How to Make Black Dye in Minecraft? Recipe & Materials

How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft

Online video games have become very popular these days. Minecraft is one such online game and is all about building and exploring new structures. It offers you a variety of tools and enchantments for your house. Dye is the must-have item in Minecraft. There are many valuable dyes in Minecraft that you can use for various purposes. So do you know how to make black dye in Minecraft?

Crafting black dye requires you to have one wither rose and an ink sac in your Minecraft inventory. To make one, go to your crafting table and put an ink sac in the first box of the crafting grid (3×3). Now put the wither rose in its exact place. You will see your dye at the top right corner of your crafting grid. Now add this dye to your inventory. It would make you able to use black dye for your Minecraft items and tools. 

There are several dyes in Minecraft that you can choose from. Black dye is an entirely new item in Minecraft. Black dye has replaced the ink sac to change the color of the things to black. I will provide you with step-by-step instructions to make a black dye for your Minecraft world. You will also learn about the required materials in this article. This article will make you able to get maximum benefits from this dye in your gaming arena. 

What Materials Are Needed To Make Black Dye?

How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft

Black dye is among the direct dyes in Minecraft. You can use this dye to color your tools and weapons black or improve your item’s looks. You need to have these things in your inventory to make your desired black dye. 

• Ink sac 

• Wither rose or squid

You can get black dye with any of the above items in your inventory. You can use ink sack or wither rose or both at the same time. 

How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft Java

You can make black dye for both the creative and survival mode of your Minecraft. The supported version of Java edition for black dye includes:

• Java Edition 1.14

• Java Edition 1.17

You will need a few items in your stock to make this dye in your gameplay. The raw material includes a wither rose, ink sack, and a crafting table. After you have collected all the needed material, you can proceed further to make a black dye in Minecraft. Let’s start.

1. Open the crafting table

Open your crafting table, and there you will see a crafting grid of 3×3. You will use this workbench to make your dye in Minecraft. 

2. Add all the required items to make black dye.

Place all the ingredients at their exact places. Minecraft offers you two patterns for the same purpose. You can place the ink sac in the very first box of your crafting grid. You can also set the wither rose in the first box of another pattern. Hence, both of these patterns will help you get your desired black dye in Minecraft Java Edition. 

You need to make sure that you have placed all the items at their specific positions or get an irrelevant end product. 

3. Add the black dye to your inventory. 

Once you have made black dye, you need to add it to your inventory as well. Drag the dye from the right of your crafting table to your inventory mode. You have successfully created black dye for your gameplay. 

4. Use ‘give command’

To use this dye, you will need to press the relevant command from the Minecraft command menu list. The given command for black dye is:

 /give @p black_dye 1

How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft Bedrock

You cannot change ink sacs into black dye in the Minecraft bedrock edition. Bedrock Edition PS4 is not able to craft ink sacs for your Minecraft black dye. But, you don’t need to worry at all. You have one more option to make black dye in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. You can also use wither rose. Wither rose serves the same purpose in Minecraft as does the ink sack. What you will do is:

  • Find a wither rose in your Minecraft world. You can get it by trading with the librarian villagers or by searching it in forests. 
  • Use your crafting grid of 3×3 in Minecraft. 
  • Place the wither rose in the very first box of your crafting grid. 
  • After some time, you will get your black dye. 
  • You need to move this dye to your Minecraft inventory. 
  • Use this dye to color your tools black. 


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What Is A Black Dye Used For

How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft

Colors are crucial for one’s life. They add a beauty element to your world. Black color or dye is a universally unique color when compared with the other Minecraft dyes. Black dye is one of the most widely used dyes in Minecraft. Players usually want to get this dye for their items. You can’t get this dye quickly. There are several reasons why most of the players want to add black dye in Minecraft. A few of them include:

• To Dye Different Valuable Items Of Your World

Most of the players use this awesome feature in the game to dye sheep and wool, beds and banners, leather armor and shulkers, carpets, and terracotta. They do so to make the look of their items unique and attractive. They use a bed to rest and make it more amazing; they use black color dye. 

• To Create Balloons 

Players also used it to create balloons in Minecraft bedrock edition. Balloons are one of the fanciest items in Minecraft. You can get black balloons for your world by painting the default colored balloons with black dye. 

• For Decoration Purposes

You can use black dye for decoration purposes as well. You can create black banners with black dye to make your surrounding more captivating.

• To Create Firework Stars 

The black dye will make you able to create firework stars. It will also make you able to craft firework rockets for your Minecraft gameplay. To create firework stars, all you need to do is to have a crafting table, gunpowder, and black dye in your inventory slot. Black fireworks are great things to use in Minecraft because they won’t require sunlight or daylight cycle. This option is only for those players that do not have access to the daylight cycle.  

• To Dye Wolves And Cats

You can dye the wool of your wolves and cats with black dye, but you will need to tame them first. You can also change the collar color of your tamed wolves and cats with this dye. 

• For Customization

The black dye will allow you to change and customize different items of your gameplay. 

• To Dye Leather Armor

The black dye will make you able to paint your leather armors with black dye. You will then be able to get the refined form of your weapons and tools in Minecraft. 

Other uses include:

  • You can use black dye to paint any item placed on your crafting table with black color dye.
  • You can create black banners for your surroundings.
  • Used to make concrete powder by mixing gravel and sand.
  • You can create glow sticks with this valuable dye in Minecraft.
  • You can also add patterns to your banners with black dye.
  • To get black blocks by shearing the sheep’s wool into three parts.


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Why Can’t I Make Black Dye In Minecraft?

You cannot make black dye by using ink sacs in your inventory. There are other items too that you will need for this purpose. So, your crafting table will not allow you to make black dye.  

Where Do You Get Black Dye?

How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft

Not only is this valuable dye in itself but also in mixing with other Minecraft dyes. You can get black dye from a variety of sources. Some of the sources are as follows:

  1. Trading 

You can get black dye by trading in your world. Wandering traders usually trade black dyes for emerald. You can get three black dyes per emerald. This method requires you to spend most of your time searching for such traders around your Minecraft world. You can also trade ink sacks with librarian villagers. 

  1. From Wither Roses

You can also get black dye with wither roses. You can find these roses in jungles, forests, and gardens. 

  1. From Squids 

You can get black dye from squids also. You need to start by searching for a water source. After finding the water source, you need to find a squid swimming around your water source. You will get an ink sack by killing the squids. Then you have to turn that ink sack into a black dye by using your crafting table. 

There are many other structures from where you can get the black dye. These structures include a hut, temple, biomes, and forests. 

 How To Get Black Dye In Hypixel Skyblock?

You cannot use black dye directly in hypixel skyblock. Minecraft offers you the replacement of black dye in hypixel skyblock. You can use ink sacks in place of black dye in the Minecraft hypixel server. 

Minecraft Black Dye Farm

Collecting ink sacks requires you a lot of time and effort. You can make a Minecraft black dye farm easily with squids. It will ultimately save your time, and you will get a stock of ink sacks for future use. These squids will provide you with ink sacks in return. You can use them to craft black dye in Minecraft.

There are two methods for this purpose. Either you can dig an underneath tunnel in the ocean or make a lake by yourself. You can also find an already existing lake for the same purpose. Below is the quick and easy recipe to make a black dye farm with squids in Minecraft. You will get tons of ink sacks with this guide. Let’s get right into it. 

  1. Collect The Raw Material

You need to collect or find these items for your black dye farm. 

  • 64 building blocks
  • Two buckets 
  • A flint and steel
  • Six chests
  • 12 hoppers 
  • A large number of obsidian blocks
  1. Find A River Biome

First, you need to find or choose a river to build your farm in it. A sizeable vast area must surround that river. That biome should be 21×5. 

  1. Make A Boundary

Then you will have to place the building blocks around the edges of your river biome. Clear the inside area to make room for your farm. You will need to remove the extra amount of water with sponges. Make sure that you have cleared the water around your river biome. 

  1. Building Portal

Make a hole and start building portals in that hole. Place the obsidians to proceed further. Also, fill the gaps with glass between portals. Now fill the gaps between glasses with water by using buckets. 

  1. Make A Tunnel

Once you have done with your farm, make a tunnel inside of your farm walls. Add hoppers and chests to the player’s portal. Let the squids grow on that farm. 

  1. Finalizing

Wait for your squids to grow. Now break them to get the ink sacks. You have made tons of ink sacks by using spawning squids. You will get enough black dye for a long time use.

You can store enough black dye for your future use. You can also use wither roses to make the same farm. But there is a downside of using withers roses for your black dye farm in Minecraft. Wither rose farm usually results in the damage of many entities. Roses can efficiently pollinate, making your farm a susceptible place to live in.

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