How to Make Sawmill in Terraria? Simple Guide 

Sawmill Terraria

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Back in 2011, when Terraria first got released it was a huge game. It even made it onto the list of best-selling games. Its sandbox features and near-limitless creative possibilities allowed for some pretty unique gameplay and various playstyles. For a game that revolves around a procedurally generated world, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what you can and cannot do. One of the most pronounced features in Terraria is Crafting. You have near limitless options and sometimes, we need a little bit of help when it comes to creating items. Today’s guide will be focused on Sawmill. Most importantly how to make a Sawmill, and once you have it, what can you craft with it? 

A sawmill is made using ten pieces of any Wood, two pieces of any Iron Bar, and one chain. To create a Sawmill you will need access to a crafting station more specifically Work Bench. A sawmill is an important part of your crafting endeavors since it’s used for crafting various furniture.

Now that you know the gist of it, it’s time to analyze the matter at hand in more detail. Keep reading to find out what can be crafted at a sawmill.

How to make a Sawmill?

A Sawmill is not a rare item by any means. It’s in the white tier which makes it common enough and easy enough to craft. The exact materials needed to create Sawmill are x10 Wood and x2 Iron Bar and x1 Chain. The placement of the Sawmill is very specific, since its considered furniture it needs to be placed on a platform or solid blocks. It takes up 3 blocks of space in width and 3 blocks in height.  

Wood is easily the easiest material to obtain. You get it from cutting down trees and will probably be the first crafting material you will use when you spawn. Wood and Sawmill are natural pairs considering that wood is needed for most of the furniture as well. There are numerous types of Wood in Terraria. 

  • Wood from Forest
  • Shadewood from Crimson 
  • Palm Wood from Oasis and Ocean 
  • Dynasty Wood from Traveling Merchant
  • Pearlwood from Hallow 

Not all types of wood are common, some are rare to come by early in the game. Luckily for you, the most common type of wood, the one from the forest is enough to make Sawmill. 

All of the necessary materials for the Sawmill are common as well. Iron is an early game metal that you can get by smelting iron ore in a Furnace. Iron ore can be found on the surface, under the ground, and in caverns. It’s generally not difficult to come across iron ore and that makes it such a great early-game start material. Most of the equipment you spawn within the freshly generated world will be made of iron. 

You can craft a chain from x1 Iron bar at Iron (or Lead) Anvils. Chain is used as well as a crafting material mostly, even though you can definitely use it for climbing. 


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The last but not least, it’s actually the most important step. The Work Bench. It is an absolutely necessary item to craft and will probably be the first item you craft. You cannot progress through the game in any way without having it. Work Bench is luckily crafted with only ten pieces of Wood and requires nothing else.

What can you make with Sawmill? 

You pretty much need Sawmill to craft furniture in-game. Beds, Bathtubs, Bookcases, Clocks, Tables, and even Weaponracks are made using a Sawmill. You can read the full list of possible items you can craft here on Terrarira’s official pages. 

In short, you can combine wood with a Sawmill to get a wide arrange of furniture. 

  • Target Dummy x20 Wood, x50 Hay
  • Spooky Piano x4 Bone, x15 Spooky Wood, x1 Book 
  • Sandstone Sofa x5 Smooth Sandstone x2 Silk 
  • Pumpkin Clock x3 Iron Bar, x6 Glass, x10 Pumpkin
  • Planked Wall x1 Stone Block, x1 Wood
  • Spider Toilet x6 Spider Nest Block
  • Bed x15 Wood, x5 Silk
  • Boreal Wood Dresser, x16 Boreal Wood
  • Carpentry Rack x12 Wood x3 Iron
  • Keg x14 Wood
  • Crystal Piano x4 Bone, x40 Crystal Block, x1 Book

You can make Weapons Rack using a sawmill with ten pieces of Wood to keep at hand your favorite pieces of weapons. You can use twenty pieces of Wood and 50 pieces of Hay to make an indestructible Target Dummy for you to test your skills. Not all items you make on the Sawmill are useful, some hold simply decorative purposes such as pianos, chairs, benches thrones, cages, and toilets. 

Some crafted items for example Loom will be absolutely necessary to craft other types of items, for example, Silk. You can check out our full guide on how to make Silk here

The Takeaway

The Sawmill is easily crafted and represents one of the necessary early game items. You will not be able to progress further without investing in it. Sawmill is used to craft most pieces of furniture to furnish your home, some pieces are more exotic than others and their rarity and complexity of recipe depend on the materials needed to craft them. Some crafted items are useful, some not so much, and use purely for decorative and cosmetic purposes. We hope this guide was useful to you and that you have a clearer picture of how to make a Sawmill and once you have it, what to use it for. 

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