraft with a little bit of effort. The most convenient way to make a Nether portal without obsidian is right here. Things that you will need to make this Nether portal include:

  • At least ten lava buckets
  • One water bucket or a source of water
  • A lava source
  • Flint and steel

It would be best to grab a bucket of lava and a bucket of water to get started. Place all the items that you have collected in your inventory.

  1. Build a structure with four sides and a hole in the middle of the structure
  2. Make sure that it is almost three blocks high
  3. Pour lava in the bottom 
  4. Place the lava against a wall, and place the water directly above it.
  5. The water will ultimately fall onto the lava and generate obsidian. 
  6. You will need to repeat this method ten times to create the frame of your Nether portal.
  7. Ignite your portal with your collected source of light

This method not only saves your time but also uses minimum resources. It is one of the most useful tricks to get a Nether portal without obsidians in Minecraft.

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