Minecraft: Here’s How To Make Brown Dye

how to make brown dye in Minecraft

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Minecraft is a lot of colorful than you would have imagined as there are plenty of dyes available that allow you to repaint certain objects and blocks in the world. One of the most common dyes that players would like to create is brown dye, but it’s also one of the rarest due to its main ingredient. Let’s see how to craft a brown dye in Minecraft and whether it’s possible without cocoa beans.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Brown Dye is created by placing cocoa beans on the crafting table.
  • In Bedrock Edition Minecraft, cocoa beans can be applied directly to blocks and objects to make them brown.
  • In Bedrock and Java Edition, It’s not possible to create brown dye without cocoa beans except for adding it via command or creative mode inventory. In Minecraft Pocket Edition it’s possible to mix black and orange dye to get brown dye.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in October 2023 and reflects the most up-to-date mechanics in the game.

Crafting brown dye in Minecraft is fairly easy but tricky

So you’re aiming to re-decorate your house or to add a bit of flair to your pet collars in Minecraft and you have set your sights on brown dye. Brown Dye can be utilized to re-color everything from wall to glass, to armors, beds, firework stars, signs, letters, and sheep, the possibilities are truly endless.

To create the brown dye all you need is 1x cocoa beans and you need to place them within the crafting table, any spot will do. The result should be a single unit of brown dye.

crafting brown dye

Now this is easier said than done because cocoa beans are notoriously difficult to find if you don’t have a jungle biome nearby, and here’s why.

How to find cocoa beans in Minecraft

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition it’s possible to find cocoa beans within chests as loot, at the Wandering Trader and while you’re fishing. But in Java Edition, it’s only possible to harvest cocoa beans from the cocoa pods while you’re exploring the jungle.

Cocoa pods are fairly plentiful in the jungle so once you’re there make sure to harvest every pod that you come across. Make sure that you’re tool is enchanted with Fortune enchantment to make the yield even greater.

wild cocoa beans

It’s possible to farm cocoa beans by placing them on the side of a jungle log. It doesn’t have to be an entire tree in question just the logs.

coca bean farm

You can plant cocoa beans on the sides of jungle logs, jungle wood, stripped jungle logs, and stripped jungle wood.

Is it possible to make brown dye without cocoa beans?

It’s not possible to create brown dye without cocoa beans in both Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. To make something brown, you will either have to produce brown dye by using cocoa beans or add cocoa beans to the object directly.


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It’s possible to add brown dye to your inventory in creative mode or via command /give @p Minecraft:brown_dye 1.

In Minecraft Pocket Edition it’s possible to create brown dye by combining orange and black dye.

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