How to Make White Dye in Minecraft?

How to Make White Dye in Minecraft

Colors have become a vital part of our video games. They play a critical role in the virtual world in which we play. They can create appealing tools for our gameplay as well. Minecraft offers its players several dyes to change the look and color of their houses. There are a total of 16 dyes in Minecraft. These are already present dyes in Minecraft. White dye is one of those dyes used to color different things in gameplay. So how to make white dye in Minecraft?

You can easily make white dye in Minecraft with the help of bonemeals and a lily of the valley. Open the crafting table and put one bone meal or lily of the valley in the very first box of the first row. Your dye will appear soon. Move it to your inventory. Your dye is now ready to use in your Minecraft gameplay.

White dye is one of the primary dyes in Minecraft. Bonemeal is usually white but instead of using bonemeal in Minecraft, you can use white dye to get your items white. You can also craft this dye using only one of the two ingredients. You can also communicate with other players using Minecraft color dyes. But how do you get all the needed items, and how would you make it? Why do you want the white dye in Minecraft? Read on to have detailed information about the white dye.

What Materials Are Needed To Make White Dye?

How to Make White Dye in Minecraft

You do not require many items to make white dye in Minecraft. Just collect:

  • Bonemeal 
  • Lily of the valley 


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How to Make White Dye in Minecraft Java

You can dye an object by using two ways. You can directly stain your tool with the dye or can use a crafting grid for this purpose. To make white dye, you need to follow these instructions:

1. Collect all the needed materials

There are two items that you will need to make white dye. It would be best if you had bones for this purpose. You can easily collect bones from the skeleton of zombies, mobs, dragons, monsters, and enemies. You will get three bonemeal from one bone. Lily of the valley is the other thing that you will need to make whit dye. You can get it from flower biomes.

2. Open the crafting table

Go to your crafting table or the workbench, which is usually of a 3×3 grid. Open the crafting table.

3. Add all the materials

Now put one of the two ingredients in the very first box of your grid. And place the other ingredient accordingly. It will create a white dye that will appear at the top right corner of your crafting table.

There are two ways or patterns to craft white dye on your crafting table. 

Method 1:

You can get a white dye by putting the lily of the valley in the first box of the first row. 

Method 2:

You can also make a white dye by placing a bonemeal in the first box of the first row. 

You can choose any of the methods above to make white dye for your gameplay. In both methods, you will get your dye in the right cornered box of your crafting grid. 

4. Move the dye to your inventory.

Drag the newly formed white dye to your inventory. It would be best if you did so, to add this dye to your inventory. 

5. Activate your inventory 

You can now use white dye to add colors to your items. 

6. Open your inventory

You need to press the “Enter” key on the keyboard to open the inventory. Your white dye is ready to use now. 

How to Make White Dye in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock edition allows you to craft white dye for your weapons with almost the same method as mentioned above. You need to follow the given steps to make white dye in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. 

  1. First you will collect the bone meals or the lily of the valley
  2. You can get bone meals by battling with the skeletons and mobs
  3. You are all set to start making a white dye in your world
  4. Go to your crafting bench and arrange all the materials at their exact positions
  5. You will get the white dye in your Minecraft inventory slot

You can use this dye for the improvisation and over-hauling of your tools in Minecraft. This dye will help you to make a white concrete modern house in your world. 


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What Is A White Dye Used For?

How to Make White Dye in Minecraft

It is a primary color dye in Minecraft. Like all the other dyes in Minecraft, white dye serves the same purpose. You can use it for dying different materials. You can use this dye not only for dying your items but also to give a fancy look to all of your tools. For example:

1. You can dye wool, glass, beds, and armors

You can use white dye to make your items look decent and elegant. Most of the players use white dye for their armors, beds, wool, and glass. If you want to paint your tools and other items with white color, you will have to use the white dye. White glasses enhance the look of your gameplay when compared with the transparent ones. Similarly, you can use white dye for your sheep by changing its wool color. 

2. The white dye helps you to make beautiful banners

You will use white dye to give a unique look to your banners. These banners will help you to decorate your surroundings. White color is a symbol of elegance, uniqueness, sophistication, and attraction. White banners will attract the other players towards your gameplay. 

3. Craft white concrete powder in Minecraft 

The white dye will allow you to craft white concrete powder. It would also help you to make a lighthouse in Minecraft. Crafting white concrete powder in Minecraft requires you one white dye, four blocks of sand, and four blocks of gravel in your inventory slot. 

4. Make fireworks with the help of gunpowder

You will need white dye to make and dye fireworks stars by using gunpowder. You can also create different effects for your firework with the help of white dye. 

5. Dye the collars of wolves

You can use this dye to dye the mobs. You can change the color of wolves permanently with white dye. But before dying the collars of wolves, you will need to tame them. 

6. Make other dyes as well

As the white dye is one of the direct dyes, you can use it to make or get other dyes in Minecraft. There are five different quasi-dyes in Minecraft. You can get quasi-dyes by using white dye. You cannot get quasi-dyes easily. The white dye will help you to get your hands on other useful quasi-primary dyes. Quasi primary dyes include light gray, lime, light blue, magenta, and pink dye. 

7. Create a big white empire

With white dye, you can create your unique empire in Minecraft. That empire will consist of all the needed items and tools in white dye. You can create heavenly buildings and structures for yourself by using white dye. 

8. Make white balloons

It is another useful thing about white dye. You can create white balloons with white dye in your inventory. White balloons are fantastic items for your gameplay. To make one, you will need one dye, six latex, one lead, and helium. 


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Why Can’t I Make White Dye In Minecraft?

You can’t make white dye in Minecraft if you don’t have lilies and bonemeal in your inventory. Sometimes, you will find it difficult to craft the lily of the valley in Minecraft. It will prevent you from making white dye. Besides, you need to craft white dye with bonemeals. Getting bonemeals to requires you to collect bones by killing the skeletons. All these things will take a lot of your time. That’s why you can’t easily make white dye in Minecraft. 

Where Do You Get White Dye?

White dye is very useful if you want to make a small modern house with white concrete. White dye is easy to access and use in Minecraft. You can get white dye by using one of the ways below:

  • You can get white dye by using the crafting table.
  • You can also obtain it through bonemeal. As bonemeal is white, so you can use it in place of white dye. 
  • You can find a particular flower such as gotcha or lily of the valley. This way, you will get white dye easily.
  • You can also turn the bones into bonemeal by placing them at their exact position in the crafting grid. 
  • You can have it by putting a lily of the valley or a bonemeal in the crafting grid. After a few minutes, you will see white dye in your inventory. 
  • You need to find skeletons and then kill them to get the white dye. These skeletons usually drop one or more bone meals. You can make your dye from these bone meals. It is the hardest way to get white dye in Minecraft as it takes a lot of your time. 

How To Get White Dye In Hypixel Skyblock?

How to Make White Dye in Minecraft

Hypixel is one of the largest Minecraft servers. It is only available on Minecraft Java Edition. Most of the players want this server for their gameplay. They want it to enhance the performance of their game. Hypixel has four Guinness World Records. 

You can do wonders with white dye in your Minecraft world. Getting white dye in Minecraft hypixel is a little bit tricky. You can still get white dye in hypixel with a little bit of care. All you need to do is:

  • You can use bonemeal on the grass to get the desired flowers.
  • Then you will need to turn those flowers into dyes. You will get many color dyes, including white dye 

Minecraft White Dye Farm

Minecraft white dye farms are useful if you want to color a lot of blocks in your gameplay. White dye is a unique and primary dye when compared with the other dyes. You can make a white dye farm in Minecraft with a simple recipe. 

Here you will learn about how to build the easiest bonemeal flower farm. Let’s get straight into it. 

1. Collect the raw material

To make a Minecraft white dye farm, you will need to find or collect:

  • Dispenser 
  • Redstone dust 
  • Repeater 
  • A chest or a hopper 
  • Building blocks 
  • Fence
  • Fence gate 

2. Choose the location 

Choose the location for your Minecraft farm. Now make a square of 12×11 by digging a hole in that area. Now you will need to fill the square with the relevant items. 

3. Put all the items at their exact positions

Place two building blocks of any kind on the grassy ground. Now put a dispenser above the blocks. Now you will have to place Redstone dust behind the dispenser. Also, add the repeaters opposite to each other.

4. Setting it up

Now set the Redstone pulse by placing a torch next to the dust on either side. 

5. Let the flowers grow.

Now place a hopper on top of the dispenser to allow the machine to store many things. Also, add a chest on top of the hopper. Now load it up with the collected bonemeal. Then place the flowers two-block high. You will observe that the flowers are growing there. 

6. Move the flowers to inventory

It is the final step of your recipe. It would be best if you move the flowers to your inventory.

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