How to Make a Sea Lantern in Minecraft? Simple Guide

How To Make a Sea Lantern in Minecraft? Simple Guide

Sea lanterns are a great way to increase the light underwater, useful for navigating in dark areas in Minecraft. As they produce light at the maximum level of 15, you’ll get the same amount of light as from glowstones, and many others. But how do you make a sea lantern?

The best way to get a sea lantern in Minecraft is to mine one using a tool with Silk Touch. Otherwise, you can craft one if you have four prismarine shards and five prismarine crystals. 

We’ll look at some ways to get the sea lantern, including how to best farm for the materials needed, and also how to get the Silk Touch enchantment in the most efficient way possible. So let’s get into this guide to find out more about this useful block in Minecraft.

How To Get a Sea Lantern in Minecraft?


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Sea lanterns can be found in ocean monuments and underwater ruins. However, just because you can find one doesn’t mean that’s the end of this guide. Trying to harvest or mine one without using the proper equipment will just result in the sea lantern breaking.

Make sure you grab a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment so that you can get the sea lantern. Silk Touch can be applied to pickaxes, shovels, axes, and shears. 

An ocean monument is a large structure made out of prismarine. It is only found in the deep sea areas and can be mined with a pickaxe. Generally, ocean monuments look like the temples you find on land but are much larger and in a U-shape.

The hallways of the ocean monuments are lit by sea lanterns, which is why they’re such a great source of them.

To raise your chances of finding one, get a boat and sail out into the open ocean, preferably at night as then you’ll be able to see the lights from the sea lanterns.

Another way to spot these underwater monuments is to look out when you get debuffed by Mining Fatigue. Elder Guardians will cast this debuff on you when you’re near the ocean monuments.


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Getting the Silk Touch Enchantment

To raise your chances of getting the Silk Touch enchantment, you can try to loot a Silk Touch book by going through chests found via exploring dungeons, or by trading with a librarian villager. Librarians can be spotted via their white coats.

Finally, you can also get the book by fishing. Unfortunately, none of these methods are particularly quick and generally, it’s better to just keep re-enchanting the same object.

To improve your enchanting chances, enchant multiple items at once. Go for about 36-39 levels, and to further raise your chances you can bring some books, as well as a bow, a pick, and a sword to help reset the table every time you enchant something.

For example, check a level 30 enchantment on the diamond pick. If it already has a silk touch, this will be the best chance. If it does not have the desired enchantment, then do a level one enchantment on a book, and then check the enchantment on level 30 pickaxe again.

Just keep repeating this process until you see Silk Touch on your pickaxe. Make sure you look at the third enchantment available when rolling for Silk Touch, this will be the enchantment that costs three levels and three lapis lazuli.

If it’s not there, then a level one enchantment will only cost one level and one lapis lazuli.

If none of the above methods are working and you’re running out of materials, then consider building a sugarcane farm and an infinite villager breeder.

Keep breeding until you get a bunch of librarians. From the sugarcane farm, get the paper produced and in turn sell it to the librarians to unlock their trades.


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Each librarian will trade a total of three different enchanted books, so just keep farming this until you get the book with Silk Touch.

While trying to breed a librarian, if you do get any blacksmiths you can also check their wares because the toolsmith villager can sometimes stock enchanted iron shovels, which may have rolled Silk Touch on them.

There’s also a very low chance that they will have an enchanted diamond pickaxe as well that may roll Silk Touch on it.

Brown-robed villagers can also be a great source of carrots and potatoes, which can then be sold to other farmer-subtype villagers in return for emeralds, which will be your crafting material needed for books and tools from the other villagers.

Crafting Recipe for a Sea Lantern in Minecraft

The recipe for the crafting table for a sea lantern in Minecraft requires four prismarine shards and five prismarine crystals. The prismarine crystals should be arranged in a vertical and horizontal cross, while the four prismarine shards fill in each corner.

If you’ve put them on the crafting table properly, the sea lantern’s aqua and white block should appear to the right.

There are a variety of sources for prismarine shards, including defeating guardians or elder guardians. If you have the Looting enchantment, this will increase the bundles from zero to two shards to a maximum of five.

You can also get prismarine shards from guardians and elder guardians, with the drop chance being 40% and 33% chance respectively. This will also be increased if you have the Looting enchantment.

Another way to obtain the prismarine shards is to just harvest sea lanterns, as they will drop two or three crystals each time. If you have the Fortune enchantment, this will boost the amount dropped to five.

Usages for Sea Lantern in Minecraft

Building a structure around a sea lantern will then emit a conduit power effect in a certain radius, scaling with the number of blocks that are used to power it. 

Sea lanterns are very similar in effect to glowstones, redstone lamps, jack o ‘lanterns, lanterns, beacons, conduits, and shroomlights, so if you need to brighten up a room and none of the above are available, sea lanterns are a great alternative.

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