How to Make Life in Little Alchemy 2? Human from Scratch

How to Make Life in Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2 enables players to really get creative with just about anything you could imagine – from random items like materials and objects to iconic fiction characters and mythical figures. But, apart from materials and inanimate objects, players can also create living creatures – including humans. Creating a human from scratch will require creating Life in Little Alchemy 2, which can feel quite complex for many players.

Players can create Life using 12 different combinations in Little Alchemy 2, but the most common way is to combine Primordial Soup with a Volcano. From this point, players can combine Life with 4 different items to make a Human, but most players prefer to combine Life with Clay for the shortest process possible.

Although the concept of creating Life in order to make a human in Little Alchemy 2 can feel intimidating, the process can be made really straightforward with the right approaches Stick around to find out exactly how to create Life to make a human from scratch in Little Alchemy 2, including the required base items as well as the step-by-step guidelines.

Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is the sequel to Little Alchemy, and it is a fantastic game for anyone with a curious mind or creative streak since it enables players to create tons of items and even characters using a variety of materials and resources. This game is all about experimenting with different components using ingenuity, much like the original Little Alchemy.

Designed by Jakub Koziol and developed by Recloak Games back in 2010, this game enables anyone to create the world as we know it using the most vital building blocks that can be found in the universe – the natural elements. It’s an amazing way to encourage deep thinking and appreciation for even the most standard objects around the world – but, it’s pretty fun just messing around with endless combinations as well!


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The 4 natural elements make up the base of all creatable items and characters in the game, but players will end up unlocking more and more elements to work with as they progress through the game. Players will simply need to combine base elements in specific ways as they unlock new elements, and then keep building on them and transmuting items until they reach the final product.

“The game is based on an extremely old tradition of Alchemy. In the game, you start with 4 elements, Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. The first game had around 100 elements to create, but since it has received multiple updates, it resulted in 589 elements so far.”

This game is now an incredibly popular option for all ages, as it’s useful for teaching purposes and much more. But, plenty of Little Alchemy 2 players love how fun and interesting it is to explore nature’s most prized components and use them to create familiar items from fantasies – or even just from everyday life.

How To Make Life In Little Alchemy 2

Life is understandably tricky and complex to make in Little Alchemy 2 – but, it’s definitely not as complicated as it could be. It is useful for a ton of additional combinations in the game, including 17 unique combinations that require Life and even a few fun combinations such as:

  • Life and Wood = Pinocchio
  • Life and Time = Death
  • Life and Rainbow = Magic
  • Life and Corpse = Zombie
  • Life and Fire = Phoenix

There are quite a few combinations that players could use to get Life in Little Alchemy 2, as seen below:

  • Electricity and Lake
  • Electricity and Ocean
  • Electricity and Primordial Soup
  • Electricity and Sea
  • Energy and Primordial Soup
  • Lake and Lightning
  • Lightning and Ocean
  • Lightning and Primordial Soup
  • Lightning and Sea
  • Primordial Soup and Storm
  • Primordial Soup and Time
  • Primordial Soup and Volcano

However, many of them are more complex to follow than others. Some may have fewer steps, but they may require more complex items that players may not have discovered yet – which can make the process even longer.


As a result, it can be easy to get confused and lost throughout the process – especially considering that you’ll be making tons of seemingly random items that may feel totally unrelated to Life. Most players choose to use a Volcano and Primordial Soup to get Life in Little Alchemy 2.

Follow the steps below for a guaranteed outcome:

1Water and WaterPuddle
2Water and PuddlePond
3Water and PondLake
4Water and LakeSea
5Fire and EarthLava
6Lava and SeaPrimordial Soup
7Earth and LavaVolcano

From here, all players will then need to do is combine the Primordial Soup and the Volcano that they have created – or, the two items following the recipe of their preference. Combining these two items will create Life.

  1. Select “Primordial Soup” from the Elements panel.
  2. Drag it and drop it onto the playing board.
  3. Select “Volcano” from the Elements panel.
  4. Drag it and drop the “Primordial Soup” onto the “Volcano” on the playing board.
  5. The Primordial Soup and the Volcano will then be combined to make Life.

How To Make a Human In Little Alchemy 2

Life is essential for making a Human in Little Alchemy 2. From making a Human, players will be able to make approximately 90 more things in the game, including a few fun and quirky creations as well such as:

  • Human and Wolf = Werewolf
  • Human and Blood = Vampire
  • Human and Elixir of Life = Deity
  • Human and Faerie = Changeling
  • Human and Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide


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In addition, players can even modify their humans to make interesting characters in the game. Players can transform humans into variants of iconic fictional characters, or transform them into working professionals – such as using Dough on a Human to create a Baker.

human 1

This makes creating Life and a Human quite important overall. There are currently quite a few ways to make a Human, as seen below. Although, only one combination involves Life as a base element, and the other combinations are generally far trickier.

  • Clay and Life
  • Animal and Time
  • Animal and Tool
  • Monkey and Time
  • Monkey and Tool

Much like with Life, the process can be more complex with some combinations. Most players choose to combine Life with Clay to make a Human from scratch in Little Alchemy 2 as a result, described in the steps below:

1Air and AirPressure
2Earth and PressureStone
3Water and EarthMud
4Mud and StoneClay

From here, all players will then need to do is combine the Clay and the Life that they have created. Combining these two items will create a Human.

  1. Select “Clay” from the Elements panel.
  2. Drag it and drop it onto the playing board.
  3. Select “Life” from the Elements panel.
  4. Drag it and drop the “Life” onto the “Clay” on the playing board.
  5. The Clay and the Life will then be combined to make a Human.

That’s it! Once you combine these items, you will have successfully created a Human from scratch using the Life element in Little Alchemy 2, which you can then use to make even more living creatures and people in the game. While the process may seem complex at first, all it really takes is a few strategic drags and drops for you to get happy inhabitants in your Little Alchemy 2 world.

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