20 Best One Piece Games You Need to Try Right Now (Ranked)

best one piece games

The beloved One Piece manga has been a fan favorite since the 1970s, while the anime series of One Piece has been going on since the late 1990s – with more than 1000 episodes to date! But, plenty of fans feel like they would love to join the world of One Piece through games. Stick around to find out about the best One Piece games for you to try out.

20. Jump Force

jump force

We’re starting off our list of best One Piece games with Jump Force. Jump Force is a fighting game with superb graphics that pays homage to the shonen genre. This game is fairly similar to the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, with an excellent combat system that will tickle any anime lover’s fancy.

It’s available for quite a few platforms, namely PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, as well as PC, and it would be really enjoyable for just about anyone. But, the main reason why it’s been ranked so low on the list is due to the fact that it is based on far more than One Piece – although, this is genuinely not a shortcoming in any sense.

The game features six leading figures from One Piece, including more iconic anime characters and icons from various titles as well in the form of a DLC. While the storyline doesn’t make much sense, witnessing Luffy beat down the legendary Goku is definitely entertaining.

19. One Piece: Gigant Battle!

gigant battle

One Piece: Gigant Battle was developed by Ganbarion for Nintendo DS, and is a really enjoyable NDS fighting game that can be compared to SSB. One Piece: Gigant Battle! has some pretty exciting elements to keep the player entertained for hours on end, with a super simple yet immersive plot – topped by beautiful 2D character sprites and vibrant 3D backgrounds.

In the storyline, the Straw Hat Pirates are invited to a tournament encompassing numerous islands from within the Sabaody Archipelago, where they will get the chance to take on some iconic foes from the anime. The reason why it’s been ranked so low is since this game was released only in Europe and Japan, making it fairly tricky to access.

18. One Piece: Round the Land

round the land

It took quite a while for One Piece to gain traction and fans in the West, and One Piece: Round the Land was one of the very first games to make it out of Japan. This simple side-scrolling brawler game was developed by Artdink and released in 2004, offering a brand new story for players to enjoy.

The majority of the main Straw Hat Pirates up to the Skypiea Arc are featured in the game in the form of playable characters – complete with the official voice actors from the original One Piece anime cast! With so much to offer and an authentic audio experience, One Piece: Round the Land is definitely a must-play for any hardcore One Piece fanatic.

17. One Piece: Romance Dawn

romance dawn

One Piece: Romance Dawn was developed by Three Kings and released for PSP and 3DS back in 2012. While One Piece: Romance Dawn didn’t manage to change the overall feel of One Piece games on handheld consoles, it was definitely one of the better-received titles to date, still offering tons of fun for players who want to play a One Piece game on a handheld.

Players are put in control of Luffy as the main character, as well as numerous members of the Straw Hat Pirates as well. Players will definitely be able to invest at least a few days into this game without problems or boredom, but the narrative does come to a halt at Marineford which does limit the title’s narrative quite a bit.


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16. One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP

unlimited cruise SP

Released for 3DS and Wii in 2011 and developed by Ganbarion, One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP was the combination of the original Unlimited Cruise games – which were initially split into two episodes. The entire game is pretty simple and straightforward, but still immensely fun for players, as the Straw Hats can be played in a standard story mode.

One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP has been well-noted for switching up the aesthetics of the classic One Piece anime, with each crew member having a unique animal-inspired outfit. The selection of playable characters is somewhat similar to One Piece: Unlimited Adventure, but it also features Brook as well.

15. One Piece: Pirates’ Carnival

pirate carniva

Number 15 on our list of best One Piece games is One Piece: Pirates’ Carnival. One Piece: Pirates’ Carnival was released back in 2005 and was developed by h.a.n.d for PS2 and GameCube. Now, it is worth mentioning that there are quite a few players that didn’t love the overall concept, but there are still many that enjoyed it.

One Piece: Pirates’ Carnival is pretty simple and easy to follow, as it’s pretty similar to the Mario Party minigame collection. Still, it has a reasonably good rating and score on both GameCube and 3DS, so you may find it’s a unique treat if you’ve ever wanted to play as Luffy in a Mario-style world.

14. One Piece: World Seeker

world seeker 1

One Piece: World Seeker was developed by Ganbarion and released for PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC. The entire story is based on Luffy as the primary protagonist, although the DLC does allows access to many more characters as well.

The plot takes place on a prison island, taking on the game style of a brawler RPG. The adventure-style inspiration for One Piece: World Seeker can be compared to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While it didn’t gain the same popularity, many fans and One Piece enthusiasts definitely appreciated the overall design and concept.

13. One Piece: Burning Blood

burning blood

One Piece: Burning Blood was developed by Spike Chunsoft and released for PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and PC back in 2016. It’s received some similar yet solid scores for all of the available platforms and has been well-received by players overall.

One Piece: Burning Blood is quite similar to many other anime-based titles, such as the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series. While the difference in the budget is notable and it didn’t have a massive hype during its release phase, it’s still a really enjoyable game for many One Piece fans.

12. One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

unlimited adventure

One Piece: Unlimited Adventure was released for Wii and developed by Ganbarion back in 2007. It was a Wii exclusive at the time of its release, taking place on an island where Luffy and the Straw Hat crew explore the area in search of valuable loot.

Players are able to swap out the played character via a radial menu, and the overall style can be compared to hack and slash anime adventure games. This title also features some hints and inspirations that point to Metroidvania-style games, since a select number of areas are locked until the appropriate action can be made.

11. One Piece: Grand Battle

grand battle

Yet another great One Piece title developed by Ganbarion is One Piece: Grand Battle, which was released back in 2006 for PS2 and GameCube. One Piece: Grand Battle received a pretty good rating for both platforms to date, with a simplistic yet loveable combat system and an adorable chibi art style.

While it does not have a numeral title, this game is actually the fourth title in its series, which initially started out in 2001 as the series’ fighter. It bears a fairly close resemblance to the Power Stone series due to its 3D arena, and it features 19 playable characters from the One Piece anime – topped off with four modes for players to enjoy.

10. One Piece: Grand Adventure

grand adventure

The next entry on our list of best One Piece games is One Piece: Grand Adventure. One Piece: Grand Adventure was also developed by Ganbarion, and was released in 2006 for PS2 and GameCube. This game is pretty similar to One Piece: Grand Battle in terms of the overall combat system as well as the art style throughout the game.

This game is a sequel to Grand Battle in many ways, although it apparently belongs to a separate series from the Japanese saga. However you choose to view it, it’s yet another great game that would be incredibly enjoyable for just about any One Piece fanatic.


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9. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

OP pirate warriors 2

There are various variations and versions of One Piece: Pirate Warriors and the entire series has definitely been a fan favorite for many One Piece game enthusiasts. But, they all have certain similarities and differences, and while they all deserve a playthrough, they still rank differently in terms of enjoyability overall.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 was developed by Omega Force, and was released back in 2013 for PS3 and PS Vita. The developers have always put plenty of love and detail into these titles, and One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is no exception – featuring a game-exclusive and original narrative.

The Straw Hat crew is depicted two years after the events of New World, boasting a far more expansive character roster with 27 icons for players to choose from. However, the entire One Piece: Pirate Warriors saga does get better as they go along, putting the second installation lower down on this list.

8. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

pirate warriors 4 1

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is the latest release within the series, and it is definitely better than the majority of its predecessors. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 has been received pretty well by both fans and critics around the world, with a canon narrative featuring twists here and there.

A main point of interest is the even further expanded list of playable characters, featuring 43 included in the base game and an extra 9 with the DLC. While it is not perfect in any sense, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is definitely worth a play if you love One Piece and have enjoyed previous titles of Omega Force’s Pirate Warriors series.

7. One Piece: Unlimited World Red

OP unlimited world red

One Piece: Unlimited World Red was developed by Ganbarion and was released in 2013 for 3DS, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, PS4, Switch, and PC. One Piece: Unlimited World Red received some pretty good scores and ratings amongst fans and critics on all platforms.


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This game is yet another action-adventure brawler type, featuring Luffy as the primary protagonist. However, modern versions have a rather cool twist – players now have the choice to play a co-op mode, allowing an enhanced gameplay experience in addition to the classic fun and excitement that the game has to offer.

6. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

pirate warriors 3

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 was released in 2015 for PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Switch, and PC, and it is oddly enough still the most well-loved title within the entire series. Many fans feel that this title offers an experience that’s as close to the One Piece anime as possible.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 features nearly every story arc from the manga in story mode, continuing up until the most recent events at the time of the game’s release. In addition, this game flaunts 37 playable characters from One Piece, providing a really comprehensive overview of the entire One Piece story progression as well as the universe it’s based in.

A special addition that this game includes is a new Kizuna Rush mechanic, allowing helper characters to be called in for summon attacks. In addition, Luffy and a few other characters can also transform into more powerful forms – all of these features really made One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 stand out as one of the best One Piece games of all time.

5. One Piece GBA


The fifth place on this list of best One Piece games goes to One Piece GBA. If you’re looking for a more old-school One Piece game, then One Piece GBA may be perfect for you! This game was developed by Dimps Corporation and was released in 2005 for GBA exclusively. Back then, the entire aesthetic of One Piece/ Shonen Jump’s One Piece, or better known as One Piece GBA, was one of the best-looking for Game Boy Advance.


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The developers were well-known for making some stellar GBA games either on their own or in collaboration with other developers. The pixel style looks amazing, and the entire game features some incredibly nostalgic platform action that can still be extremely fun to this day.

4. One Piece: Fighting Path

fighting path

One Piece: Fighting Path does take some effort to get your hands on since one would need to go through TapTap, possibly th reason why it’s often overlooked within the community. But, this expansive mobile RPG will definitely be worth the trouble, as it does a solid job at placing players with the One Piece universe.

One Piece: Fighting Path allows players to set sail across the seas and explore tons of areas with their favorite One Piece character. In addition, players can enjoy tons of inclusions such as unique skills, as well as activities such as collecting treasure, deep-sea fishing, and tons of random events – there’s always something to keep just about any One Piece fan entertained.

3. One Piece: Bounty Rush

OP bountry rush

One Piece: Bounty Rush was released for mobile, specifically Android and iOS, and can be an amazing way to get the thrill of One Piece in the palm of your hand. This free-to-play game was developed by BANDAI NAMCO and is mostly focused on collecting all of the One Piece characters – leveling them to up increase their strength.

One Piece: Bounty Rush features plenty of characters from the One Piece anime, in addition to many different forms of the most popular characters, topped with stunning character designs and illustrations. While the game itself is quite simple, it’s surprisingly engaging!

2. One Piece: Unlimited World Red (Deluxe Edition)

One Piece: Unlimited World Red has certainly gained tons of fans since 2014. But, it has been recently renewed for eighth-gen consoles and platforms in the form of One Piece: Unlimited World Red (Deluxe Edition) in 2017.

One Piece: Unlimited World Red (Deluxe Edition) has especially been made for PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Wii U, and PC. This is arguably the best One Piece game overall for console, and many fans may argue it’s the best One Piece game of all time, too!

Its visuals are absolutely stunning, and the sense of the original Unlimited World Red has been enhanced to an immeasurable degree. There are tons of items, resources, and collectibles to keep any One Piece fan busy – not to mention plenty of secrets to discover as well.


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1. One Piece: Treasure Cruise

treasure cruise

Coming in at the number one spot on this list of best One Piece games is One Piece: Treasure Cruise, and it’s really no surprise considering this game’s background. One Piece: Treasure Cruise was developed by none other than BANDAI NAMCO and was released for mobile in 2014.

One Piece: Treasure Cruise is free-to-play game that is still the best-rated One Piece game according to fans and critics. Although it’s been around for quite some time now, this game and its fanbase are still going pretty strong – quite commendable considering how quickly games like this just go south.

One Piece: Treasure Cruise is a classic RPG game with a gacha system, and many gamers could easily overlook this mobile title. But, it is definitely worth a playthrough if you love all things One Piece, since it really appears to appreciate the vanilla One Piece’s fanbase and does the original manga/ anime justice.

That’s all of the One Piece games for you to try out. While these games differ in many ways, they are all worth a try – you’re sure to find something that matches your love of One Piece and gaming.

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