How to Make Purple Dye in Minecraft?

How To Make Purple Dye In Minecraft

Minecraft is an online virtual gaming world in which many players are competing with one another. They want to gain efficiency, improvement, and productivity growth for their gameplay. They also want to make their world beautiful. One such thing that they can use to fulfill their desires is Minecraft dyes. There are 16 dyes that you can have in Minecraft. One of those dyes is purple. So how to make purple dye in Minecraft? 

Crafting purple dye requires you to have one lapis lazuli and one red tulip (Rose red) in your inventory. Open your crafting grid of 3×3. Then place both items adjacent to each other. Lapis lazuli will turn into the blue dye and res tulip into a rose-red dye. By combining both the dyes, you will get your purple dye.

The purple dye is secondary in Minecraft which you can also make by mixing two primary dyes in your gameplay. This dye will make your items purple. Purple color is a sign of devotion, peace, and dignity. That’s why a player wants to add this unique color to its Minecraft inventory slot. You can get all the information about purple dye from this read. 

What Materials Are Needed To Make Purple Dye

How To Make Purple Dye In Minecraft

Cyan dye gives your tools an aquatic look. Crafting cyan dye in Minecraft requires you to collect or obtain certain items in your inventory. Here I am enlisting a few things that you will need to get to make this rare dye in Minecraft. 

1. One lapis lazuli

2. One rose red

You can either trade for purple dye in return for emeralds. You can also get purple dye by combining red and blue dye in your crafting grid. There is one more option for you to get a purple dye in your gameplay. You can use purple orchids for the same purpose.

How To Make Purple Dye In Minecraft Java

Minecraft java edition allows you to make a purple dye for your gameplay. Here, I will explain the procedure that you can follow to make purple dye in your Minecraft world. It is a step-by-step guide to craft a purple dye in Minecraft Java Edition. With this recipe, you will be able to get two purple dyes at the same time. 

1. Mine the required materials

First, you need to navigate in your Minecraft world to find lapis lazuli and rose red. You can also get a purple dye by having red and blue dye in your Minecraft’s inventory. You can also find red tulips or rose bush for the same purpose. With lapis lazuli, you will get blue dye, and red tulips will help you get the rose-red dye. 

2. Go to the crafting table

Once you have collected the needed items, you need to open your crafting table. Your crafting grid should be 3×3. 

3. Add the items to the crafting grid

Now you will have to place one lapis lazuli and one rose-red dye or red tulips in your crafting grid. Make sure that you have set both the items adjacent to each other. 

4. Crafting purple dye

Once you have placed both the dyes adjacent to each other, you will get two purple dyes in the box that is on the right side of your crafting grid. 

5. Transfer the dye to your inventory

It is the right time for you to move your crafted purple dye to the inventory slot. Your purple dye is ready to use now. 

6. Use the purple dye command

You can use the /give command for Minecraft purple dye. The command is as follows:

/give @p purple_dye 1

The supported versions of Minecraft Java Edition include 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.16.5, and 1.17.  

How To Make Purple Dye In Minecraft Bedrock

You can make a purple dye here in Minecraft Bedrock Edition as well. The only way to get purple dye in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is by mixing red and blue dye. Use the method mentioned above here as well to make a purple dye. 


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What Is A Purple Dye Used For

The purple dye is one of the secondary dyes in Minecraft. You can make this dye by combining two primary dyes. There are tons of benefits that you can get from the purple dye in Minecraft. 

  • Used to make purple terracotta

The purple dye will help you to paint your terracotta purple. You will need eight terracottas and one purple dye in your Minecraft crafting grid to make purple terracotta. You can also make purple glazed terracotta as a decoration item for your Minecraft world. 

  • Used to dye wool 

You can dye the wool of your sheep and wolves with this dye. It will make you able to dye the collars of tamed cats in your gameplay. 

  • Used to make big firework star

You will need purple dye to make and dye firework stars by using gunpowder. You can also create different effects for your firework with the help of purple dye. 

  • Used to make magenta dye

You can use purple dye to make or create magenta dye to color your tools and weapons in this online gaming world. 

  • Used to make purple stained glass

The purple dye will help you to dye stained glass in your gameplay. You will do so to add this unique color to the doors and windows of your Minecraft house. You can also make purple stained glass panes by using glass panes and purple dye. 

  • Used to dye signboards, sheep, and leather armor

You can easily dye different sign boards, sheep, leather armors, and many other tools with this dye. You can get three purple blocks from sheep and one purple block from wool. 

  • Used to earn valuable things for your house

You can trade this dye with wandering traders for many valuable items for your world. You can also get emeralds from this trade. 

  • Used to add beautiful patterns to the banners

The purple dye is one of the most vibrant colors in the Minecraft world. You will use purple dye to give a unique look to your banners. These banners will help you to decorate your surroundings. 

The other benefits that you can get from this dye are as follows:

  1. Used to dye your beds.
  2. Used to craft purple balloons and glow sticks.
  3. Used for coloration of clay and water cauldrons.
  4. Used to make purple concrete powder.
  5. Used to paint your Minecraft house.
  6. Used to locate your items quickly.

Why Can’t I Make Purple Dye In Minecraft?

How To Make Purple Dye In Minecraft

The purple dye is one of the secondary (a dye that you can’t craft with the natural ingredients) and rarest dyes in Minecraft. If you are running short of red and blue dye, you can’t make purple dye in Minecraft. Moreover, it would also be difficult for you to find purple orchids sometimes. It would be best if you found them in jungle biomes. That’s why; you can’t make purple dye in Minecraft. You can also find it difficult to trade for purple dye if you don’t have emeralds in your inventory. 


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How To Get Purple Dye In Hypixel Skyblock

In Minecraft, Hypixel Skyblock is one of the largest and highest quality server networks. This server boasts the efficiency and overall performance of your gameplay and allows you to grow better as a player in this online gaming world. You can get purple dye in Minecraft hypixel skyblock.

The only thing that you need to cater to is that you can’t use the required items for your dye. Instead, you can use dyes to get other dyes in Minecraft hypixel skyblock. You can use the hypixel skyblock for Minecraft survival mode only. It won’t work in creative mode. 

Minecraft Purple Dye Farm 

You can make the simplest Minecraft purple dye farm by using the given steps. 

  1. First, you need to collect the required items for your farm. The items include:
  • Building blocks
  • Hopper 
  • Chest
  • Fence and fence gate
  • Redstone dust
  • Piston and dispenser
  1. Then you will have to dig a 12×11 square outline.
  2. Now add the collected building blocks to the shape of your square.
  3. Add pistons to the outer side of the square on both sides.
  4. Place a note block in front of the pistons.
  5. Add observer into it.
  6. Then place Redstone dust on the outer side of the building blocks.
  7. Use the same method for another side of your square.
  8. Dig a hole in the middle of your farm and put your dispenser there.
  9. Cover the dispenser with the building blocks and add a hopper to it.
  10. Now add a chest to your hopper.
  11. Secure your farm with the fence around the four sides of your farm.
  12. Add a fence gate to your farm.
  13. Now you need to click on the note block to add the lapis lazuli and Redstone dust to your inventory.
  14. Let them grow on your farm.

Your purple dye farm is ready to use now.

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