Minecraft: 4 Best Enchantments for Elytra Wings (Ranked)

best elytra enchantments in minecraft

The Elytra stands out as one of the coolest features in Minecraft, allowing players to soar across the map. To take flight with Elytra, simply place equip it, and take a leap from a height. This ability to traverse the Minecraft world by air not only saves players a significant amount of time but also boosts their overall productivity in the game.

However, there’s a key consideration with Elytra—the durability lasts only seven minutes. This limitation may restrict the flying time. Fortunately, Minecraft offers enchantments to address this issue. This is why we decided to rank those enchantments as well as provide you with some additional helpful info regarding Elytras.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated on October 8, 2023, to reflect the most up-to-date state of the game.

1. Unbreaking is the best enchantment for Elytra

Unbreaking is a valuable enchantment that enhances the durability of an item, extending its lifespan and prolonging its functionality. This enchantment is commonly applied to various tools, serving as a consistent feature. Particularly, for Elytra, it substantially reduces the rate of durability loss, ensuring it remains usable for an extended period. Unbreaking is generally the best enchantment for most items in Minecraft

ubreaking enchant

2. Mending allows you to repair the Elytra prolonging the lifespan

When Elytra’s durability drops to 2, its texture transforms into a tattered appearance, indicating damage. To restore it, the Mending enchantment proves useful, and the repair process involves an anvil and either phantom membranes or pairs of grindstones.

For a complete Elytra repair and an increase in durability to 108 points, you’ll need 4 pieces of membranes combined with an anvil. Since Mending is a treasure enchantment, it’s exclusively discovered in the open world. In the game, the XP earned by the player is utilized to heal the item’s health when employing this enchantment.


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3. Curse of Binding is useless

Curse of Binding is far from something to boast about; in fact, it’s one of the most useless enchantments in the game (the second one on this list is right after it). Its sole function is to bind the item—in this case, Elytra—to the armor slot, rendering it unrepairable unless you either break the item or meet your demise within the game.

4. Curse of Vanishing is the absolute worst

Another appropriately named enchantment in the game is the Curse of Vanishing. Its purpose is to make the item vanish immediately upon the player’s death in the game. This enchantment is typically avoided by players who value the inventory they’ve painstakingly accumulated, as it brings little benefit and carries the risk of losing items permanently.

What is the best Elytra enchantment combo?

Unbreaking and mending on Elytra

The best Elytra enchantment combo in Minecraft is Unbreaking + Mending. Having both Unbreaking and Mending on Elytra can significantly increase your Elytra durability as well as ensure that you get to repair it over time. You will also be able to fly over longer distances without worrying too much about your Elytra breaking.

What is the hardest Elytra enchantment to get in Minecraft?

The hardest Elytra enchantment to get is definitely Mending. Mending enchantment is typically found in the game world as a treasure enchantment. Unlike other enchantments that can be obtained through an enchanting table, Mending cannot be directly applied using an enchantment table. You can find Mending through fishing, trading (especially with librarian villagers), and through looting dungeons, strongholds, and temples.

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