How to Make Silk in Terraria? Simple Guide 

How to Make Silk in Terraria

Terraria is one of the most famous sandbox action adventures out there. Its 2D procedurally generated world has near unlimited potential when it comes to exploration, building, and crafting. With such a potentially enormous world, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what you can and cannot do. One of the most pronounced features in Terraria is Crafting. You have near limitless options and sometimes, we need a little bit of help when it comes to creating items. Today’s guide will be focused on Silk. Most importantly how to craft silk, make a profit off of it, and what can be made with silk. So, how to make Silk in Terraria? 

Silk is made out of 7 cobwebs. To make silk you will need access to a Loom which can be created out of 12 pieces of Wood. Silk is used to create various pieces of furniture, decorations, and clothing. 

Now that you have the short answer it’s time to analyze the topic at hand in more depth. We’re going to answer some additional questions related to looms, cobwebs, and crafting with silk so keep reading!

How to Make Silk – The efficient way 

As we’ve mentioned before Silk is relatively easy to craft in Terraria. All you need is 7 pieces of cobwebs and a crafting station – Loom. And voila you’ve got Silk. But you’re probably wondering where to get the mentioned cobwebs.

Cobwebs are harvested with your weapon or any kind of swung item. And you can find them in places where you would find them in real life. Think about dark, damp places that no humans traverse regularly. Caves, underground places, spider nests, walls, ceilings. The best part about cobwebs is that they actually regrow after some time and can be farmed reliably and regularly. You can turn a profit by crafting Silk the easy way. Since Cobwebs are relatively easy to find and farm you can stack up on them and craft numerous pieces of Silk which sell for 2 Silver each. 


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Keep in mind that just like in real life, Silk in Terraria takes a relatively long time to craft. So you can keep doing something else in the background while you’re crafting Silk to keep the time efficiency at a maximum. If you’re exploring underground you can even craft silk while you’re farming cobwebs. Before you complain about this piece of information, try to keep in mind that quality handmade materials take a long time to make in real life too so Terraria is just trying to be as immersive as possible. 

How to Make a Loom? 

Loom is a second needed item for our crafting endeavors to Succeed. Loom is relatively easy to craft seeing that the process only calls for 12 pieces of wood, any kind of wood, and access to a Sawmill. And Loom is not used only for crafting silk it’s needed for a massive amount of items. It’s not a rare item by any means and you can come across Loom Crafting stations while you exploring too. Looms can be found while you’re exploring underground Cabins. It’s an excellent early game investment and one could say, it’s necessary while playing. 

What is Silk used for? 

Silk is used to make a plethora of items. Silk by itself is not a rare item by any means, it’s in white tier and that makes it unremarkable and easy to acquire. It’s used to craft all kinds of items though. Especially furniture, decoration, and clothing. 

One important piece of furniture crafted with Silk is a Bed. The bed is a necessity for every player and is crafted using 15 pieces of wood and 5 pieces of Silk. Of course, there are multiple types of beds that can be crafted. Some beds are higher tier in rarity and more difficult to craft than your standard tier starter bed. For example Nebula Bed calls for 15 pieces of Nebula Brick, Solar Bed Calls for 15 pieces of Solar Brick, and so on. You can read the full guide on what to craft and what materials you need for it here on the official Terraria pages. 


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That brings us to the next type of item that can be crafted using Silk. Decorations. Banners (of every color) are crafted using 3 pieces of Silk, Chinese Lantern uses 5 pieces of Silk plus a torch. 

But you are probably going to be most interested in clothing. Silk is a necessity for a lot of types of clothing. We’re going to list just some of them so you can get a general idea of what to expect: 

  • Firestarters Skirt x20 Silk 
  • Flinx Fur Coat x10 Silk, x8 Flinx Fur, x8 Gold or Platinum Bar 
  • Hero’s Shirt x20 Silk, x3 Purple Thread
  • Pink Maid Bonnet x20 silk, x3 Pink Thread 

And those are just some of the examples. Most of the clothing items are made at Loom also so keep that in mind. 

You can also craft Molotov Cocktail using Silk. The recipe calls for 5x pints of ale, 1 x piece of Silk, and 1 x torch.

The Takeaway

The most important thing to remember is the fact that silk is not rare, you need cobwebs to craft it, and Loom. Both Loom and cobwebs are also not rare finds in Terraria. Silk is your crafting gateway since it opens up a lot of other crafting options such as beds, clothes, and decorations. Cobwebs are not difficult to farm which is great since you will need large quantities of them for serious silk crafting. Silk takes a bit longer time to craft than say, other things, use that time for something else while you wait. Even better, try to craft silk while you’re farming cobwebs. And that’s pretty much it. You can earn money on the side, a tiny amount, selling raw silk since it basically costs nothing to make. As long as you follow these tips you shouldn’t have any issues at all. 

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