How to Open Doors in Hello Neighbor? (PC, Xbox, PS, Switch, Mobile)

How to Open Doors in Hello Neighbor? (PC, Xbox, PS, Switch, Mobile)

Players have plenty of options in Hello Neighbor, from basic controls like jumping, sprinting, and sneaking, to picking up or interacting with objects. There are a variety of areas that players will need to get through in the game, and many still wonder how to open doors in Hello Neighbor as a result.

Doors can be opened in Hello Neighbor by tapping the interact button for the platform with pixel-perfect accuracy. Problems on PC could be due to lag or performance issues, while issues on all platforms could be due to problems with the keys or controller buttons. Apart from system specs, issues with opening doors in Hello Neighbor can be resolved quite quickly.

While opening doors may appear to be a simple and easy task, quite a few Hello Neighbor players have been struggling with it in the game. Stick around to find out how doors work in Hello Neighbor, about some of the issues players have been having when trying to open them, as well as how you can open doors in Hello Neighbor on different platforms.

Doors In Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a scary video game with quite a mysterious plot, where it’s actually alright to intrude and trespass on your neighbor’s property in the game. The protagonists will find that there is something really off about the person living nearby, and you will need to get into his odd home in order to figure out what’s going on.


Players will need to observe their neighbor’s movements and try to avoid them while attempting to sneak into the house – without being discovered. Many cases may require players to hide inside closets, and players will also need to progress by unlocking or opening any doors they come across in the game.

Doors are quite a crucial aspect of the entire game as a result, either enabling or blocking you from your progression. In fact, the doors in Hello Neighbor are even classified as “Important Objects” according to the Hello Neighbor Wiki:


At the time of writing, there are three types of doors available in Hello Neighbor, namely a door style for a house, guard, or a gate instead of a classic door. However, all of these doors will have the same functionality in Hello Neighbor.

How To Open Doors In Hello Neighbor

Technically speaking, all it should take to open doors on any platform is to tap the interact button that has been allocated for your chosen platform (either PC, Xbox, Switch, PS, or mobile). Below are the controls for opening doors in Hello Neighbor on each platform:

SwitchR Trigger

Why Can’t I Open Doors In Hello Neighbor? (Solved)

However, there is a huge difference between holding down the interact button and simply pressing it, which has caused quite a few issues for many Hello Neighbor players. The controls are simple, but it’s quite finicky in practice, as seen in the video below by UgugalyGaming:

There also may be instances where you may tap the control correctly, but there are no proper animations that are associated with the “use item” function in the game. As a result, it’s quite possible for players to find that there are no prompts that indicate you are actually interacting with an item, or that you have done it properly.


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Some situations may cause the game to think that you are actually holding down the interact button (which will allow you to peer into the keyhole) instead of simply tapping it as instructed to open the door:

“I can’t open doors. I “tap” E for less then a second and it puts me into the keyhole. This isn’t a locked door.”

There are a few things that could be causing this type of issue in Hello Neighbor, many of which are not quite due to the game itself. Below are some of the largest contributing factors for players experiencing the problem, according to the Hello Neighbor community on Steam:

System Requirements (PC)

Before getting into any of the other possible reasons and fixes for the issue, it is important to double-check that system specs are actually up to scratch. In fact, the same user who initially started the thread on Steam posted the following only a week later:

“Luckily i bought new computer, 2000 dollars lelelelel, but i get what u guys is saying ill leave this up for people who need to know but im sorted out.”

Of course, buying a brand new PC is not on the table for everyone, but it can be a really simple way to figure out why you may be having problems. Still, you could try out the methods below if you have the minimum system requirements.

Lag & Performance Issues

Many players who have found problems with opening doors in Hello Neighbor have also had issues with lag – and this may not be a coincidence. Many additional problems can arise if you’re playing the game while trying to simply put up with lag and performance issues, and the way that doors and objects respond to controls is no exception.


Although, this reasoning is more likely for PC users. If you have a decent setup, you could try out the following method to get the lag fixed in Hello Neighbor, which could potentially resolve the issues you’re having while opening doors:

  1. Start off by putting the graphics down to reduce the lag as much as possible.
  2. If you have set the graphics down as far as possible and are still having trouble opening doors or have some leftover lag, it may be due to your system.
  3. If this is the case, you can try switching up your point of view while opening doors. Some users have stated that looking at a higher point on the door fixes the issue completely.

Keyboard/ Controller Issues (PC & Console)

Buttons can become iffy after a while, and it may be possible for a button to be pressed but end up feeling ‘stuck’ down. This issue can lead to the game thinking that you’re holding the key instead of tapping it.


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As for the issue with doors on PS (and possibly Xbox as well), players have found that the reason could be due to an old controller since the R2 button has a large dead zone. This may be why the problem only comes up in some cases, as the devs didn’t code for that issue. According to the community on GameFAQs, this can be fixed by changing the configuration via your PS4:

  1. Settings
  2. Accessibility
  3. Button Assignments
  4. Enable Custom Button Assignments
  5. Customize Button Assignments
  6. Switch your R2 and R1 buttons around.

Although players have been struggling with opening doors, there are a few reasons for the problem – reasons that do not stem from the game being buggy in this area. But, it’s definitely more finicky than one might expect. Try out the approaches mentioned above in order to get your doors in Hello Neighbor opening smoothly for a proper gameplay experience.