Minecraft: Here’s How To Turn off Redstone Torch

how to turn off a redstone torch in Minecraft

Minecraft allows you to do a great many things in the game. From exploring and crafting, there is also a redstone system to tinker with that allows you to power various things around the world by utilizing a naturally occurring ore, Redstone. Most players don’t delve all that deep into the mechanics of Redstone, but once in a while, they find themselves utilizing some simpler inventions related to it, like Redstone torches, for example, that provide sufficient light in ordinary situations. There is a problem, however, when the players want to deactivate or turn off this mechanized light system, as there is no seemingly obvious way to do it. So, how do you turn off a Redstone torch?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The easiest way to turn off the Redstone torch is to use buttons, levers, repeaters, pistons, and observer blocks.
  • You can also deactivate Redstone torches by powering the block that it’s on.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in October 2023 and it reflects the most up-to-date state of the game.

Turn off the Redstone Torch by placing a button or a lever

Despite how complicated Redstone mechanics sometimes seem to turn Redstone Torch on and off, you don’t need to know them in great detail. The most straightforward way to manipulate your Redstone torches is to place a button or lever near them, via which you will be able to control the power input into the torch.

Keep in mind that Redstone Torch powers the block that it’s on, meaning that the Redstone Torch and lever/button need to be on the same block for this to work. A lever or a button will block the Redstone Torch signals and effectively power them down.

torch turned off via lever


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Turn off Redstone Torch by powering the block that it sits on

torch turned off via redstone block

Another way to turn off a Redstone Torch is to power the block that is placed on. Since Redstone torches generally give off the Redstone signal, introducing one more Redstone signal source to the circuitry will have the opposite effect as it will block out the power that the first Redstone Torch is giving, turning it off.

You can test this by placing 1x block or Redstone on the ground and connecting it with the block that the Redstone Torch is powering.

Turn off Redstone Torch via repeaters

A redstone repeater is a block that generates a strong output signal from its front when its back is powered. It has four adjustable delay settings. Additionally, it can be locked into a specific power state if its side is directly powered by another repeater or a comparator. To turn off the Redstone Torch with repeater, follow these steps:

  1. Identify which repeater is affecting the torch.
  2. Right-click on the repeater to break its signal.
  3. You might need to follow a line of Redstone dust to properly identify what is connected to what.
  4. Once the power source has been broken, the torch should turn off.

You can use plenty of blocks to turn off Redstone Torches

After we’ve mentioned some concrete examples, it’s important to mention that there are loads of blocks that can be utilized to power off Redstone Torches. Pistons and Observer blocks can be used to manipulate the signals in Redstone Torches as well as comparators.

Trapped chests and Redstone Torch Towers are also some of the good solutions to the contact light problem that Redstone Light provides. Any other Redstone light source can be turned off in the same manner.

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