10 Best Xbox One Wrestling Games in 2022

Best Xbox One Wrestling Games

Wrestling games have been a classic fan favorite for plenty of years, but, finding a solid choice for your preferred platform can be tricky with so many great choices. Stick around to find out about some of the best wrestling games for Xbox One.

Top 10 Wrestling Games for Xbox One

Back when gaming wasn’t as mainstream as it is today, wrestling games were amongst some of the most infamous of all – alongside classics like fighting or racing titles. Although the ranking for wrestling games is always up for debate based on player preferences and opinions, the following have been noted as some of the best Xbox One wrestling games.

10. WWE 2K20

10 Best Xbox One Wrestling Games in 2022

Making it to the last spot is WWE 2K20, a title with a ton of debate surrounding it. This game was seen as a letdown in many aspects – but, it’s really not a complete loss for quite a few fans.

This title did have a few good things going for it, and it still flaunts many of the traits all wrestling gamers know and love. Although it is by no means the best choice for Xbox One, it is still enjoyable in many ways and did pave the way for major improvements later down the line.

9. WWE 2K15

10 Best Xbox One Wrestling Games in 2022

WWE 2K15 was released back in 2014 for a wide range of platforms including Xbox One. This professional wrestling game is the sequel to WWE 2K14 and would be be succeeded by the rest of the WWE 2K saga.

The game excels in various areas, and there are still a fair amount of enthusiasts enjoying the game to date. Although, there are a handful of aspects that prevented it from being a crowning achievement – specifically in terms of the modes, storytelling, and commentary.

8. Action Arcade Wrestling

10 Best Xbox One Wrestling Games in 2022

Action Arcade Wrestling may be a great choice if you want a wrestling game that is more quirky than many other titles. It’s different, but it can still give you the thrill of bodyslamming an opponent or knocking them out with classic stunts.

However, it also features a few extra abilities and effects that can transform the entire gameplay experience for anyone. Ever dreamed of landing a piledriver before shooting lightning bolts into your opponent’s face? If so, then Action Arcade Wrestling is for you!

7. RetroMania Wrestling

10 Best Xbox One Wrestling Games in 2022

RetroMania Wrestling takes a different approach to the classic wrestling games we have gotten used to over the years since this pickup-and-play arcade-style game is topped with some stunning 2D sprites. It has beautiful visuals and also features 16 playable characters – ranging from old-school wrestling veterans to modern superstars.

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It has 4 distinct game modes as well, including Story Mode, along with 50 potential match variations. This game is a must-play for anyone who loves wrestling games but wants to experience something different.

6. WWE 2K Battlegrounds

10 Best Xbox One Wrestling Games in 2022

WWE 2K Battlegrounds was initially released in 2020, bringing a fresh and fun twist to the classic style of wrestling games through an arcade-style experience. The game includes quite a wide range of iconic wrestlers from both new and old ages, in addition to a solid campaign mode.

Of course, WWE 2K Battlegrounds still sees minor bigs and issues that are often prevalent in many other wrestling games, and it is also noted for having microtransactions. Still, if aspects such as those do not throw you off, then WWE 2K Battlegrounds is definitely worth trying out!

5. WWE 2K16

10 Best Xbox One Wrestling Games in 2022

WWE 2K16 was pretty good, although it wasn’t exactly what fans had been hoping for at the time of its release. That being said, it did include some twists that could be more enjoyable to go through for quite a few players – such as a mini-game that uses the joysticks rather than depending on button-mashing.

There is also an interesting reversals system, where players would have to anticipate their hits in order to activate reversals – but you do have the option to turn this feature off. WWE 2K16 also allows players to enjoy some iconic wrestlers as they go through their careers while being given some freedom with customization to give each player’s wrestler a personalized touch.

4. WWE 2K17

10 Best Xbox One Wrestling Games in 2022

A major downfall of WWE 2K17 was the fact that it did not include the Showcase mode – which many fans really liked having. In addition, there are some issues when it comes to the Promo Performance.

But, apart from that, this wrestling game is a pretty solid option for just about anyone – especially since it actually featured a newer, interesting take on matches as well. There are multiple opponents to take down in matches, with a manual targeting system which can be tricky to get used to.

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However, the system and mechanics are surprisingly fluid making it pretty easy to snap onto opponents interchangeably without feeling weighed down. The issues with the reversal system in previous installations were also improved – not to mention this game’s Universe Mode that allows players to create their own shows!

3. WWE 2K18

10 Best Xbox One Wrestling Games in 2022

WWE 2K18 also chose to neglect the Showcase mode feature but did really well on improving many other aspects. There were quite a few general steps forward concerning the ideal that fans would like to see, still making it entertaining to just about any wrestling fan.

Still, this game offers a new gameplay mechanic which allows a wrestler to be picked up in four different ways, after which they would be maneuvered before going through a brutal smack down. Players still have the well-received Universe Mode to enjoy with WWE 2K18.

In addition, the devs have added a new exploration feature in Career mode that allows players to traverse around training areas, change their outfits, chat with other wrestlers in the game, and much more. The roster in this game is loaded with some iconic wrestlers to choose from. But, fans and players are still free to create their own customized wrestlers as well.

2. WWE 2K19

10 Best Xbox One Wrestling Games in 2022

Although it’s not the latest or the most perfected title within the sequel, WWE 2K19 is definitely a fan favorite for many gamers. It’s pretty similar to previous installations in terms of overall gameplay mechanics – there are no massively different introductions with this title.

WWE 2K19 is, however, far more fluid than older installments, and here is a particular feature called the Payback System which provides a buff to players in numerous aspects – such as striking power, recovery, speed, and much more. The career mode is also a massive step up from older games, where players start off as amateurs and try to progress.

This is in addition to Tower matches featuring certain wrestlers or rules – there’s really a lot to keep any fan occupied. It’s a solid choice if you love the appeal of older installations but want to take advantage of new inclusions and general improvements.

1. WWE 2K22

10 Best Xbox One Wrestling Games in 2022

WWE 2K22 is the latest that the series offers for fans, taking a special note of giving fans the experience they really want – especially considering the downfalls seen in WWE 2K20. The developers really took their time getting each and every detail just right – and it was definitely worth the wait!

Fans now have tons to enjoy with this title, as they seem to have gone back to basics while providing a fresh take on the entire experience. Of course, no game is perfect, but many fans feel it’s as close to perfection as we have gotten so far concerning Xbox One wrestling games.

That’s it for the best 10 wrestling games that you can play on Xbox One in 2022. The ranking may feel off for some, depending on preference, and everything has certain pros and cons – but, they are all worth a try depending on what you’re looking for!