Elytra Minecraft: 4 Best Enchantments Rare Wings

4 Best Enchantments For Elytra In Minecraft (2021)

Elytra is one of the coolest enchantments in Minecraft because it lets the player fly across the map. To fly with the help of Elytra, place it in the chest and jump from a height. Flying through the Minecraft world saves a lot of time for a player and increases his productivity within the game.

But there is one main factor with Elytra that its durability only lasts seven minutes. So the flying time may be constraint due to this reason. Good for us there are enchantments in Minecraft for solving this issue and you’ll get the list of all those enchantments in this article.

How Many Enchantments Can Elytra Have?

4 Best Enchantments For Elytra In Minecraft (2021)

There are a total of four enchantments Elytra can have.

  • Unbreaking
  • Mending
  • Curse of Vanishing
  • Curse of Binding

The durability of the Elytra decreases by one point in one second while gliding. The total durability points available are 432 that permits a player to fly for 7 minutes and 12 seconds covering a total of 10,000 blocks of distance.

Due to its quick health loss during flight, Elytra needs fast repairing otherwise it stops flying when its durability reaches 1.

Unbreaking enchantment can be used to increase the durability using an Anvil and enchanted books. It affects the Elytra similarly to how it affects other items in Minecraft by increasing the durability considerably and maintaining the health of the item.

Apart from using Unbreaking enchantment, Elytra can also be enchanted with Mending to repair its damage. Mending enchantment can be applied by using an anvil with a phantom membrane.

Curse of Vanishing and curse of Binding are also enchantments for Elytra but like for other items they are almost useless for Elytra too. The curse of Vanishing disappears the item after the player is dead in the game. There is no sense to apply this enchantment similarly to Curse of Binding that binds the item to the armor slot once kept in it, to never come out until the item breaks or the player dies.

Nevertheless, if you play Minecraft you should know in detail which of these enchantments is best for Elytra, so I’ve listed these in order from (best to worse) further in the article.

What Are The Best Enchantments For Elytra?

4 Best Enchantments For Elytra In Minecraft (2021)

In this part of the article, we will let you know about the best enchantments for Elytra in detail. The enchantments are ranked in order from best to worse.

1.    Unbreaking

Unbreaking increases the durability of the item improving its health and allowing it to work for a longer time than usual. It is typically an ever-present enchantment that is used in almost all the tools. It significantly reduces the durability loss rate for Elytra and keeps it usable for an extended time.

As soon as the durability of Elytra reaches 1 it stops flying to prevent itself from breaking. Unbreaking adds 4 seconds to Elytra’s flight with 1 durability point. To apply the unbreaking enchantment, an anvil can be used with enchanted books. Flight capacity increases significantly after applying the enchantment and the duration increases to 28 minutes and 44 seconds. It works on level 3.

2.    Mending

When Elytra reaches durability 2 it changes its texture to a tattered shape to reflect the damage. To repair it the Mending enchantment can be used with the help of anvil and phantom membranes or with pairs of grindstones.

To combine the phantom membrane with an anvil, you need 4 pieces of membranes to fully repair the shield and increase the durability to 108 points. Being a treasure enchantment mending can only be found in the open world. XP that the player earns in the game are used to heal the health of the item when using this enchantment.

3.    Curse of Binding

4 Best Enchantments For Elytra In Minecraft (2021)

Not the one that you can brag about. This enchantment is two of the most useless enchantments in the game. (the second one is right after it on this list) The only thing it does is that it binds the item (in our case Elytra) to the armor slot. And it becomes unrevivable unless you break the item or you die within the game.

4.    Curse of Vanishing

Another enchantment in the game that is aptly named is the Curse of Vanishing. Its job is to disappear the item as soon as the player dies within the game. It is also not used by any player except who is indifferent to the inventory that he has stored with so much effort.


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What Is The Best Enchantment Combo For Elytra?

The best enchantment combinations for Elytra are Unbreaking and Mending. There are only two enchantments available for Elytra. It doesn’t have any specific enchantment for itself. It can be only enchanted with common enchantments that are used for every item in the game.

The requirement of Elytra in the game is only one and that is flying. It isn’t used for any other purpose. To maintain its flight, it only needs to keep its health in good numbers i.e., the durability points and for that, the unbreaking and mending enchantments are good enough.

They both if applied in combination can keep the flight capacity of the Elytra considerably higher.

Best Enchantments For Netherite Elytra

The best enchantment for Netherite Elytra is Unbreaking. Unbreaking makes Elytra quite durable that helps it to retain its health longer. Unbreaking increases the durability by 28 minutes that is significantly higher than the usual 7 minutes that are available without enchanting.

What Are The Most Op Elytra In Minecraft With Enchantments?

The most OP Elytra in Minecraft is that which has Unbreaking enchantment. The flying time of Elytra after applying the Unbreaking enchantment is considerably higher than without using it.

There is no such thing as Over Powered with Elytra because it is used for only flying not for fighting or combat. That makes it irrelevant in terms of power but the best enchant is unbreaking as it increases its capacity to fly by 4 times.

What Is The Hardest Elytra Enchantment To Get In Minecraft?

Mending is the hardest Elytra enchantment to find in Minecraft. It’s available only in the open-world not in any enchanted table because it being a treasure enchantment. The level for this enchantment is level 1.